Photomerge for Vacations and other stuff – 4/17

Today I’ll go through and show you how to take multiple picture of the same area and remove all the people in the image. Then also how to place multiple images together of the same person.

Also today some cube shooting.

Get out and shoot your Spring pics.

Next week merging HDR.

And I’m contemplating an assignment that may take you beyond just point and shoot.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Photoshoot Setup – 4/16

Today we’ll be setting up for the photoshoot this afternoon.

Also testing the cube . . . or large crate.




This is due in 3 weeks.

Completion Day – 4/15

Today you will have to complete your assignments from this week so far. I will go over Photomerge Flickr group as well.

If you’re planning on taking blubonnet pics. This may be the last best day you have till Sunday. By next week they will begin to die and you’ll be left with weeds. Unless you are traveling to north Texas this is your last chance here.

Grades for senior photos will go in this weekend as well photomerge.

ACP – Pricing Info

The following are answers to the question I posted online:

First let me say thank you for the knowledge and information shared here within this group. Maybe one day when I’m not teaching I’ll have a chance to meet for lunch. Today in class I’m teaching the concept of pricing to my Advanced Commercial Photography class at the Career Center. So I need your input if you don’t mind assisting with class. Here are the questions:

How many images do you give to your client usually for an hour session? Probably on a thumb drive or for download.

For a mini session like the current bluebonnets. How much time? How many pics? Cost?

Thank you for your assistance. (Don’t feel like answering here please feel free to email me



  • Kathryn MullerClients get the images they purchase… Are you teaching advanced pricing with an all-inclusive model? I can tell you I would offer 10-20 from an hour session , but those would need to be purchased in addition to the session fee. That’s industry-standard for commercial pricing, not a shoot and burn model.
    All pricing needs to be based off of cost of business, including mini sessions- at a minimum, 3 times your cost- 33% to taxes, 33% for COB, and 33% to reinvest in your business, equipment, and pay yourself.
  • Mary Smith1. An average of 20 edited images could be produced after a one hour session.

    2. 30 minutes, 10 images, $100
  • Erin ShephardAll images are purchased separately with my sessions, including mini sessions.
  • Maggie Fieseler1 hr 15 images download. 20 min 5 image 40$
  • Jessica Stiles1 hour session my clients see 30 images they order what they want.

    Mini session is $99 they get 5 images and maybe a print if I’m feeling nice.
  • Laneishia MaxwellI quote 10-15 it’s usually 15 I have different options so creative sessions they get more images
  • Krysta ReedIm moving to the same as Kathryn Muller I’m doing a session fee, and charging prints and digitals seperate
  • Jesse HendersonThey can choose one image from the 30+ I show. Anything extra is extra. Digital images are only in my top package. If digitals are in your low package, there is no incentive to spend more money.

Round Pano – 4/14

Today you’ll learn about Polar Coordinates. Very different way to look at your photomerges.

Tomorrow making different photomerging.

Also tomorrow going over your next photo assignment that’s due late May. Reminder your Spring/Easter/Wildflower/Lightning is due the first week in May.

Pics from prom







Obviously I am under dressed for the occasion. Had a great time.

Photomerge Turn-in – 4/13

Today I will go through the process of turning in your work for photomerge. Hopefully the printers don’t go wacky with your contact prints. You will:

  • Print them.
  • Upload them
  • Print Contact Prints of all images used.

Tomorrow will begin group effort NOT GROUP GRADES photomerge creations.

Senior and Pano’s – 4/10

Today you will have to finish your senior layout. If complete you’ll begin the process of making and saving, then hopefully turning in your photomerges.

Next week bracketing.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

ACP – Poster Design

Needing someone to design a audition poster.


Interested see me

Turning in Senior Photos

Today you will be going through and completing the photo layout. Make sure to be creative. Make sure your logo is somewhere on your design.

Instructions should be up for you by the end of first period. All photos though will be uploaded to your Flickr account by the end of class today.

If you’re shooting bluebonnet pics. Get Them Done This Week!!!!!!!


ACP – Sites for you

These are three sites that email with frequency to me each day. With Photoshop & Lightroom add on deals.




Lightroom Day #2 . . . . – 4/8

Today you will be loading a few more Templates. (1st period. Figured it out. You’ll get em all.)

Assignment reminders:

Senior Photos will be due this week.

Panoramic images will be due early next week.

Bracketing shooting will begin next week.

Your Easter / Spring / Wildflower / Lightning photos will be due the first week of May.



Today you will spend adding layouts, presets, and setting up Flickr all within Lightroom.

Also today we’ll talk a little photomerging.

Tomorrow the process of turning in your senior photos begins.

Don’t wait if you plan to do bluebonnet photos. It may change but today may be your best chance at shooting. And since it’s raining lets add one more to the mix…..

Easter / Spring / Wildflowers / Lightning

Hospitality House Bluebonnets

20150407_073243 20150407_073320

Acres and acres of blue.

Liquify. Photomerges. And other thing… – 4/6

Today we’ll begin with some liquify. Understand I haven’t gone over this with anyone yet. How did I miss this.

Also today. Lightroom add ons.

Photomerges. We’ll begin the process of creating and turning those in later this week.

The above photomerge image was taken by a former student Jesse Drohen who I taught many many years ago. He now has his own photography business in Austin
called AustinPixels. Jesse’s full time job is working at CISCO corporation in Austin.

Found Your Project Mariah





3D imaging will be the project. Start looking for 3D glasses now.

Finishing Senior Photo Edits – 4/1 & 4/2

Today and tomorrow you have to work on and complete the senior edits of your senior. 8 – 12 images. You will put them together using Lightroom.

If you’re running out of ideas on to edit an image why not go ahead and open Lightroom. It’s not hard to figure out and has lots of tools just for photos. And there are LOADS of free downloads available.

Reminder. Spring / Easter / Wildflowers project is Due the first week in May. Do Not Wait!!! Bluebonnets will be at their best for the next two weeks. Plan your weekends!

Opportunity is knocking Eagles . . . Hello. Anyone home.

Ellison Eagle students here’s your chance to take care of your Spring / Easter / Wildflower assignment THIS Sunday!! A teacher at Ellison High School wants to have her daughters pictures taken in this bluebonnet field.


How can you say no to this face?




11084308_10204998001283683_6508092105701722055_nSee me for details if interested. Hello!!!!

Here’s the site location.

Monday & Tuesday – 3/30 & 3/31

Today and Tomorrow you will have to return and take additional Photomerge creations. More of the shops will be open this week because the teachers are back from contests.

If you are not taking photos then you have to finish (hopefully) your senior edits.

All senior edits (8-12) different poses are due completed by Monday.

You will be uploading and beginning the process of using Adobe Lightroom.

Reminder that if you can assist at HHHS or SHS tonight and tomorrow night PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!




Work continues


Not sure I’m half done.