Media Show & Spring/Easter

Today we’ll go over what will be needed for your Media Show entries. We’ll be putting them in place on Friday afternoon.

Also today we’ll go through and delete some images and move some images from last weeks photo shooting outside. Some images that I’ve seen have been really good.

I will have for you today the images taken last Friday using the studio lighting. You can get the images you want from the folders.

Lastly for today you will have time to edit and create your Spring/Easter images. Due Friday.

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY the Merge to HDR images will be accepted.

Wearing a Photo Shirt today? Make sure to see me before you leave.


Surfing for Invites

Today you have to work on your Spring/Easter assignment. All instructions are online for you.

Tomorrow and Thursday you will be getting images ready for KCC Media Festival.

Reminder of tomorrow’s Photo Shirt Wednesday. You wear your shirt your name goes in for the Thursday drawing. This weeks prize:


Sunsets Sunrises Nightime


Getting great sunset images are anticipated more than luck. If it’s going to rain or has just passed that is when the colors are the best.

Printing Pics

Today you are to finish saving your Senior Portrait images that you searched for (20) to your folder. When you have ALL 20 saved then you are to go through using Adobe Bridge and print a contact print of all 20 images. You’ve done this many times before, if you need instructions look back through the menus at the top of the website. Below are parameters you need to make sure of:

  • Rows – 5
  • Columns – 4
  • Header has your name.


If you saved your items to a Pinterest wall. Use Microsoft Word, type your name and place the boards link below your name. Print out and turn in.

If you’re returning a camera transfer your photos. Sign in your photos and place your bag, lens, or tripod behind my desk. I will be locking them up at lunch and after school.

Needing a camera? I will be here before school tomorrow and during lunch if you need to check one out.

Reminder your Spring/Easter pics will be due at the end of this week. If you were at the bluebonnet patch last Wednesday or took Robin twin photos you need to begin editing TODAY!!

Instructions for your Spring/Easter pics will be ready for you tomorrow. You’ll have time this week during each class period to work on your images. If you have NOT yet taken photos make sure your watching the forecast. Cameras will once again be available on Wednesday.


Change Eye Color using Photoshop

Studio Photos

Today you will have to work with the studio lighting some more. I know you’ve done this before and some more than others. However today I want you to pay close attention to how to pose someone, checking for stray hairs, straps, hems, etc.

Monday will be the last day any Merge to HDR will be accepted.

Next week getting prints ready for the KCC Media Festival.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Shooting Again

(…..and no Cashe this is not punishment.)

Today you will be out taking photos again, but this time with a different camera and lens. D60 and 70-200mm. You should be getting images like the ones below.

Averi Blackmon Photography

Photography by Lauren

Reminder. Photo Shirt Wednesday. Get yours for $10.

Tonight’s Shoot


The family loved the chance to get photos done. Who doesn’t like bluebonnet’s?

Ben this site is for you…

Lots of patience in creating these images. Take the link you’ll be glad you did.

That had to hurt..

The photographers okay, but his camera……not so much.

Read the story from PetaPixel

Shooting Outside

Today you’ll be going outside shooting portraits with reflector. You’ll need a:

  • Photographer
  • Assistant
  • Model

Tomorrow shooting outside and inside.

TODAY right AFTER SCHOOL and at 6PM be here for extra credit.

Starting next week. Wear your KCC Photo shirt Wednesday. Giving away prizes every Wednesday through the next five weeks till May 21st. Again every Wednesday!!Don’t have a shirt get one for $10.


Finishing Merges & Posing

Today if you have NOT finished your Merge to HDR items that’s what you will be doing today.

Some of you will be RE-submitting or shooting because the whole concept of indoors and outdoors and shop area are difficult to understand.

If you are done with all images and posting with your sig/logo and in the group, then you’ll be posing working in the studio.

TOMORROW. Everyone will be shooting, posing, and assisting.


Posing Search

Today you will be going through and begin looking for 20 poses for seniors pics. I will go over what you need to be looking for and how to save them for future use. We’ll discuss reality and sensible vs. “what are you, dreaming?”

Here are some links and ideas:

Also if you still want a t-shirt I have them available.

Read the post underneath this one for extra credit.

Reminder Spring/Wildflowers/Easter are due NEXT WEEK!!!!

Extra Credit and Help Needed

This Wednesday afternoon after school you have the opportunity to not only take care of next weeks photo assignment but help out to families. We will be shooting blue bonnet pictures at the Soldiers Hospitality House on Chaparral Road.

We will be doing photos for Mrs. Robin and her 7 month old twins. Yes you read that right.

And for the Coen family. Mom, Dad, and three brothers. Also Aunt and cousin.

Yes they are brothers and cousins.


If you show up there will be extra credit earned. Time will be 6PM, it’ll take about an hour.

Merging and Posting

Today you have to complete your HDR images. All instructions are online.

Also if you need to take more or redo any photos cameras will be available.

Reminder this is the LAST DAY to turn in your work for RE-Grading of Photomerge!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Photo Shirts

Shirts FOR SALE!

KCC Photography shirts are available for $10!
Pay your money to Mr. Martin’s secretary and bring Mr. Smallwood your paid receipt.

Below are the sizes and quantities available

Small 6
Medium 8
Large 9
XLarge 1
Medium 2
Large 2
XLarge 1
Medium 2
Large 2
XLarge 2

Puttin em Together

Today you will begin placing your images you’ve taken together. Instructions will be posted for you. Here they are in simple terms:

  1. Put the pics together.
  2. Add your signature OR logo to each image.
  3. Save them as JPEGs
  4. Delete the pics you didn’t use.
  5. Upload to Flickr with title being assigned area.
  6. In the description tell what was the toughest part of creating the image.
  7. Add your best to a group.

That’s them in a nutshell.

Reminder that TOMORROW is the LAST DAY items will be accepted for Re-Grading from the Photomerge assignment. Below are the instructions once more:

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Staple to the front of your printout a sheet of paper.
  2. Place your Name, High School, and Photo Class Period.
  3. List the items that need re-grading. (Must be specific. Look at your grades online for the assignment title.)
  4. Then explain why it wasn’t done correctly the first time.


Complete Bracket Shooting

Today you are to complete your Bracket/Merging HDR photographs. Reminder you are to get ALL seven areas listed below:

  • Outdoor – ISO 100
  • Classroom
  • Shop Area
  • Cosmetology
  • Main Area (Commons)
  • Inside looking out
  • Using natural light

Remember the trick is to set your camera to multi shot mode.

Photomerge?? Last day accepted will be this Friday. See yesterday’s post for more details.

HDR Examples

Below are examples of what you should have for the HDR assignment.

Commons Area


Inside Looking Out

Shop Area



Indirect Lighting – (With added Photoshop actions)

Shooting Bracketed

Today you will be shooting for Bracketed images. Make sure to place your images back in your Merge to HDR for folder. You will be shooting:

  • Outdoor – ISO 100
  • Classroom
  • Shop Area
  • Cosmetology
  • Main Area (Commons)
  • Inside looking out
  • Using natural light

Take your Merging to HDR to a new level. Read tips on how to create great sunset images from Digital Photography School.


Yesterday you received back your papers and grades for the Photomerge assignments. If you have any grade below a 70 for something not turned in, you may turn-in for a re-grade. Last day for any items to be re-graded will be this FRIDAY, April 11th.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Staple to the front of your printout a sheet of paper.
  2. Place your Name, High School, and Photo Class Period.
  3. List the items that need re-grading. (Must be specific. Look at your grades online for the assignment title.)
  4. Then explain why it wasn’t done correctly the first time.