Shooting OR Designing – 10/26

Today you will either be out taking ROT images with the 50mm lens. Not shooting? We’ll be going over the instructions and you’ll begin the designing & editing of your ROT images for turning in on Friday.

Going Prime – 10/25

Today you are headed to Prime Lens Land. You will be shooting with the 50mm prime. You should see a marked difference in your images from the kit and zoom lenses.

When shooting with the lens this is what it should look like.

Later on you’ll learn the real difference in 50mm primes. And cost.

Tomorrow either shooting or beginning the process of laying out your ROT project.

Also today showing how grading of metadata and naming will be done.

ROT & Printing – 10/24

Today you will begin the process of Workflow, Editing, & Printing your Rule of Third images. First step….. Workflow. Below are the basics:

  1. Import – With it comes Metadata & Renaming
  2. Deleting the bad
  3. Marking the good images
  4. Printing Contact print
  5. Edit the best
  6. Print or Save for online

That’s it. This week you’ll be printing all images as a contact print. Then editing your best. Lastly saving your layout for printing.

ACP – Weatherford ISD Entries

The video was posted by a photography teacher friend of mine with her school’s contest entries. The school is in Weatherford, Texas (click the town to see it on a map).


NIK HDR & BW – 10/21

Today’s goal is to take what you learned the first part of this week about HDR and Black & White and put them together with NIK software. You will get a lesson this morning on how to create and make your HDR and B&W images within NIK. Then you’ll have the rest of the period to design and create.

Don’t have good looking ROT images? Check out a camera and look for ways to shoot this weekend.

Contest — Also today if I spoke to you about contest entries we’ll take care of that during class today.

Next week:

  • Editing your best ROT.
  • 50mm lens ROTing – one day
  • Saving your best ROT into one layout for printing by Friday.

Have a Great Weekend!!


NIK Collection by Google – 11/20

Today you’ll get the introduction to NIK filters for both Photoshop and Lightroom. When done you will only have a basic knowledge of how your images can be edited. There are hours of video on Youtube and Lynda detailing how it all works. I’ll share those with you tomorrow.

Here’s a preview of what can be done.



Edited in NIK, Lightroom, and Photoshop


PSAT – 10/19

Today we’ll be setting up for Shoemaker drill team photos.

Here’s the schedule for today:

PSAT Testing 8:45 am – 12:45 pm

4th Period 12:48 pm – 1:10 pm
(Buses departing KCC at 1:15 pm & All CCAM students will eat lunch at their home campus)

Lunch 1:10 pm – 2:27 pm
(All CCALL and CCPM students will eat at KCC)

5th Period – 2:30 – 2:52 pm

6th Period – 2:55 – 3:18 pm

7th Period – 3:21 – 3:45 pm

Black & White – 10/18

Today you will see that making a Black & White image is more than just taking out all of the color saturation. Texture. Exposure. Depth of Field. These are all things that make a good Black & White image. Today you will also see the old ways of doing this using film.

Image from Bowdoin College’s visual arts darkroom.

Morning Students – If you checkout a camera today it will be due back on Thursday. Remember no classes tomorrow morning due to testing.

Photoshop HDR – 10/17

Today (and really this weeks) goal is to learn how to edit your images many different ways using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Google NIK. We’ll start by learning the process of HDR in Photoshop. I’ll be showing one way to create HDR. Then you’ll be doing another way with Marty.

First thing you will learn is how to get your image from LR to PS and back again.

Also today you’ll be going through your images and getting some of you set up for ATPI contest entry.

Printing Best ROT – 10/14

Today’s goal by the time you leave is to have a printout of your best ROT that you edited yesterday. Absent yesterday? You missed several things that you need to see me about.

Next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday you’re not going to want to be absent. If you are you’ll need to make up that time. We’ll be covering Black&White, HDR, and NIK. All different all ways you can edit your images.

Also next week making a collage using LR of your best Rule of Third images.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Early Out

Early Release Bell Schedule



1 8:50 – 9:24
2 9:28 – 10:02
3 10:05 – 10:39
4 10:42 – 11:17
Lunch 11:17 – 12:25
5 12:25 – 12:50
6 12:53 – 1:17
7 1:20 – 1:45

Deleting – 10/13

Today’s goal it to clear out your ROT images of ALL of the images that are NOT Rule of Third. There’s two ways to do this I’ll go over both of them at the beginning of class. When you finish today you should have max 30 images.

After deleting it’s time to edit. You’ll need to go into the Develop area (Ctrl+Alt+2). And begin editing.

Tomorrow is Early Release and printing one edited photo.

Most Popular

Click to see No Film School’s list of the Top 50 Cameras and Lens Combos.

Last Reverse – 10/12

Today you’ll flip one last time. Shooting or learning LR.

Tomorrow you’ll be deleting bad images or poor lighted images.

LR Develop & ROT Taking – 10/11

Today you’ll either be learning LR Developing area or shooting more ROT. Hopefully you’ve been shooting ROT images while at home. Your goal is to turn in a strip with your best ROT images next week. But some of your images need editing.



Not shooting here’s the link to Lynda.

Login Information:

  • Username: s + Student ID#
  • Password:  Your regular KISD Student Password

Lightroom Playlist

Today you’ll be watching the first 4 videos from Chapter 9 on Developing.

Reverse of Yesterday – 10/7

TODAY is the final day to join!!!!

TShirt Design 2013

$20 is the cost of joining the Photography Club.
Last day for joining!!!


Today we’ll flip roles from yesterday. Either shooting images or learning Lightroom.

Next week:

  • Learning some developing tools in LR
  • More ROT shooting.
  • Layouts in LR
  • Printing from LR
  • Saving Layouts from LR

Reminder NO SCHOOL Monday!!

Have a Great Weekend!!


Dues, ROT, & LR – 10/6

Tomorrow is the final day to join!!!!

TShirt Design 2013

$20 is the cost of joining the Photography Club.
Put a reminder in your phone to get your money.
Last day for joining will be this Friday, Oct. 7th


Today you will either be capturing ROT images or you’ll be getting some LR knowledge with

Tomorrow we’ll go in reverse.

Rule of Thirds Begins – 10/5

Today we start with Rule of Thirds. A few years ago there was this perfect rule of thirds image.

Here are a few that I took a few years back:




Today you’ll be viewing two quick videos from regarding Rule of Thirds.

Also today we’ll go in and setup for you to watch Lynda so you can learn Lightroom and Photography.

ACP – Wedding Photographer

Wedding happening at Texas Land and Cattle at 7pm on 10/11. Need to talk to a few of you.

Joining Club??

TShirt Design 2013

$20 is the cost of joining the Photography Club.

Last day for joining will be this Friday, Oct. 7th