2nd & 4th Exams – 12/19

December 19th
2nd and 4th Period Exams

CCAM eats here

Period Time
2 9:55-11:25 Study & Exam
Lunch 11:25-12:15
4 12:20-1:50 Study & Exam

6th & 7th Exams – 12/18

December 18th
6th and 7th Period Exams

CCPM eats here

Period Time
1-4 N/A
6 10:20-12:35 Study & Exam
Lunch 12:35-1:35
7 1:40-3:45 Study & Exam

3rd & 5th Period Exams – 12/17

December 17th
3rd and 5th Period Exams

CCPM eats here

Period Time
1 N/A
2 8:50-9:33
3 9:37-11:07 Study & Exam
4 11:10-11:55
Lunch 11:55-12:55
5 1:00-2:30 Study & Exam
6 2:33-3:05
7 3:08-3:45

1st Period Final Exam – 12/16

Today’s schedule

Period Time
1 8:50-10:30 Study & Exam
2 10:33-11:18
3 11:21-12:06
4 12:09-12:40
Lunch 12:40-1:25

CCAM Eat Here

5 2:20-3:00
6 3:03-3:23
7 3:26-3:45

Turning In – 12/15

Today you will be turning in your card designs. I will go over how and what is expected.

Cards and Cards – 12/12

Today I will go over the upload and printing you’ll need to do for your card designs.

Make doubly, triply, sure that your images are NOT stretched or squeezed.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Got Invite?? – 12/11

Today your second card design should be started, and by the time you walk out the door it should be halfway complete.

Tomorrow you will be printing some things for me.

Cards Cards Everyones Making Cards – 12/10

Today your card designing continues. By the end of today your first card should be near completion. Tomorrow you are to begin on your second card.

Holiday Card “The Final” – 12/9

Today you have to work on your holiday cards. You will have all period to work on your cards. Use your time wisely.

We’ll spend some of 7th setting up for tonight’s photo shoot.

Club Meeting


Tonight 5:30PM

Shooting Cosmo’s Contest

Family Photos Workflow – 12/8

Today your family photos are DUE. Today during class you are to go through and do workflow on your images:

  • Rate/Delete
  • Rename
  • Metadata
  • Printout Contact print.

Tuesday – Thursday you have to work on your families holiday card design.

Bokeh Instructions

Haven’t gotten the idea how to create bokeh yet. Here’s a good set of instructions.

Assignment Finishing – 12/5

Today you will be completing the holiday card assignment. You’ll need to upload your assignment when finished to Flickr.

YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS ARE DUE MONDAY!!! This will be a summative grade. Monday will be family photo workflow. Tuesday you’ll begin the designing of your images. THIS IS YOUR FINAL EXAM!!!

If you check out a camera it MUST be returned on Monday!!

Also today we’re setting up for photo shoot this afternoon.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Photos, Text, and Design – 12/4

Today when you begin your boxes for all areas should have been complete. When you walk out the door today the photos are to be placed and the text is to be completed.

Tomorrow setting up for another photoshoot.

HC Assignment Begins – 12/3

Today you will begin the process of designing a holiday cards from images provided. The card designs you create are due at the end of class FRIDAY!!


Your family pictures are due Monday. 20 – 30 images should be taken to get 3-5 images you will need.

Club Meeting Reminder

Club Meeting

Tuesday, December 9th

ACP – Bokeh, Edits, GoPro

Today if you are NOT editing a post then you will take one of the GoPro cameras and GO & learn how to work with it.

Reminder about the Bokeh assignment due next Friday:

  • One image with only bokeh lights
  • One image using an object and bokeh lights in the background.
  • Finally. An image with a person and bokeh lights in the background.

For the Bokeh assignment:

  1. One post with only the best three images.
  2. One post explaining how you took the images. Hopefully some set up shots from behind the camera using your cellphone.


Card Finishing – 12/2

Today we’ll finish the card we began yesterday. Three items to do:

  • Text
  • Black bars
  • Photo borders

Tomorrow you’ll begin creating a card from images I give you.

Reminder that your own family images are due MONDAY!!

Holiday Card Design Begins – 12/1

Today you will begin the process of taking online Christmas cards from this….

To this……

Using Photoshop and your own photos.

Speaking of Own Photos…. Hope you’ve taken your family photos, because by Friday you will be well on your way to making your own card design. Here is the breakdown of upcoming days:

Today – Tuesday = Creating Christmas card together in class.

Wednesday – Friday = Christmas Card assignment using images I give you.

Monday 12/8 – Thursday 12/11 = Christmas Card Final Exam. Using your own images for the card design. Minimum photos on card has not yet been set. Most likely . . . 3. You will design cards like these:


Take lots of photos.

Club Meeting/Shooting

December 9th

Times to be announced!!

We’ll be shooting the hair and makeup contestants from the cosmetology department. White background and lighting.