Studio?? – 11/25

Today hopefully more of you will spend time taking pics in the studio.

Remember your final exam is to include family photos from YOUR family. You will begin your final the second week after Thanksgiving.6-ColemanKristan-1

Have a Great Thanksgiving Break!!

The Catch

You may have seen this Sunday night or since then. Read the story from AP and NY Times.




Click here for more ideas and instructions

ROT…… realllyyyyyy. Sigh – 11/24

Today I think some of you may need to finish ROT. Only 7 people saved it to the folder and only 15 uploaded out of 75 students.

If you’re finished we’ll be in the studio. That is if I can find my remotes.

Finish ROT – 11/21

Today by the time you leave class your ROT design is to be saved in a folder within Templates & Graphics and uploaded to the group on Flickr.

HINT!!!! – Make sure if you are copying and pasting one of your B&W or HDR images that has multiple layers that you follow the directions online.

MONDAY you will print during the first 5 min. of class.

Monday and Tuesday - Studio shooting. Come prepared to shoot and model.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Prime Thursday – 11/20

Today is all about Prime Lenses.

Checking out. I have a few cameras for this morning and will have plenty for this afternoon. If you checkout a camera it does not need to be returned until MONDAY!

Macro Workflow – 11/19

Today you will complete all steps for the Macro images. You are to:

  • Rate/Delete all images
  • Rename the images
  • Add your Metadata
  • Print your contact print

If you did everything correct you should have a minimum of 4 pages to staple and turn-in before the end of class today.

PRIME THURSDAY!! Tomorrow will be prime lenses. My Photo School does a great job explaining the differences and what to be looking for tomorrow in class.

Old Camera

Want to live the life of yesteryear. There’s a One Hour photo app for the iPhone.

First Drone Flight

Today was perfect flying weather.




Macro & ROT – 11/18

Today will be a reverse of yesterday.

Tomorrow you will workflow and print all Macro Images.

Last Chance Hoodies

Today is your last chance to purchase a hoodie. $25!!

Newborn Photography Safety

Thinking of shooting a newborn baby anytime soon. Remember the baby is a person NOT a prop. There are some safety things to consider when shooting. Here’s a great article regarding this from


Google has many more articles on this subject. Read. Learn. Then shoot.

Camera Flash for Dummies

This would include yours truly. Great article from The Phoblographer.

Squirrel vs. GoPro

ACP – Items

Contest image winners are being posted on the ATPI Twitter account


Also today turn in all camera items and transfer images.

Off camera lighting images due on Blog this FRIDAY!!

Next TUESDAY your Fall/Fright images are due on your blog.


Emerald images are going to editor today.

If you’re not working on your post or images you will editing images for me.


Hoodie Money

Got Money??


Pay Mrs. Foster in the front office.

DEADLINE has been extended till TOMORROW!!

Wednesday the order goes in, so far there will be a special three people with Photo Hoodies!!

ROT Instructions & Macro Day 2 – 11/17

Today I will go over the instructions on laying out your ROT images. Here’s the basics:

  • Minimum 6
  • Maximum 8
  • One is your Black & White (whichever you choose)
  • One is your HDR (whichever you choose)
  • Only 2 (two) can come from our walking through the building together.
  • The more you have taken on your own the better.
  • Can Macro’s be used? Yes, but only one.

The listing of days to come:

  • Tomorrow – Same just reversed again.
  • Wednesday – Workflow and Contact print of all Macro images (100)
  • Thursday – Prime lenses
  • Friday – Finishing ROT layout
  • Monday – Printing ROT. More Prime. Some studio
  • Tuesday – Studio time

Gopro Learning


Learning how the GoPro will work on welding hood.

The Swap – 11/14

Today you are switching places from yesterday. Shooting or Workflowing.

Reminder to take photos throughout the weekend. Small cameras and cellphones do a better job. Using your cellphone? Have Dropbox? It’ll make your life easier.

Have a Great Weekend!!

70-200 mm

Great article from Digital Photography School.