Work continues


Not sure I’m half done.



The project begins.

Reverse from Yesterday – 3/27

Today will be a reverse of everything yesterday.

Dates for Spring/Easter/Sunflowers will posted this weekend.

Note. If you are needing a camera for Easter checkout will take place TUESDAY of next week. Cameras will NOT be available after TUESDAY!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!


Shooting or Editing – 4/26

Today you will begin the process of taking Photomerge images. Here are the particulars:

  • Minimum 5 images for each photomerge
  • One outside
  • One of a Classroom
  • One from the Commons area
  • 2 of your choice

(SPECIAL NOTE::: Any one of these can be substituted by photomerges outside of school time. At home, out of town, at the lake, etc.)

Also today if not shooting you’ll be editing your senior photos.

ACP – Cube Photos

I’m building the cube hopefully this weekend.

Learning Photomerging – 3/25

Today you’ll learn the process of making photomerges using Adobe Photoshop. Not difficult at all, however you have to watch what’s taking place inside the view finder.

Your goal for today…

If you’re lucky you’ll wind up making images like this…


Editing Senior Pics

Today you have to edit your senior photos. I’ll try to work out how to get NIK loaded on the computers.

Tomorrow I’ll be covering Photomerging in Photoshop. Be on time.


Lens Correction and more…. – 3/23

Today we’ll go through some information and projects for the coming nine weeks. Things like panoramics, spring/Easter, senior photos, what’s in your bag, etc.

Also today some Lightroom information.

Wednesday I will cover Photomerging with you. It’s your first assignment.

…… Well not exactly. Remember the photos you took at the end of last nine weeks? Yes the senior photos. Yeah those. That’s your first summative grades.

Look for These


If you see clouds like these in the afternoon, it’s a good sign the sunset to come will be great.

Lens Correction

Keep Deleting – 3/13

Today if you’re not done deleting that’s what needs to be done.

We’ll discuss the recent photo controversy, I missed doing that yesterday with you.

Also camera checkouts.

Have a Great Spring Break!!

Let the Deleting Begin

Today you are to go through and purge, delete, get rid of . . . whatever way you want to say it . . . your senior photos. The number you shooting for is 75. If in the end you have more than that, it’s okay but try to make it down to that number. This will help when you begin to edit.

Photoshop crashes. Or computer not allowing you to type to do the login. Any bugs or glitches you have I want to keep a listing. Breathe deeply and pray the computers won’t need to be reformatted.

You Call Yourself a Photographer…

The page from Facebook set off a media frenzy and now a copyright issue. If you haven’t read the story here’s the link. And the backlash is growing.

Here’s the link to Vanessa Hicks Photography Facebook page.

Senior Workflow – 3/11

Today you will have to complete the workflow process of your senior photos. By the time you leave you should have at least 5 pages printed and turned in.

All cameras are due back today!!

Checkout of equipment for Spring Break will happen Friday!

New Healing Tools

Some are turning in photos….. is this you?

Today several of you are ready to turn in photos, so why not. So I’ll go over instructions with you and you’ll be set to turn in your work.

TOMORROW your senior photos are due. If I haven’t said it before it’s a summative grade.  . . . . .  and maybe not just one.

The instructions for turning in your images is a little different. Consider it returning to the way Photoshop used to be. Old School.

Setting Up Computers

Today hopefully you will be setting up your area on the computers.

Senior photos DUE WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!

Weather Links

Computer Setup

Today there will be no computer usage due to new lab set up.

We’ll show those of you who haven’t been how the studio works.

Reminder your senior photos are due Wednesday!

Have a Great Weekend!!

How About Some Grading – 3/5

Today due to shorten schedule there will be several items placed in the gradebook.

If you’ve shot your senior photos then I would begin going through and rating & renaming.

The thing you see outside is called the SUN. It will be available everyday through next week. Make use of it and the Golden Hour app for your phone.