Monopod vs. Selfie Stick – Do you know the difference?

Finishing? – 5/27

Today hopefully you’ll be finishing your final exam. If not you’ll have Friday to complete.

Finishing – 5/26

Today and tomorrow hopefully you’ll have to complete and finish your final exam.

Thursday 1st period will be assisting in the relocation of a classroom.


Who knew when I assigned this that there would be 21 days of rain. (Heard that fact this morning on the news.) If you shot images of last nights incredible sunset GREAT!!! Or if you took some from Sunday night’s wonderful colors. Super!! Here’s the change. Sunset/Sunrise will be a extra credit item in the gradebook. The bonus points will be based on when you took the image originally and quality of the composition.

Sigh…. Happened in Texas

What would you do if you were told you don’t own the images you took. Happened to a high school senior here in Texas…. this year.

Senior Invite – 5/22

Today you’ll have to work on your invite. I’m hoping by Wednesday most of you are done. And will have printed and uploaded your images.

Sunsets we need to talk.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Final Exam Designing

Today you have to work on your final exam invite design.

Remember. Less is more.

Also. Look online for ideas. Don’t do the same boring thing. Be Unique.

Sunrise/Sunset due Wednesday.

ACP – Several Items

Today final exam info is online.

Rodeo info.

Ben bring my stuff back.

Sam & Mariah getting images for USO.

Setting up for your printing 55″ x 60″

Final Exam Information – 5/20

Today we will go over Character panel once more (I know you know it, but just for ole time sakes). Then I will go over your final exam information.

3-ShayleePatrick-SeniorBackAlso information on turning in Sunset images is online as well. TOMORROW looks like the best day to do sunset images.

Zach here are your instructions… Thanks Jeff

Full article on how to from Jeff Cable. Great great read and instructions.

Finishing Layout – 5/19

Today you will have to complete the layout you began yesterday. Saving instructions will be available later this morning.

Sunset/Sunrise images due next Wednesday!!

UPDATE:  Directions for saving.

  1. Choose File > Save As
  2. Save to Templates and Graphics > Files for Printing > Your Class Period
  3. Save as JPEG
  4. Filename should be your first and last name.


Getting Your Best – 5/18

Today you will have to find and get your best images so far this year. You will have a set area to design your best images into for printing. Before beginning listen to the design and info of your teacher.

Here’s what to do:

Open Adobe Photoshop.

  • Press Ctrl+N (new document)
  • Change if needed Pixels to INCHES
  • Width – 24″
  • Height – 10″ or 11″
  • Resolution – 200

Save to your Photoshop folder as YourNameBestPrints

Now add the images you want for printing.

Save the file to your folder when completed.

REMINDER: Sunset/Sunrise OCF/Silhouette images are due next WEDNESDAY!!




This the Season


Around my home.

Adopt A Unit

Today each class period will be assisting with the Adopt A Unit program.

Sunrise/Sunset is due May 27th!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

SLEW & HDR Due Today – 5/14

Today by the end of class your SLEW and HDR assignments are due.

Make sure that you have 7 HDR’s uploaded to your Flickr account and your best added to the group.

For your Spring Lightning Easter Wildflower assignment make sure your ALL edits and template layout are uploaded to your Flickr account and then add your template design to the SLEW group.

Tomorrow during 6th period the Adopt A Unit’s awards ceremony will take place.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunrise/Sunset due date has been moved to May 27th.


HDR & Maybe Shooting – 5/12

Today you’ll have to go through and complete your merge to HDR images. If you’re needing to reshoot cameras are available. Some of the best images I’ve seen have come from those with more than 3 pics to merge.

(Yes it’s another Kirk Simpson photo. Don’t get a big head about this Kirk)

Also today. It’s raining. I know that’s nothing new, but this is an opportunity.

From the page 50 Remarkable Images using Rain  Here’s some great advice from a National Geographic photographer.

Photos More than just Uploading

OCF & Finishing Work

Today you will have to complete your HDR & Spring Layouts.

Also today I’ll be going over Off Camera Flash with you. Here are some sites that offer more detail information:

Sunrise / Sunset DUE May 20th!

Weather Links

Editing , Turning In, Shooting – 5/8

Truck2Today you will have to work on turning in your HDR and your SLEW assignments.

All instructions are online. Here’s what you should have:

  • 7 HDR’s uploaded to your Flickr
  • Your best HDR added to the Flickr group
  • 8 – 12 SLEW images edited and uploaded to Flickr
  • A print template designed using Lightroom of all SLEW edited images
  • Print template design uploaded to Flickr group & Printed

(Photo by Kirk Simpson, EHS)

Have a Great Weekend!!

S.L.E.W. Project – 5/7

Today if you’ve turned in your SLEW (Spring, Lightning, Easter, Wildflower . . just easier to say) contact images then it’s time to edit and turn in. The directions will be online for you. Look under 4th Nine Weeks.

Also a reminder that your Sunset/Sunrise/Silhouette/OFC images are due May 20th!!