ACP – KCC Image Turn-in

Today we’ll go over the process of turning in your images and what needs to be included in your metadata. There will be four different folders for each high school for your images to be turned in.

You will check the metadata in Bridge, Photoshop, or Lightroom.

You’ll export or save to the folders.

Finishing – 11/16

Today’s goal is for you to hopefully finish the card design. Remember you are saving and uploading. (Oh by the way that’s one of the grades.)

Cameras – Checkout is available.

Got your own camera? – Checkout of tripods and remotes is available.


November 30th – Family Photos due.

December 1st – Macro images due.

December 12th – Self Portrait Due. (Note you will have December 7-8 & 11 to work on portrait creation.)



Starting Card Assignment – 11/15

Today you will be starting your Holiday Card Assignment. Before beginning you’ll be turning in your work from yesterday.



Self Portrait

All due after Thanksgiving.


Finishing Card – 11/14

Today’s goal it to complete and finish the holiday card layout started on Monday.

Reminder that all family photos are due FRIDAY!!!!!

Tomorrow information from the counselors and starting your Holiday Card assignment.

Holiday Cards Begin – 11/13

Today you will begin the process of taking online Christmas cards from this….

To this……

Using Photoshop and your own photos.

Speaking of Own Photos…. Hope you’ve taken your family photos, because by Friday you will be well on your way to making your own card design. Here is the breakdown of upcoming days:

Today & Tomorrow = Creating Christmas card together in class.

Wednesday – Friday = Christmas Card assignment using images I give you.

Monday 11/27 – Wednesday 11/28 = Christmas Card Final Project. Using your own images for the card design. Minimum photos on card has not yet been set. Most likely . . . 3. You will design cards like these:


Take lots of photos. – 11/9

Today you will be completing video’s from section 10. You will be doing the first 4 lessons from Section 10. Deals with how to clean up dust and spots from your photos. And cleaning up distractions. Think long term about any photobombers in your images.

Login Information:

  • Username: s + Student ID#
  • Password:  Your regular KISD Student Password

Lightroom Playlist

Next week. Making holiday greeting cards.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Shooting & More – 11/8

Today will be different for 1st and 7th because of yesterday’s delivery.

  • 1st – Family shooting with remotes.
  • 7th – Lynda possibly.

Reminder that today is Professional Dress day.


  • Family Pics – November 30th
  • Macro Pics – December 1st
  • Self Portrait – December 11th

Club Announcement – – – – –

  • Things to bring with you tomorrow.
  • If you’re posing/modeling. Changes of clothes. HMU if needed.
  • Jacket. It’s going to be cool.
  • Fall type blanket. Looks good in photos & will keep you warm.
  • Snacks. Nobody wants to be Hangry.
  • Money. You’ll want dinner. Nobody likes a mooch.

Remotes – 11/7

Today’s goal is to build on what you’ve learned from yesterday. You’ll be back with your family. You’ll be back with a camera and tripod. However you’ll be learning the art of remotes. Before beginning there’s a major issue of wires and getting the correct one.

Reminder for what’s due…..

Family Photos:

  • November 30th
  • 20 photos
  • Multiple poses

Macro Images:

  • December 1st
  • 100 images
  • Small items
  • Small parts of large items
  • At least 40 different objects

Tripods – 11/6

Today we’ll be discussing tripods. How to put them together for use. Setting up. Taking photos using timer. Dismantling.

Tomorrow using remotes.

Elements. Didn’t turn in. Didn’t finish. Grades were posted for Gain grade check IPR this weekend. Last day they’ll be accepted is Wednesday.

Later this week




Trinity High School & more

Follow the link and follow to see how other students shoot.


Also these on Instagram

SI Full Frame

Sue Bryce















Macro Today & Going Back Over – 11/3

Today. Yes today’s goal is Macro photography. I’ll go over Macro photography with you. What is and is NOT macro photography. How to take macro images. And the cameras to use to take macro images.

I came across this site a few years ago: How to Photograph Flowers Up Close

A link you’ll definitely want to read. Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Use tubes…

Find tubes on Amazon.

Or you can visit Elgin Park only in your mind and through Michael Paul Smith’s photos.


Elements — Grades are going in. And some are NOT very good. Didn’t upload. Didn’t rename. Turned in the same photo 6 times.

Professional Dress happens every WEDNESDAY. Yes I’m grading. Yes I’m checking. Yes there area requirements. Commercial Photography will consist of:

  • Black pants/Black jeans
  • Black skirt/dress
  • Dark shirt (polo style preferred)
  • Comfortable black/dark shoes (closed toed preferred, not required).
  • Black athletic shoes with white/gray soles are acceptable.
  • No flip flops.
  • No rips or holes in pants.
  • No thin strap tops.
  • No blue jeans
  • No black t-shirts with any text. (This includes the KCC black shirt)
  • No yoga pants
  • See instructor for any questions or concerns.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Macro – 11/2

Today we’ll go over Macro photography. What it is. What it isn’t. And how to take better than the average Macro image.

Tomorrow finishing Chapter 3 and grading Elements. You look at the rubric and make the determination.

For Cara


Chapter 3 – 11/1

Today’s goal is to complete the overview of Chapter 3 and the study guide for the chapter.

Also today is professional dress.

Tomorrow we’ll be going over Macro photography.

Next week portrait shooting.

And then holiday card designing.

Who’s Annie Leibovitz

Click here to learn.

Ch. 3 – 10/31

Today’s goal is to cover all of Chapter 3 it’s all about business. Even if photography is NOT your goal in life making money to live on will be.


Tomorrow you’ll complete the worksheet for Ch 3.

Thursday will be Macro information.





Last Day?? – 10/30

Today’s goal is to be done. Yes that’s right. You’ve been working on Elements since OCTOBER 6TH. Doing the math that’s 24 days. Amazingly that’s also the number of photos required for this assignment. If you haven’t got em by now you never will. Print your 24 and upload your best 5 today.

Tomorrow depending on other factors tomorrow. You’ll either be in Chapter 2 or learning the next photo area.

Professional Dress may be different this Wednesday. Be listening for announcements.

Finishing . . . Hopefully – 10/27

Today’s goal is to hopefully be printing your Elements assignment and uploading to Flickr your best 5 images.

Next week:

  • Macro Photography
  • Chapter 2
  • File Clean up
  • Printing
  • ATPI Contest

Have a Great Weekend!!

Contest Setup – 10/26

Today’s goal hopefully is easier than yesterday’s. We’ll set up the Publish area for contest images. You may not use it for the fall, but you will use it for the spring.

After setting up the publish area you will have the rest of today and all of tomorrow to edit/print/publish your Elements images.

Elements & Contest – 10/25

Today’s goal is to fully understand how to upload images to Flickr using Lightroom. And making sure your images go there with your logo as the watermark.

Elements Turn-in:

  • Printout of your 24 images in rows.
  • Upload to Flickr your best 5 (One from each element area)

Contest – IF you have images then you’ll follow the instructions I have for you online. IF your image is not in Lightroom then there is a different set of instructions you have to follow.