ACP – DUE Today

Today your first game post is due COMPLETED!!

If you’re going to the game tonight, be prepared to get wet.

Next week. Off to the Ag barn for post number two.

Printing posters and dealing with banners for high schools.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Finishing Manual – 9/19

Today you will finish the layout and print your manual pictures. Reminder NO decimals or dots in your file name. When finished:

  • Take your printout
  • Staple your scavenger sheet to the top
  • Turn in

Next week taking photos of people here at Career Center.

Reminder that images 11 – 20 will be graded this weekend. Make sure your Flickr 30 Day challenge is up to date.

Have a Great Weekend!!


ACP – Post and Templates

Today you will have time to work on your posts from the game.

Also today getting the templates for printing.

Setting up for school photos.

And lastly. Getting cameras for hopefully a dry football game.

Example post from Mitchell here.

Last Day Shooting and Indesign – 9/18

Today if you have any last photos this is your last chance to get them taken.

Also today you will get information on how you will be turning in your photos from the scavenger hunt.

Logo Sketches. Got 5? 20 points for every missing logo design that’s the grading aspect of the logos. Next week you will be designing them on the computer.

Also next week you’ll be taking photos of 5 students and possibly a staff member here at the Career Center for the assignment We Are….

Today’s photo. What’s in your bag.


Club Joining Deadline Approaching

TShirt Design 2013

Reminder that October 1st is the deadline for joining the Photography Club. If you lost your membership form click the link here PHOTO CLUB MEMBERSHIP FORM

ACP – Making Post

Today you are to be working on your blog post detailing your first photo shoot at a game.

Also today you’ll be getting template files for designing your pictures for the hallway. Instructions on what to do is coming soon.

Polaroid’s Newest

Finishing Up & AI – 9/17

Today 1st period will have the chance to catch up a little since missing last Thursday and Friday from shooting.

6th & 7th will hear from The Art Institute.

Also remember today is #17, three more and another grade will be taken.

ACP – Going Over Post

Today we’ll go over the information you will need in posting your images and information regarding your first photo assignment.

Also today removing all old images from the hallway.

Food Selfie & More – 9/16

Today you will have the final flip for 6th and 7th period for taking the scavenger hunt photos.

1st period I will get you set up today then I have a meeting I’m to attend.

Day 16 – What I Ate . . . . this is the day if you always take pictures of your food that you’ve waited for. Make it appealing.

DMN Photo Interns

The best way to get started as a photographer is by interning with a company. This is a link to the first of two part stories regarding internships and the life afterwards. Great stories from each photographer who started at the Dallas Morning News.

Andy Jacobsohn/ The Dallas Morning News


Smartphone Photography

ACP – Edit Ruthlessly

Today you will be going through your images from last week. EDIT RUTHLESSLY!!!!

Checking to see who’s going in the next few weeks to games.

This week. Your first print and post.

Shooting & Logos – 9/15

Another differening set of instructions:

1st period – Many many of you will be shooting today. Other will FINISH their logo items.

6th & 7th Periods – It’ll be a flip again. You’re doing what you did Thursday.


How’s the 30 Day Photo Challenge going? For some that I graded I don’t think to well. Remember the photos:

Must BE UPloaded daily.

Pics from your summer vacation, etc. DO NOT COUNT!!!!!!!!

Edit if you want, but I’m looking at creativity. Some of mine I know, not that special but about every 3-4 should be.

Next grade will come Sunday. Yes I grade on Sunday’s.

ACP – Resetting for Tonights Game

Today you have to go through your images from last night. Make sure to:

  • Place in own separate folder.
  • Rate / Delete bad ones
  • Rename all images

What if it rains tonight? Come prepared, I’ve got rain bags and rubber bands for the cameras.

Logos & Photos – 9/12

Today is different for classes so read carefully below.

1st Period – Today you are to get the logo design sheet. You need to search the web for ideas. When you find logos that you like or that you want to use parts of save those to your folder.

Using a pencil, pen, etc. Sketch out logo designs – 5 different ones or variations of the same. Make sure to turn them before you leave today.

Monday at least 15 of you will be going out to take photos. If you have your own DSLR camera then bring it Monday.


6th & 7th Period -  Today will be a flip from yesterday’s instructions. If you were absent yesterday then you’ll be shooting today.


Thought you had the best yearbook photo? WARNING!!! Clicking this link you will NOT be able to get the image out of your brain. Remember you’ve been warned!!!

Remember to continue your 30 Day photo challenge.

Have a Great Weekend!!





Halftime Selfie


Logos & Scanvenger – 9/11

Today you will either be taking photos or searching for logo ideas. The photos will be taken in manual mode throughout the building.

As you look for logos book mark the ones that really stand out to you. You will be sketching 5 logos. Pen, pencil, markers, whatever . . . . you will be sketching. Then you’ll pick the best one YOU like and you’ll design it in Photoshop.

Also 30 Day challenge. Your images need to be up to date, grading begins today.

Taking & Finding or Just Finding

Today either you will be out taking photos using your new Manual Skills or you will be looking for photo websites and getting logo ideas.

I’ve been grading and it’s not pretty. Make sure your pics are up to date. The pop quiz is coming very very soon.