What can LR do for you? – 9/13

Happy Friday the 13th!! Personal fact…. I was born on Friday the 13th. It’s not unlucky at all.

Today’s goal is to learn a few tools inside Lightroom like Crop, Exposure, Presets, & Histogram.

Also today a quick overview of next week and Aperture control.

Reminder the end of next week is another Summative grade for your next 10 days of 20 Day Challenge!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Perfecting the Upload – 9/12

Today’s goal is to perfect the uploading process of images to your folder.

Also today a guide to where you can go and take photos, and trying to get a decent portrait by of rule of thirds.

30 Day Challenge. Today is animals.

Perfecting Uploading – 9/11

Today’s goal is to know and be able to go through the uploading process without any hesitations or issues. From taking the photo, placing it in the right location, to renaming it correctly.

Also grading. Professional Dress and 1-10 30 Day Challenge.

Falling Man – 9/11




Symmetry, ROT & Transferring – 9-10-19

Today’s goal is make sure you can input your images into LR.

Also a quick lesson on Symmetry (Day 10).

Quick overview of Symmetry.


Also Rule of Third

Pretty simple explanation of Rule of Third.


30 DAY CHALLENGE – Reminder that tomorrow is Day 10.

Getting Cameras & Resetting Software – 9/9

Today’s goal is to get the new software setup. And learn the parts of the camera.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 9/9 – Resetting Software, Editing, Selections, & Gear

Last week the newest versions of LR, BR, & PS were loaded on your computers. We’ll go through and set them up. Should not take very long.

Also today remembering how to edit images. Clone Stamp & Healing.

Big emphasis on editing faces, hair, etc.

Selection tools and how to select just the exact parts you want.

Gear. What is there to check out.

What your Logic Keyboard does….

CP2 & Pract – Getting Forms

Today your forms are due – Portfolio Theme & Contest.

Getting ready for games. And talking about what is expected.

Next week. Editing. How to and more.

Finishing Copyright & Flickr – 9/6

Today’s goal is to complete the Copyright presentation.

Also getting your Flickr account to me for grading. That takes place next week. First Summative.

Next week……. Cameras.

Have a Great Weekend


Today’s Schedule & More – 9/5

Today at the KCC there are student assemblies taking place. Below is the schedule:


2nd Period 8:50-9:35 (Announcements & Attendance)

4th Period 9:38 – 12:13 –
Presentation Time

Group A 9:45 – 10:45
200, 300, 400 Hallways

Group B 11:00 – 12:00
100, 500, 600 Hallways and Portables

Lunch 12:13– 1:12


6th Period 1:15 – 3:55 Presentation Time

Group A 1:30 – 2:30
200, 300, 400 Hallways (CCALL to LH)

Group B 2:40 – 3:40
100, 500, 600 Hallways and Portables (CCALL to LH)


Also today getting links to your Flickr & Wix sites.

CP2 & Pract – Logo & Watermark

Today & Friday’s goal is to go through and cleanup last years logo. OR if you don’t like it make a new one.

Once you are satisfied you will need to go through and make sure you have saved a Black PNG version and a White PNG version.

Then open LR.

Choose Edit > Edit Watermark

Save at least two Watermarks Presets using your PNG files.

Software & Metadata Setup – 9/4

Today’s goal is setting up all the software items:

  • File Explorer – Quick Access
  • LR – Metadata & Catalog
  • PS – Preferences & Workspace
  • BR – Workspace & Color

CP2 & Pract – Getting a Link

Today you need to click here bookmark.

Also today ATPI Fall Contest.


Copyright & More – 9/3

Today’s goal is to learn who owns the photo. Whats Copyright. Why do you need to know.

Also this week:

  • Setting up Photoshop
  • Setting up Lightroom
  • Getting ready for next week photo action.


30 Day Challenge – 8/30

Today we’ll go over the 30 day challenge.

Have a you set up a Flickr account yet? To begin click the link below to register.

Make sure when done to click the photo below and follow Mr. Smallwood’s Flickr account. That’s how your work will be graded.

Copyright next week.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Syllabus – 8/29

Today’s goal is going over course syllabus. Making sure you know the facts and information for Commercial Photography 1.

Today we’ll cover syllabus, Leo Buckley, Vests, etc.

A quick lesson on shooting football.

Logging In & Setting Up – 8/28

Today’s goal is for you to be reading this message.

Information on Professional Dress.

Also today we’ll set up your Web Browser & Flickr account.

What do you know about PS – 8/27

Today’s goal is to see what you know regarding Photoshop. And to show the skills you have.

Thursday – We’ll setup Flickr.

Friday – Taking care of syllabus and 30 Day Challenge


ACP – Computer Setup & A Whole Lot more….

You need to add all calendars to your calendar program. If you use something other than Google calendar let me know.

Also today you’ll be setting up Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, and your internet browser of choice.