Food & Self Portriat – 2/12

Today you have to complete and turn in your Food Project.

Also today if you have your self portrait you’ll have to edit and work on your design.


Self Portrait from my cousin’s wife Jen Mesch.

Next week you will be learning the ways of portrait photography. Both indoors and out.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Turn-in Layout – 2/11

Today will be show-n-tell on how to turn in your food project. There are two different instructions for both Photoshop and Lightroom.  You only have to choose one. They’ll both get you to point of turning in your work.

Tomorrow is for editing your self-portrait if needed.

Next week it’s all studio and portrait shooting.

Self-Portraits due February 22nd!!!!!

Early Out

Early Release Bell Schedule



1 8:50 – 9:24
2 9:28 – 10:02
3 10:05 – 10:39
4 10:42 – 11:17
Lunch 11:17 – 12:25
5 12:25 – 12:50
6 12:53 – 1:17
7 1:20 – 1:45

Food Editing Continues – 2/10


I’ve got something to show you before you begin!!!!!!

Today you will continue working on your food project.

Reminder that your Self Portrait is due February 22nd!!

Your next photo assignment project will be to
turn-in 100 – 150 photos of a senior/portrait session.
(This is where you get to have someone model for you.)



Food Project Begins – 2/9

Today before beginning you’ll learn the ways of Lightroom and Photoshop working together. Very easy to do, we’ll edit a photo of you to show you how.

Then I’ll go over the editing instructions with you regarding your food photos.

REMINDER - Self Portrait photos are due February 22nd!!

Early Out is this Thursday!

FOOD DUE – 2/8

Today your food photos are due. The instructions for turning in are online. I will be coming around during the day to double check your work. Also to see if printing from Lightroom is an option.

Tomorrow through Thursday you will have to work on your food project.

Friday is Self Portrait working day.


ACP – It’s ALL About the Chin

You’ve watched the videos but here’s an example of what pulling the forehead forward really means to the jaw line.

Jordan-175 Jordan-176



Self Portrait Editing Friday – 2/5

Today and the next two Friday’s are designated for Self Portrait Editing. If you have your image taken and need to do some “creating”. Then the end of the weeks are for you.

MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. Food Images are DUE!!!!!

Next week you will:

  • Turn in your Food images.
  • Edit your food images.
  • Turn in your food image project.
  • Edit your Self Portrait.

The following week:

  • You’ll be learning studio photography.
  • Learning the art of reflectors.
  • Getting information regarding your Senior portrait session project.

Have a Great Weekend!!



VP Day 2 – 2/4

Today you will have to finish your Vanishing Point assignments. When you are complete there should be two uploads to your Flickr account.


Self Portraits due the 22nd

Your Vanishing Point – 2/3

Today you will be creating your own vanishing point images.

Food images due Monday!!


Three VP Items – 2/2

Today we’ll complete the Vanishing Point practice files. When complete you’ll know exactly how to place graphics and designs on angled planes.

Food images Due Monday!!

Shirts were ordered yesterday!!

Get your self portrait image done sooner than later.

Happy Groundhog Day!!

ACP – Sue Bryce at Work

An Edge & Perspectives – 2/1

Today you’ll see how to do a quick edging to a photo. Then how to work on images that are not flat. It’s a must if you’re really going to edit photos.

FOOD photos DUE next MONDAY!!

Self Portraits Due February 22nd!!

Vanishing point works on walls that you think are flat.


Hannah 1

Finishing Edges – 1/29

Today you have to complete and upload your THREE burnt edge images. The second tutorial has TWO quick ways to make burnt edges.

Still need food ideas???????

Food images DUE February 8th!!

Self Portrait image DUE February 22nd!!

Next Week:

  • Perspectives
  • Lynda
  • Lightroom
  • …. and more…

Have a Great Weekend!


ACP – Headshot Examples


Burnt Edges – 1/28

Today you will be creating two images using Adobe Photoshop. Then you’ll have the remainder of the class tomorrow to work on your Self Portrait if you’ve taken it.

Your food images are due Monday, February 8th.

Self Portraits Due – February 22nd


This is what 1/4000 of second will capture.


T-Shirt Orders DUE TOMORROW!!




Food Styling & More – 1/27

Today we’ll go over making food look good in photos. Using items not normally for what you would want to eat. And a little styling never hurt anyone.

Here are images from prior years. Using the 50mm lens is a big help in creating your images.




Below is an image of ice cream sundae that you would not like to eat. We’ll discuss why.


Below are images from last years not exactly food photos.




T-Shirt Orders Due TOMORROW!!

February 22nd your self portrait is due!!


Food Photo Begins – 1/26

Today you will begin Food Photography portion of the course. Putting your Macro Photography and lighting skills together to create hopefully something that other people would want to eat.

Today and tomorrow we’ll be doing photo how to’s on shooting.

Self-Portrait Reminder – Due February 22nd. DO NOT wait till the last moment to begin shooting. Friday will be an editing day for you.

Club Shirts Thursday is the deadline for ordering.

Deleting & Paperwork – 1/22

Today you will have to complete Chapter 12 if you have not done so yet.

Also today I will be coming around to check off completion.

And lastly. Deleting. We’ll discuss what needs to take place regarding your images from the past few weeks.

Next week - It’s all Food Photography!! Then your assignment. Friday will be given for Self Portrait editing if you’ve taken it by then.

Have a Great Weekend!!