Finish Mounting & 50mm Shooting – 11/24

Today you will have to complete your mounting and shooting.

Reminder that you have a family photo shoot due as your Final Exam.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!

Pic from Last Night


To see more click here.

Mounting or Shooting – 11/23

Today you will either be shooting or mounting your photos. (Or if you did it wrong you’ll be resizing and resaving again.)

I’ll go over the mounting procedure with you today.

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ACP – Monday 6:30PM

Photo Club members and ACP students. This Monday at 6:30 we’ll learn the process of steel wool light balls.

Reverse of Yesterday – 11/20

Today you’re either shooting or making photo for mounting.

Have a Great Weekend!!

ACP – Pixieset Is Fixed & More

Late yesterday I got a call and Pixieset is now working again.

Today you are to be working on getting your Fall Fright images, post, and other information turned in.

50mm – Macro print – Final Exam – 11/19

Today you will be either shooting or setting up for printing.

Also today your Final Exam. What it is and what you need to shoot for.

ACP – Faking Fall

Needing fake fall. Here’s your lesson from ACP.


Shooting 50mm Prime – 11/18

Today you will be out shooting one another using the 50mm prime lens you learned yesterday.

Tomorrow shooting in the building or printing best Macro.

ACP – Deadlines and Deals

First. BP4U is having a 95% sale TODAY only.



Reminder of ALL things covered yesterday at the start of class:

  • Friday Fall/Fright due.
  • December 1st Writing with light due.
  • Find your best five images and place them in a folder within Files for Printing folder in the the Templates and Graphics folder.
  • Watch and do Chapter 3 from the Lightroom Lynda series. Rename with Custom Text-DateCreated-SequenceNumber


Today during 4th period you’ll have Prime Tuesday.

Prime Tuesday – 11/17

Today is all about Prime Lenses.

Macro Workflow – 11/16

Today you’ll be going through the Macro workflow from your images. Then in the last few minutes of class you’ll be going through and printing all of your images out. You are to:

  • Rate/Delete all images
  • Rename the images
  • Add your Metadata
  • Print your contact print

If you did everything correct you should have a minimum of 3 pages to staple and turn-in before the end of class today.

PRIME TUESDAY!! Tomorrow will be prime lenses. My Photo School does a great job explaining the differences and what to be looking for tomorrow in class.


Last Day for Shooting Macro – 11/13

Today is the last day you will during class time to go and shoot Macro images.

Next week:

  • Macro Workflow
  • Printing your best Macro
  • Learning Lenses
  • Learning 50mm
  • Learning 70-200mm
  • Learning Reflectors
  • And if you’re lucky maybe some Flash instructions.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Shooting and Ch. 17 Completion – 11/10 & 11/12

Today and Thursday you’ll have to go out and take photos for your Macro assignment. Those that do not take photos will complete Chapter 17.

Friday you’ll have to complete your 100 Macro images.

Next week we’ll go through mounting, prime lenses, and more.

ACP – Monday Info

Need to see HHHS students. For shooting in the building.

Fall Fright items. Editing should be taking place.

Returning equipment is to take place today.

Macro grading will begin today. If you have not printed you need to see.


ATPI Winners

ATPI Advanced Best In Show. Madison Whiteside, The Kinkaid School (Houston)


Here’s a link to images that won from the ATPI Fall Contest.

Here’s the list of winners.

Chapter 17 – 11/9

Today we’ll be discussing Chapter 17 and you’ll be doing the worksheet from it.

Also tomorrow or Thursday you’ll have the chance to complete and finish the paperwork. Also on those days you’ll have to shoot more Macro. Remember 100 images.

Friday maybe we’ll shoot prime.

Shooting Photos – 11/6

Today you’ll have the chance to begin taking Macro Photos. Like the ones I took yesterday during class.

Monday we’ll return to the Textbook for the process of displaying your photos.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – you’ll be shooting photos or finishing worksheet.

Have a Great Weekend!!

ACP – Board Room Pics

20151104_173809 20151104_173822


Macro Information – 11/5

Today I will go over Macro photography with you. What is and is NOT macro photography. How to take macro images. And the cameras to use to take macro images.

If you didn’t bring your camera today that’s fine, you’ll want it starting tomorrow. We’ll be going over Macro photography. You will get days to shoot pictures Today, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I came across this site a few years ago: How to Photograph Flowers Up Close

A link you’ll definitely want to read. Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Use tubes…

Or you can visit Elgin Park only in your mind and through Michael Paul Smith’s photos.

Also today ROT workflow completion. If time permits you’ll begin creating your contact print of ROT images. Only the originals, NOT your edits or creations from last week