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West Texas by Wuman Meinzer

Great D-Day Video

The Iconic Photo of D-Day from Craig Duff on Vimeo.

On the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion at Normandy, I thought I’d reprise the story I created for TIME in 2009 that was part of an Emmy-winning series of video pieces. Many thanks for photo editor Mark Rykoff for his assistance with the images, and Cynthia Young, a curator at the International Photography Center in New York, who sat down with me to tell the incredible story behind Robert Capa’s images.

Cleaning out 107 – 6/2

Today we’ll be getting everything out of room 107.

Period Time
1 8:50-10:30 Study & Exam
2 10:33-11:18
3 11:21-12:06
4 12:09-12:35
Lunch 12:35-1:25

CCAM Eat Here

5 2:20-3:00
6 3:03-3:23
7 3:26-3:45

Water Balloon Photography – 5/30

Today we’ll see what kind of creations you can come up with using water balloons. We’ll be shooting:

Have a Great Weekend!!

Jeff Cable Posts You Need to Read

Three posts from Jeff Cable you really really should read. Thanks to Jeff for letting me share his work and instructions with you.

First – Hospital Prom (Great read)

Second – Senior Portraits (Beyond just tips and tricks)

Third – Moving Objects (shooting while panning)

Inventory – 5/29

Today’s goal is to get every item in the closet, Room 107, and the cabinet behind my desk inventoried.

Tomorrow. You might get wet. You’ve been warned, dress appropriately.


Printing & Inventory – 5/28

Today we’ll be going through checking numbers and items. Won’t be that difficult.

Also today printing your invite cards.

Didn’t turn in your senior pics? Was absent when I graded sunset/sunrise/nighttime images on Friday? Here’s what you need to do for Re-Grading purposes:

  1. On a full sheet of paper. Place your name, high school, and class period.
  2. Write down each individual grade that needs regrading. (Check your grades online to find these)
  3. If for Sunsets indicate whether you were absent Friday or not.
  4. Place the paper on the keyboard on my desk.

Re-grading is only for zeros, NOT needing a better grade. Nor will any grades except for absences be above a 70.

Folder Cleanout – 5/27

Today is the day where you will be cleaning out your folder of images and creations no longer needed. Remember if you delete it there is no way of getting it back. DELETE ITEMS FOR YOUR FINAL EXAM YOU WILL GET A ZERO!!

Tomorrow you will print your grad cards for turn in. Reminder you have to save them to a folder and upload them to Flickr.

Friday is last photo shoot.



Sunset Sunrise Night time DUE – 5/23

Today your Sunset Sunrise Night time images are due. Here’s how to turn in your work:

  1. Edit your photos if needed (I had to..) and save them in a folder in your main folder area.
  2. Upload your three best images to Flickr account.
  3. Make sure your name is part of photo title. See here as an example.
  4. Once uploaded add your best to the Sunset Flickr group. Click here to get to the group area.

That’s it. Due before you leave TODAY!!

Senior invites will be printed on TUESDAY!!

NO Cameras will be checked out starting today!! Except for previously arranged photos.

Have a Great Weekend!!!



And the last winners are…..

Invite Next Steps – 5/22

Today I will have online for you the Saving, Printing, and Uploading instructions.

Reminder that TOMORROW your Sunset Sunrise Night Time images are due!!!

Card Design – 5/21

Today you have to work on your card design.

If you are interested in taking a senior photos I have one young lady still looking for a photographer.

SUNSET / SUNRISE / NIGHT TIME images due FRIDAY!! Three different images required.

Senior Invite – 5/20

Today you will have to work on the invite for the senior you took pictures. Instructions are online.

Grading begins today for senior photo images on YOUR Flickr account.

FRIDAY Sunset Sunrise Night time images are due. Must turn in 3 images. May not be 3 images of the same sunset unless you were creating silhouette images.

TOMORROW is the last chance for winners. Wear your KCC Photography shirt. This week, two winners.

Senior Grad Card – 5/19

Today you will begin creating the graduation invitation for the senior you took photos. The card must be front and back. You must use a minimum of 2 images for the design.

If you DID NOT turn in your pictures by the end of last week to Flickr and the group. Grading will begin tomorrow.

FRIDAY Sunset Sunrise Night time images are due. Must turn in 3 images. May not be 3 images of the same sunset unless you were creating silhouette images.

This Wednesday is the last chance for winners. Wear your KCC Photography shirt. This week, two winners.

Really Amazon?!?!

Sunset with HDR Merge

Sunset-HDRmerge Sunset-HDRmerge2

Last Day for Edit – 5/16

Today is your last day to edit senior images. You need to have your 6 – 10 images loaded into Flickr. Make sure you watch the naming and instructions.

Next week you’ll be making the graduation invitations.

Also next Wednesday is the last time for gift cards. If you don’t have a KCC Photography shirt there are still some available. $10.

Have a Great Weekend!!

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This weeks winner is………

Senior Wanting Pics

I have the names of three young ladies who are wanting senior photos taken. If you’re willing or want to make a little cash see me. Two HHHS and one EHS students.