Schoology Weblink Training

Training for KCC staff members.

What am I learning today?

  • How to set your Schoology page to be open to the public.
  • Provide information about your course(s).

Why am I learning this?

  • So parents can get information when assisting their child.

How will I know when I have learned it?  

  • Your website will be available to anyone to see.

2nd & 4th Pd. Exams – 5/31

Today’s Schedule





2 9:50-11:30 Study & Exam
Lunch 11:30-12:05
4 12:10-1:50 Study & Exam

1st & 3rd Pd. Exams – 5/30

Today’s Schedule





1 8:50-10:40 Study & Exam
2 10:46-11:46
Lunch 11:46- 12:46
3 12:48-2:38 Study & Exam
4 2:44-3:55  

5th & 7th Pd. Exams – 5/29

Today’s Schedule




1 8:50-9:12
2 9:18-9:45
3 9:51-10:24  
4 10:30-11:00
Lunch 11:00-12:20  
5 12:23-2:03 Study & Exam
6 N/A
7 2:06-3:55 Study & Exam

Mrs. Denny Survey

6th Pd Exam – 5/25

Today’s Schedule

May 23rd







1 8:50-9:35  
2 9:41-10:31
3 10:37-11:27
4 11:33-12:15
Lunch 12:15-1:20  
5 1:23-1:38
6 1:44-3:24 Study & Exam
7 3:30-3:55

Deleting . . . . and Possibly Exporting – 5/24&25

Today and tomorrow you are to go through your folders. YES ALL of your FOLDERS!!! Using Lightroom or Bridge…. preferably LR. Go through and delete any images you no longer want.

1st and 7th periods. DO NOT delete any images associated with your final exam. Tuesday or Wednesday you may need them.

3rd/4th & 5th/6th – Be prepared Tuesday & Wednesday to Save/Export many of your images to a folder for future printing. Also some of you will be posting your entire portfolio.

If you want to take your images with you. Go through and Export them to your flash drive, hard drive, or Dropbox (if you have it setup). Below are setting changes when Exporting:

  • Export to your specific folder.
  • Turn off the file naming.
  • Turn off the resize. However check the DPI make sure it’s 200.
  • Turn off the watermarking.


Cutting & Framing – 5/23

Today’s goal is for you to cut out your 5 printed images. Frame at least two of them.

Also today you’ll be cutting up your Senior Card Assignment and turning in.

AND you’ll be printing as well. We’ll go over that in class.



Getting Your Best 5 – 5/22

Today’s goal is to export up to five images you want printed for framing.

Also today is your last day for turning in Final Exam. If not turned in today then it will be accepted during the last 10 min. of the final exam scheduled time.

Finishing Up – 5/21

Today’s goal is to complete and turn-in your Final Exam. Two sided designed graduation card for your senior.

Later this week. Saving for printing. And deleting unwanted files.

Finishing? Final – 5/18

Today you will have to complete your Final Exam design. Monday the instructions for printing, saving, and uploading will be online.

****Special Note****

At the end of class tomorrow your Final Exam is due completed. If you do NOT turn it in printed then you may print and turn it in during the last 10 minutes of your final exam time May 25th – May 31st.

Have a Great Weekend!!

10 Portfolio Hints

Portfolio hints from ATPI Twitter posts:

Tip #1: A portfolio’s weakest image can make or break it. Try to include images in a set that have an even level of skill or accomplishment.

Tip #2: A strong portfolio showcases a photographer’s breadth of technical skill as well as their depth of visual creativity.

Tip #3: Show viewers stories/concepts they’ve never seen in ways unexpected and refreshing.

Tip #4: Let the story or concept drive the technique or execution. Let the “why” of your portfolio drive your “how.”

Tip #5: A portfolio needs both a visual coherence and unity as well as a variety of subjects or compositions. A set of images should “fit” together without the appearance of redundancy.

Tip #6: In a portfolio, order matters. Begin and end the set of images strong while sequencing them in an intentional way.

Tip #7: In documentary or photojournalistic portfolios, the “decisive moment” is still a key element in successful storytelling.

Tip #8: The strongest of portfolios make the viewers laugh, want to cry, or at the very least, feel something. Images should evoke emotion and empathy.

Tip #9: Getting it right in camera matters. Overediting can hurt a portfolio, especially when it overwhelms the photo.

Tip #10: Look at past winners as some indication what judges normally award. Notice the little things. It’s all in the details.

Quote by a 2018 ATPI contest judge:  “Patience is a very important virtue in photography.” PJ Judge

Final Exam Day 2 – 5/17

Today you have to work on your Final Exam. Make sure to watch for text design. As stated before………..

You may use the ideas from your folder or from these sites TinyPrints, Zazzle, Shutterfly, BayPhoto, BayPhoto2 or NapTime websites. You want more sites? Click here for Google search or here for Google Images of graduation invitations.


Mitchel Barrett

Reminder all invites are due at the end of class Monday.

Final Begins – 5/15

Today’s goal is for you to begin your Final Exam. The first part of the instructions are up online. The printing, saving, and uploading will be there Friday.

I’ll also go over extra information as well.

Senior Assignment you will save and I will print later today.


Art Contest

SLOS 2018 Art Contest Flyer 20180301

Senior Card Design, Last Day? – 5/14

Today’s goal by the time you leave class today to be complete with your senior card design. You will be saving and uploading both cards to your Flickr account. Reminder you are designing both FRONT and BACK of the cards.

Tomorrow hopefully you’ll begin the design of your Final Exam.

Wednesday you will not be in class.

Next Monday your Final Exam is Due!!!

Mother’s Day

Senior Assignment – 5/11

Today’s goal is to complete as much of your senior design as possible. Your assignment is due before you walk out the door on Monday. Saved. Uploaded. I will print your design.

Need a font installed? Design everything else. Then your instructor will assist in installing the font you need.

Reminder 2 photos must be used. Must create a front and back.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Senior Design – 5/10

Today you have to work on your senior graduation design assignment. Here are a few things to remember:

  • You don’t have to edit the photos themselves unless you really want to.
  • Make sure to use Leading and Tracking, you’ll see a difference in your design.
  • No more than 3 font families total.
  • You may NOT use any of the designs that are posted on this website during your design process.
  • Watch your colors.

Most importantly. The assignment is due when you walk out the door MONDAY!!

Overlays, Patterns, & Assignment – 5/9

Today we’ll go over Overlays (or also called watermarks) and how they work with your design. Also today making your own pattern. Once we’ve covered those items it’s on to your designing.

Some overlays are NOT text.

However most overlays are not and they are NOT free.

Below are the recent designs from Angela Caddell Photos & Design.




HDR DUE Today – 5/8

Today’s goal is to be complete with all HDR when you walk out the door. There are to be 7 images posted to your Flickr account . . . . . they should be labeled. Also there is to be your best in the HDR Flickr group.

Tomorrow we’ll finish Senior Invite designing with text. And overlays.