Turn-in & More Shooting – 3/29

Today going over saving/exporting of photomerge images. Hopefully you’re making your images “un”common.


Not that hard shooting with your cell phone.

One and Only Due Friday


Merging, Shooting, & Senior Grading – 3/28

Today you will be shooting your second round of photomerge images. ALL instructions are up. I will go over turning in your photomerge images tomorrow in class. DO NOT attempt to turn in today any files.

Again here are the required for photomerge images needed:

  • Minimum 7 images for each photomerge creation
  • One outside panoramic
  • One panoramic of a Classroom
  • One panoramic from the Commons area
  • 2 panoramic’s of your choice

Senior photos!!! By last friday there should have been 10 different poses/images posted to your Flickr account. Summative grade and most folks will not be happy.

Theme photo due Friday!

Merge Monday – 3/27

Today you are to begin the process of merging images together. LR instructions should be complete by the end of the day.

Below are the class instructions:

  • 1st period – All 10th graders will be shooting
  • 2nd period – All 10th graders plus some will be shooting
  • 6th & 7th periods – All students are merging images & deleting senior bad images.

Reminder your theme photo is DUE FRIDAY!!


Photomerging Day 2 – 3/24

Today by the end of class everyone should have images for merging together. Under the 4th nine weeks are instructions…. I will be re-writing portions of these today.

Next week shooting and putting together. Hopefully by the end of the week printing.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Week 1 Theme – 3/24

This weeks theme:

One and Only


  • Your best image due next Friday at the end of class.
  • Image must be posted to your Flickr account.
  • Image must have the same title as theme.
  • Image description must include your name, high school, class period.

Shooting or Deleting – 3/23

Today you will either be Shooting or Deleting/Moving files.

Shooting? To begin the process of taking Photomerge images. Here are the particulars:

  • Minimum 7 images for each photomerge creation
  • One outside panoramic
  • One panoramic of a Classroom
  • One panoramic from the Commons area
  • 2 panoramic’s of your choice

(SPECIAL NOTE::: Any one of these can be substituted by photomerges outside of school time. At home, out of town, at the lake, etc.)

Not Shooting? If you are not shooting today you will be cleaning up your files off of your computer to the server. Also today if not shooting you’ll be culling through your Senior photos deleting down to the best 50 images.

Reminder. Senior 10 images to be posted to your Flickr by Friday.

Photomerge Pt. 2 -3/22

Today we’ll finish information regarding photomerging/panoramic image creation. We’ll go through shooting and placing together both with PS and LR.

Photomerging Part 1 – 3/21

Today you’ll learn the process of making photomerges using Adobe Photoshop. Not difficult at all, however you have to watch what’s taking place inside the view finder.

Your goal for today…

If you’re lucky you’ll wind up making images like this…

4th Nine Week Overview – 3/22

Today we’ll go over the upcoming nine weeks:

  • Panaramic
  • Multiplicity
  • Themes
  • Perspective
  • Senior Photos
  • Final Exam

Throughout this week we’ll also be dealing with where your files are. Do you know?

Also today to get things started one or two Lynda videos.

Senior Photo Requirement Revised: You need to have 10 images uploaded to your Flickr account by Friday.


Deleting & Posting – 3/10

Today in the short time you have. If you did not upload your 5 – 10 senior edits to Flickr take care of that.

When uploads are done go through your Self Portraits, Food, Senior Photos, and images from this nine weeks. Delete any that you no longer want. Quick 3 steps to do this…..

  1. Use the controller Top Left trigger button (X the ones you don’t want).
  2. When complete select the words “All Photographs” under the Catalog area on the left side of the screen
  3. Press CTRL + Backspace… this will ask you if you want to delete all of the Rejected (X) photos. Choose Yes.

Have a Great Spring Break!!

I’ve got a boat to catch!

If I can get to the front of the boat . . . .  yeah I don’t see this happening.

Cutting & Posting – 3/9

Today you’ll be cutting your images apart and taking them with you.

Also between today and tomorrow you need to post at least 5 – 10 edited images to your Flickr account. I’ll go over information about this in class today.

Also today what the end goal will be. Graduation Invites.

Below are some good images from the turn-in yesterday. Composition. Editing. Lighting. Smiles. Personalities. 1st period will select the not so senior photos from yesterday.

1-hhhs-BiddleA-1 2-KHS-SmithC-2 6-SHS-DDavis-1 7-KHS-OrtizH-1

Wednesday Saving – 3/8

Today by the time you leave class you will save two of your senior images to a folder for printing.

Saving for Printing

  • Locate your two best edits.
  • Select the Crop tool and change the aspect ratio to 8 x 10.
  • Crop your image to your desired liking. (DO NOT leave limb chops!)


  • Once both have been edited go to Grid view.
  • Using your Ctrl key select just the two best edited images.


Click the Export button in the bottom Left corner of the screen.

You are to do the following:

Export Location

  • Specific Folder
  • Choose Templates & Graphics > File for Printing > 8×10 Senior folder.

File Renaming

  • Choose Custom Name – Sequence
  • Custom text is to be: ClassPeriod-HS-LastnameFirstInitial
  • Start Number should be set to 1

Image Sizing

  • Select Long Edge
  • Make sure it is 10 INCHES
  • Resolution is to be 200

Output Sharpening

  • Sharpen for Glossy Paper with Standard amount

When completed press Export and your done.


Tomorrow trimming and cutting out images.

Friday Folder Clean Outs

Senior Edits – 3/7

Today you’ll begin the process of editing your images. Also today we’ll talk about images. Difference between posing and just pressing the button.






Tomorrow saving for printing. (Some senior images I will not print. Refer to paragraph one of the this post for the reasons why.)

Senior Workflow – 3/6

Today before you leave your class your Senior Session Workflow is DUE!! That is the main goal for today. More information will be given during class today. Here are the highlights below:

  • Print to the HP4700
  • Make sure your Name High School & Class Period are on the paper
  • After stapling. Write on the back date, time, & place images were shot.

Tomorrow and Wednesday. Senior edits.

Thursday cutting apart images.




20170302-DelianneIrizarry-181 Early Out Folder Clean Out

PhotoBooth Day – 3/3

Today’s goal is to learn how a PhotoBooth works. The photobooth we have uses Darkroom Software to run the operation. There are many online for purchase or free. Just realize you get what you pay for…..


Pic from last nights steel wool photo session:


  • Monday workflow happening.
  • Tuesday best image editing.
  • Wednesday printing 8×10’s.
  • Wednesday ALL grades final.
  • Thursday maybe more printing.

Have a Great Weekend!!

LR Culling – 3/2


Today’s goal is to learn how to use a controller to go through and cull your images. You’ll be getting the files to do this and learn how to set the controller to your own liking.

By the end of class your Pshop Essential lessons are to be posted to your Flickr account.

Tomorrow Photobooth. How does it work.

Food & Pshop – 3/1

Today’s goal is changed by the events of yesterday here at the Career Center. Read carefully. ………

All Food photo projects must be complete and turned in before leaving today.

Photoshop Essential tutorials will be due completed at the end of class tomorrow. You will NOT have all period tomorrow to work on the tutorials.

PShop Tutorials – 2/28

***Carnival is GONE***
NO Night Shooting!!

Today’s goal is to complete and finish the Photoshop Essential lessons from yesterday. Reminder of the following:

  • You only need to do 2 of them.
  • Resize your images way down before beginning.

Tomorrow Tutorials and Food DUE!!

Monday Photoshop – 2/27

Today’s goal is to begin two Photoshop assignments they are due completed and posted to your Flickr account by the end of class tomorrow.

Didn’t finish and complete your food assignment. Grades will begin going in tomorrow. This is a summative grade.

Later this week. Game controllers and Lightroom.

Senior photos due next week.

Finishing Food – 2/24

Today you will be completing and finishing your food project. It is due turned in before you leave today.

Monday we’ll be going through two different quick Photoshop tutorials.

Reminder Senior Photos are due March 6th!!

Have a Great Weekend!!