Finishing Up the First Week

Today you will complete the Chapter 1 from this week.

Also today you’ll be setting up your Firefox or Chrome whichever you like using the most.

Reminder that the 30 day challenge begins MONDAY!! Creative Self Portraits.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Logged In Hopefully – 8/28

Today hopefully you’re able to read this message.

Here’s whats happening for today:

  • Setting a few things on the computers.
  • Going over class syllabus.
  • And if time permits….. HOMEWORK!!!


Some things I’ll probably cover in class today……

Assigned Seats - I don’t assign seats but reserve the right to move you to another computer at any time. Also you won’t want to move after you’ve logged in and made your settings in Firefox, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Photoshop.

Headphones - There will be times when using ear buds is appropriate in my classes. I’ll let you know when it’s acceptable. If it’s too loud for me, it’s too loud for your parents.

Flash Drives - It would be a good thing if you have your own flashdrive or thumbdrive for this class. It will make it easier to carry your work back and forth from home and school. Having a Dropbox account will also help.

Food and Drinks - Absolutely Not! Food and drinks are not allowed in class at anytime. And there’s always an exception to the rule, that’s for those who arrive late and have their breakfast or lunch tray with them.

Cell Phones - There is a time and place for using your cell phone. Respect is the main reason for use.

Restrooms – Try to take care of getting to the restroom between classes. I know it’s difficult with only 3 minutes  If you cannot I will allow you to leave but not during the first or last 10 min. of class.

Grades - eSchoolPlus is online so that you can check your grades at any time. Because this is a computer class and you have access to the internet I will not printout grade sheets for you to check your grades each week or so. Please make sure you obtain a username and password to check not only my grades but all classes any time of the day.

Supplies – Have at least a pen or pencil each day – never know when you’ll need one. Also keep any papers passed back in a pocket of another folder or separate folder for this class. With grades being online and other events – it’s easy to miss inputting a grade.

ACP – Sights to Make Accounts

Today hopefully you’re able to see this page on your computer.

You will need to make sure you have accounts with the following sites:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Flickr
  • Pixieset
  • Evernote
  • WordPress

ACP – Calendar

Preserve Your Memories

First Day of School

Stripes Free Drink

Google 360 Photo App

Great Video of ATX

Drone Austin from Charlie Kaye on Vimeo.

*For shooting requests please message me on Vimeo or email Thanks! Enjoy!

Keeping Austin Weird by showing a few of my favorite places from the air.

drone austin, aerial videography, aerial photography, sxsw, austin city limits, town lake, lake austin, famous austin wall, ut campus, lady bird lake, gourdoughs, frost bank tower, south congress, texas state capitol, saint marts cathedral, broken spoke, broken spoke dancehall, UT tower, auditorium shores, austin tx, dii phantom 2, h3-3d, zenmuse, dii, dii phantom, gopro 3+, 5.4mm

Why Hire a Professional Photographer

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

Selfie InService

Last nights ET report regarding Hollywood Secrets with Taking Selfies.

10 Worst Selfies of All time.







Android Apps

Little Photo
Golden Hour
Photo Tools


IOS Apps

Photography 101
Light Recipes
Color Softbox
Pano Camera
Axeim Camera!
Axeim Photo editor


ACP – What Are Your Thoughts

Read about it and tell me if you’re interested.

Shhhhtuff Photographers Hear

West Texas by Wuman Meinzer

Great D-Day Video

The Iconic Photo of D-Day from Craig Duff on Vimeo.

On the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion at Normandy, I thought I’d reprise the story I created for TIME in 2009 that was part of an Emmy-winning series of video pieces. Many thanks for photo editor Mark Rykoff for his assistance with the images, and Cynthia Young, a curator at the International Photography Center in New York, who sat down with me to tell the incredible story behind Robert Capa’s images.

Cleaning out 107 – 6/2

Today we’ll be getting everything out of room 107.

Period Time
1 8:50-10:30 Study & Exam
2 10:33-11:18
3 11:21-12:06
4 12:09-12:35
Lunch 12:35-1:25

CCAM Eat Here

5 2:20-3:00
6 3:03-3:23
7 3:26-3:45

Water Balloon Photography – 5/30

Today we’ll see what kind of creations you can come up with using water balloons. We’ll be shooting:

Have a Great Weekend!!

Jeff Cable Posts You Need to Read

Three posts from Jeff Cable you really really should read. Thanks to Jeff for letting me share his work and instructions with you.

First – Hospital Prom (Great read)

Second – Senior Portraits (Beyond just tips and tricks)

Third – Moving Objects (shooting while panning)

Inventory – 5/29

Today’s goal is to get every item in the closet, Room 107, and the cabinet behind my desk inventoried.

Tomorrow. You might get wet. You’ve been warned, dress appropriately.


Printing & Inventory – 5/28

Today we’ll be going through checking numbers and items. Won’t be that difficult.

Also today printing your invite cards.

Didn’t turn in your senior pics? Was absent when I graded sunset/sunrise/nighttime images on Friday? Here’s what you need to do for Re-Grading purposes:

  1. On a full sheet of paper. Place your name, high school, and class period.
  2. Write down each individual grade that needs regrading. (Check your grades online to find these)
  3. If for Sunsets indicate whether you were absent Friday or not.
  4. Place the paper on the keyboard on my desk.

Re-grading is only for zeros, NOT needing a better grade. Nor will any grades except for absences be above a 70.