ACP – Accounts & Sights to Make

Today hopefully you’re able to see this page on your computer.

First make yourself a Evernote account. Once made create yourself a new note. On the note place your logins and passwords for the following sites you need to make accounts with:

Logged in?? – 8/27

Today hopefully you’re able to read this message.

Here’s whats happening for today:

  • Setting a few things on the computers.
  • Going over class syllabus.
  • And if time permits….. HOMEWORK!!!


Some things I’ll probably cover in class today……

Assigned Seats - I don’t assign seats but reserve the right to move you to another computer at any time. Also you won’t want to move after you’ve logged in and made your settings in Firefox, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Photoshop.

Headphones - There will be times when using ear buds is appropriate in my classes. I’ll let you know when it’s acceptable. If it’s too loud for me, it’s too loud for your parents.

Flash Drives - It would be a good thing if you have your own flashdrive or thumbdrive for this class. It will make it easier to carry your work back and forth from home and school. Having a Dropbox account will also help.

Food and Drinks - Absolutely Not! Food and drinks are not allowed in class at anytime. And there’s always an exception to the rule, that’s for those who arrive late and have their breakfast or lunch tray with them.

Cell Phones - There is a time and place for using your cell phone. Respect is the main reason for use.

Restrooms – Try to take care of getting to the restroom between classes. I know it’s difficult with only 3 minutes If you cannot I will allow you to leave but not during the first or last 10 min. of class.

Grades - eSchoolPlus is online so that you can check your grades at any time. Because this is a computer class and you have access to the internet I will not printout grade sheets for you to check your grades each week or so. Please make sure you obtain a username and password to check not only my grades but all classes any time of the day.

Supplies – Have at least a pen or pencil each day – never know when you’ll need one. Also keep any papers passed back in a pocket of another folder or separate folder for this class. With grades being online and other events – it’s easy to miss inputting a grade.

Photography Careers – 8/26

Today due to assemblies we’ll discuss careers of photography and photoshop skills.

How good are you at Photoshop…

Pet Photography

Wedding Photographers

Ones that get way to much in the way….

Those that don’t watch their surroundings…

Street Photography

Photographing Strangers

People of New York


Humans of New York

ACP – Calendar

Pinterest Board link.

Second Day of Class

Today finishing the cards from yesterday. Also tour of the area you will work in…. full tour comes when your teacher can walk the halls 7 periods a day. Types of photography and no underwater photography.

Also equipment. What you’ll work with.

First Day Of School

Make sure to add your best photo taken this summer to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag:  #‎atpisummercontest‬

Also by the end of the week uploading your best photo ever taken.

Tech Camp – Day 8

Today you’ll be creating a 3D image in the time we have available.

1. We’ll be using this 3D tutorial to create the image. Hopefully you’ll be successful.

2. Once you’ve completed the easy way to make one, then try a little harder tutorial.


I hope each of you has enjoyed your time while attending the KISD Education Foundation Tech Camp 2015. I hope to see each of you in the future at the Career Center.

Tech Camp – Day 7

Today after you finish editing and text designing you will be learning the process of Photomerging within Adobe Photoshop.


Click here for the Tech Camp survey.

Tech Camp – Day 6

Today we’ll begin text editing. It will take a little while to learn all of the setting options, but after that you’ll be designing wonderfully.

Tech Camp – Day 5

Today you’ll be creating 3-in-1 images of each other and others within Tech Camp. Three pics, copy, paste, transform, and print. You’ll also be mixing them up.

Want to see more click here or here

Tech Camp – Day 4

Today we’ll be doing several Photoshop techniques. Here’s a list:

  • Healing
  • Patching
  • Rubber Stamping
  • Image Enhancement
  • Warping
  • Actions

Also today cameras and lenses.

Dropbox Link for Today


And if time permits some of these as well:

  • Reflection
  • Clipping
  • Vignette
  • Emboss
  • Graffiti

Tech Camp – Day 3

Today finishing your Cartoon in Real Life designs.

Remember to use the directions from yesterday.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop

2. Choose File > New.

3. Insert the following:

  • Width – 10 Inches
  • Height – 8 inches
  • Resolution – 150
  • Background – Transparent

4. Choose File > Save as.

5. Save the file to your Photoshop (PSD) folder as Real Life Cartoon

6. Search the web for a cartoon character and a real photograph. Watch the file deminsions look for ones that are at minimum 1100 x 850.

7. Open the images you saved from the web, both the cartoon and real life image. Then drag both of them into the PSD file together.

8. Lastly design and create.

Also today getting you setup with so you can save your work and use at home.

And lastly — Photos. Of yourself. No selfies. This is for projects coming soon.

TechCamp – Day 2

Yesterday we learned how to use the selection tools and how layers work.

Today we’ll do some Image manipulation and enhancement.

After the break you’ll create a cartoon in real life using layers, masks, shadows, etc.

Welcome to TechCamp

TechCampGlad to have each of you here.

This will be website we use to get links information and instructions on how to create and design using Adobe Photoshop.

Today we’ll learn some Adobe Photoshop.

Here’s the link to all things TechCamp!

Monopod vs. Selfie Stick – Do you know the difference?

Finishing? – 5/27

Today hopefully you’ll be finishing your final exam. If not you’ll have Friday to complete.

Finishing – 5/26

Today and tomorrow hopefully you’ll have to complete and finish your final exam.

Thursday 1st period will be assisting in the relocation of a classroom.


Who knew when I assigned this that there would be 21 days of rain. (Heard that fact this morning on the news.) If you shot images of last nights incredible sunset GREAT!!! Or if you took some from Sunday night’s wonderful colors. Super!! Here’s the change. Sunset/Sunrise will be a extra credit item in the gradebook. The bonus points will be based on when you took the image originally and quality of the composition.

Sigh…. Happened in Texas

What would you do if you were told you don’t own the images you took. Happened to a high school senior here in Texas…. this year.

Senior Invite – 5/22

Today you’ll have to work on your invite. I’m hoping by Wednesday most of you are done. And will have printed and uploaded your images.

Sunsets we need to talk.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Final Exam Designing

Today you have to work on your final exam invite design.

Remember. Less is more.

Also. Look online for ideas. Don’t do the same boring thing. Be Unique.

Sunrise/Sunset due Wednesday.