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Chapter 3 & Final Exam – 12/10 – 12/12

Today through Wednesday we will go over parts of Chapter 3 – Commercial Photography.

  • Monday – How to Enter & Setting up Business
  • Tuesday – Business Niche & The $$$$
  • Wednesday – Clients, Customers, & Professional Growth


Final Exam Overview – 12/7

Today you will finish your Holiday Card Assignment. Must be saved and uploaded to your Flickr account. When complete you’ll begin your Final Exam. I’ll go over the instructions today in class.


Next week. 15 minutes from each class I’ll take to go over Chapter 3. You’ll be doing the worksheet for the chapter on Friday. Also Friday your Final exam will be due completed.

Printing of your final exam will take place Monday, December 17th.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Continue Card Assignment – 12/6

Today you are to continue designing the holiday card for one of the two families.

Be mindful of:

  • Picture perspectives. Don’t misshape anyone’s head.
  • Be mindful of colors. Stick with a set 2-4 colors. Don’t go crazy.
  • Got snowflakes in your design. See me.
  • Remind me to show you the store I bought.

Your assignment is due complete tomorrow.

Holiday Card Assignment – 12/5

Today you will begin creating your holiday card assignment. You need to find a card then re-create it. Answer some questions:

No. You can not just use the design from the card you find.

Yes. The card you design will be higher resolution so the pictures will look pixelated.

Yes. The designing is up to you.


Holiday Card Begins – 12/3-12/4

Today you will begin the process of taking online Christmas cards from this….

To this……

Using Photoshop and your own photos.

Speaking of Own Photos…. Hope you’ve taken your family photos, because by Friday you will be well on your way to making your own card design. Here is the breakdown of upcoming days:

Today & Tomorrow = Creating Christmas card together in class.

Wednesday – Friday = Christmas Card assignment using images I give you.

Monday 12/10 – Wednesday 12/12 = Christmas Card Final Project. Using your own images for the card design. Minimum photos on card has not yet been set. Most likely . . . 3. You will design cards like these:


Family Photo Turn-in – 11/30

Today’s goal is to complete and turn-in your family photos. We’ll go over the instructions at the beginning of class, then you’ll have all period to get your printout taken care of.

Monday we’ll begin the process of how holiday cards are designed.

Next week:

  • Monday – Tuesday — Holiday Card Notes
  • Wednesday – Friday — Holiday Card Assignment
  • Friday — Begin Final Exam!

Have a Great Weekend!!

LR Anne Editing – 11/29

Today’s goal is to know the same editing ability from Photoshop Actions in Lightroom through the brush tool. Also how editing an image through both PS and LR takes place.

TOMORROW your family photos are due!!!

This will count as a two summative grades!



PS Editing Day 2 – 11/27

Today’s goal is to edit using the Clone stamp, Spot healing, and Patch tool. And do all of this non destructive to your images.

Later today we’ll load Actions into your Actions panel for further editing.

Tomorrow we’ll load Presets into LR and begin LR editing.

Editing Photos PS & LR – 11/26

Today you will begin the process of learning how to edit photos using Adobe Photoshop. The goal is by the time the week is up you know how to remove unwanted objects, clean up faces, fix photo issues, and enhance photos.

We’ll start with Clone Stamping & Healing today.

This is how photos get stolen

CP2 – Social Media Groups

Below are groups you might want to add on Facebook:

Central Texas Photographer Detash (means they sell stuff)

Learn to Light OCF

Also Trinity High School Facebook page.

Also these on Instagram

SI Full Frame

Sue Bryce













Holiday Pics Required – 11/15

Today we’ll go over 4 topics:

  1. Dropbox.
  2. The good and bad of holiday photos.
  3. What’s required and the project to come.
  4. Also remotes and wires.

Previous card designs

1-EHS-ZehrLeah-2 1-khs-NayanaDonald-2






Family Posing Using Remotes – 11/14

Today’s goal is to learn how to take family photos using remotes. And hopefully you dressed in your family color scheme.

Also today items that can turn your cellphone into remote.


Family Posing Timer – 11/13

Today we’ll be discussing tripods. How to put them together for use. Setting up. Dismantling. Camera timer. Posing

Biggest need for posing is triangle and head placements.

Outfit coordination.

Stagger heads, triangles, and slanted angle are the best.



Posing ideas from Pinterest are really helpful.

Look for group posing ideas online.

History Project Finish – 11/9

Today’s goal before leaving class is to finish the history cover project and print. All instructions are posted online under 2nd nine weeks.

Next week it’s all about family posing and your Final Exam!!!



Have a Great Weekend!!


BoB & WoW Turn-in – 11/8

Today’s goal is to complete and turn-in your White on White and Black on Black photography creations. There are instructions. I’ll cover them in class.

Tomorrow you will be finishing the History cover. It’s a SUMMATIVE!!!


End of WoW and BoB – 11/7

Today’s goal is to not only complete the images taken for WoW and BoB but to make sure they are in focus and perfect lighting.

Also today if you are finished with both you’ll have the chance to shoot High Key Portraits of each other.

There are many tutorials online. Here’s a list of 12.






Make sure to continue going up by a third on the exposure level to get the perfect result.highkey2


Finish BoB & Begin WoW – 11/6

Today’s goal is to know the difference in Under and Over exposed for your White on White photography images – rather known as high key images.

Today is the last day for shooting BoB in the studio. Not finished by today then you’ll have to come in during tutoring to complete.

Below is a good example of WoW photography. To see the shape of the white object on the white background.

(High key image from Joe Bonita)

Before beginning a quick lesson on exposure setting in Av mode.



BoB & WoW Shoot – 11/5

Today’s goal is to shoot your BoB image by the end the end of class. If not then we’ll finish tomorrow. Also tomorrow bring with you a WoW obect for shooting. You are going to see what Commercial Photography 2 is like.

If you’re here early you’ll get a camera and begin shooting. If you can stay after 7th period then you’ll have more time to shoot.

The main objective is by Thursday have both images of your objects captured.