Self Portrait & Setup – 2/17

Today’s goal is for you to hopefully finish your Self Portrait design. They will be due Tuesday. Also I’ve realized an ommision in the instructions, I’ll explain during class.

Today’s other goal is the setting up for teacher appreciation luncheon in the lecture hall. Also in the afternoon we’ll be setting up for a weekend photo shoot.

Reminder that your Senior Photos are due March 6th.

Carnival is in town. The week of Feb. 27th – March 3rd I’ll be doing a few night photo sessions at the carnival on WS Young.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Self Portrait Creativity – 2/16

Today’s goal is to work on your Self Portrait design/image. By the time you leave class tomorrow all images are to be uploaded to Flickr group and saved into the Self Portrait folder. Make sure to follow the directions exactly.

Next week you’ll begin the Food process.

Photography Shirt?? Wear it if you got one TOMORROW!



T-Shirrt Design 2015


Self Portrait Images – 2/15

Today’s goal is to turn in your self portrait images that you took.

When finished you are to begin editing and designing your self portrait photo that will be due Friday. Look under 3rd Nine weeks tab for the instructions. To see the expectation of good or better click here.


Self Portrait from my cousin’s wife Jen Mesch. (Walking away from lava flow)

FRIDAY — Wear your Photography Shirt if you have one.

ACP – Date Changes

All weeks have been updated. No projects next week. All for turning in.

Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk5 Wk6
Velvet 56 B F C E D A
Tilt Shift F B E C A D
GoPro A C D F B E
Eyelighter D E B A F C
Gallery Wrap E A F D C B
KCC Pics C D A B E F

Wk1: Jan30-Feb3
Wk2: Feb6-Feb10
Wk3: Feb 13-Feb17
Off Wk: Feb20-Feb24 – Project turn-in, Self Portrait, Indoor Sports Due
Wk4: Feb27-Mar3
Off Wk: Mar6-Mar8 – Wk4 turn-in, Portfolio work
Wk5: Mar20-Mar24
Wk6: Mar27-Mar31

Food Workflow & Printout – 2/14


Today’s goal is before leaving having your food images imported, rated, and printed.

Tomorrow your Self Portrait images are due.

Finishing LR Syncing Info – 2/13

Today’s goal is to complete the overview of Syncing in LR and what that will mean to your Food, Senior, and any other photos you might bring in to LR.

Also today information about this week.


Self portrait due WEDNESDAY!

Also today 8th grade tour information.

Lightroom Speed Editing – 2/10

Today’s goal is to harness the power of Lightroom editing features. Taking what you know about Photoshop healing, actions, and stamping and putting them into a faster way of doing things.

Say Bye Bye Bye to Photoshop for most all things….

Reminder about next week…..

  • YOUR Environmental Self-Portrait is due February 15th
  • Food Photography images due February 14th – Summative

Last item. As you can tell you have new keyboards, they are designed for Adobe LR. Here is what each of the indicators on the keys mean.


Have a Great Warm Weekend!!

WTD – Headshots


A Little Lynda – 2/9

Today’s goal is to learn the process of editing tools in LR. You’ll be watching three different videos in Lynda to do that.

Below is your information on logging into Lynda.

Login Information:

  • Username: s + Student ID#
  • Password:  Your regular KISD Student Password

Lightroom Playlist


You are to watch:

  • Chapter 10 – Video lessons 1 & 2
  • Chapter 11 – Video lesson 3

Your Burnt Edges lessons are due before you leave today posted to your Flickr account.

FYI – Below are the examples Wrong and Right from the second lesson.

Step one says 20-30 feather. Below is what you get, REMEMBER your photos are much larger than the examples used in the lesson. Sooooo your feather has to be much larger………..


…..making your feather closer to 150 will make the burnt edge like it suppose to be in the tutorial.


PShop Refresh – 2/8

Today’s goal is a refresher of last nine weeks in Photoshop using Healing, Patch, Clone Stamp, & Actions.

Also today finishing and completing the Photoshop burnt edges tutorials from yesterday.

Tomorrow lessons.

Burnt Edges – 2/7

Today’s goal is to be able to use Photoshop and create burnt edges on images of your choice.

Tomorrow review of Photoshop editing.

Thursday and 3 videos. Getting images for Friday.

Friday how to edit images the Photoshop ways in Lightroom.

Food Example Shots

Today a couple of food photography setup shots.

The rest of the week we’ll be getting back to some photo editing and

  • Tomorrow and Wednesday – Lynda videos and Online lessons.
  • Thursday – Recalling Photoshop portrait editing
  • Friday – Lightroom Editing Tools

Food Information – 2/3

Today’s goal is to checkout the self portrait assignment information from ATPI. Top 40 images will be entered into the state contest. You’re assignment is to capture yourself in your environment (what you like to do, where you hang out, personality). The one below is mine from last year….

Photobooth Selfie

Below are some examples of food images. Today we’ll go over


And a lot of what not to do….


Below are images from last years not exactly food photos.





This is what 1/4000 of second will capture.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Food Day 1 – 2/1

Today’s goal is to take images of liquid food photography. You will want to bookmark the site

Tomorrow I will demonstrate how to shoot food photos to make them look appealing.

Early Out

Early Release Bell Schedule



1 8:50 – 9:24
2 9:28 – 10:02
3 10:05 – 10:39
4 10:42 – 11:17
Lunch 11:17 – 12:25
5 12:25 – 12:50
6 12:53 – 1:17
7 1:20 – 1:45

Austin Map … Save the link NOW!!!!


This map is awesome. Save the link….

Photo Gear Day – 2/1

Today’s simple goal is to see the difference in lenses available for shooting landscape, portrait, or whatever you plan on capturing.

(Image from

Tomorrow liquid food photography.

Gear Day 1 – 1/31

Today’s goal is to learn the proper way to set up lights for portrait shooting. This is the first of two gear days.

Revised information from yesterday…….

Here are a few reminders:

  • YOUR Environmental Self-Portrait is due February 15th
  • Senior contact print is due March 6th
  • Food Photography images due February 14th
  • Product Photography due February 21st

This week’s goal’s of instruction:

  • Monday: Shooting with Flash outside
  • Tuesday: Light stand. How it goes together.
  • Wednesday: Camera gear Day 2
  • Thursday: Food Photography Introduction
  • Friday: Food Photography Day 2 – Liquids
  • NEXT Monday: Product Photography Day 1
  • NEXT Tuesday: Product Photography Day 2
  • NEXT Wednesday: Getting Images

Flash Outside – 1/30

Today’s goal, wind or no wind, is to be shooting outdoors with a flash and 50mm lens. You may or may not be saving the images. It’s all about the process of capturing less about the actual person in the image today.

Here are a few reminders:

  • YOUR Enviornmental Self-Portrait is due February 17th
  • Senior contact print is due March 6th

This week’s goal’s of instruction:

  • Monday: Shooting with Flash outside
  • Tuesday: Lightstand. How it goes together.
  • Wednesday: Camera gear day.
  • Thursday: Getting files for Lightroom editing lessons
  • Friday: Refresher on how to edit in Photoshop
  • NEXT Monday: Editing in Lightroom

Senior Photos of Instagram

Here are some senior photos Instagram accounts you might want to follow.






Looking for ideas. Straight from BP4U if you are a senior photographer:

Instagram Hashtag Tips:

  1. You can only hashtag up to 30 things on a post, but that doesn’t mean that you always should.
  2. Write a heartfelt comment about the image as the caption. Then comment on the picture to add your hashtags, that way everyone is not just seeing the hashtags.
  3. Make sure to include a hashtag of the senior’s school or mascot! (ex.#CHS #Cloverhighschool #Cloverhigh #CHSseniors #CHS2017 #CHSclassof2017 #bulldogs #bulldogs17)
  4. You can literally copy and paste our list of hashtags below. You can paste them into the Notes section of your phone for easy reference to copy and paste from. Just be sure to delete out hashtags that don’t apply to your business, event, or session at the time. Also, remember to change the location and add the venues (see tip below).


#senior #seniorpics #seniorphotography #seniors2017 #classof2017  #classof2017seniormodel #seniorportaits #classof17 #seniorphotos #senioryear #graduatingclass #college #portrait #grad #graduate #fashion #hair #style #seniormodel #seniormodel17 #seniorphotographer #seniorpictures #almostdone #senioryear #senior2k17 #2k17 #2017 #seniorpride #2017senior #senioritis #highschoolsenior #offtocollege #seniorrep #sosenior #seniorsallday #allgrownup #schoolpictures #lastschoolphotos #modelstatus #preview #sneakpeak #2017grad #seniorsunday #seniorsaturday

Male Specific:

#seniormalemodel2017 #seniormalemodel #hesasenior #handsome #seniormalerep #seniorstud #hemadeit #bowtie #hedidit #hesgraduating #suitedup #jock #seniorjock #footballplayer #seniorswag

Female Specific:

#seniorgirl #seniorgirlmodel #hair #makeup #beautifulsenior #shesasenior #heygirl #glamourshot #professionalmakeup #seniorgirlrep #shemadeit #longhairdontcare #daddysgirl #curls #beauty shedidit #shesgraduating

You can also hashtag props or photo specific details that are in the photos, such as: #motorcycle #seniorsports #valedictorian #thatoutfit #outdoorlife #thatcar #football #winter #fall #summersenior #field #water #snow

Don’t forget to hashtag #yourlocation #yourlocationphotographer with this, too. Also, don’t forget to hashtag the venue or location where you photographed the session.