ACP – Probably how you feel….


ROT Powerpoint

Today is the day. The day we’ll grade your powerpoints, well actually you’ll be grading but I’ll come around and make notes.

We’ll also discuss rule of third images. Contracts. And checkouts.

Tomorrow a little photoboothing.

Workflow Continues……

Today we’ll finish the workflow portion. This part may take a little time to do, might even have to flip the class in half.

  • Metadata

Tomorrow grading of the ROT powerpoints.


Club Meeting

TShirt Design 2013

TODAY – 5:30PM – 6:15ish ………maybe 6:30ish

ACP – Stuff is DUE!!!

Today through Wednesday you have to work on  . . . .

Second football game post. 10 pics with complete story.

Third contest image due tomorrow.

Not working on either of these then your Career Center area photo is what you should be working on.

Workflow – 10/20

Today you’ll learn the steps to Workflow. —- What every photographer who’s worth anything is doing after taking photos. Those who aren’t well……..   You’ll be using Adobe Bridge.

  1. Transferring
  2. Rating & Deleting
  3. Renaming
  4. Adding Metadata

Sounds simple. It is . . . unless you have 2000+ images to go through.

Also today printing best We Are…..

Club Meeting


Tomorrow – 5:30PM
Here in Room 111

Let me know today if you think you’ll be coming!

ROT PPT — Last Day – 10/17

Today when you walk out the door your ROT powerpoint is to be complete. Finished. Done. Cooked. Whatever word you want to use.

Also today I’ll be passing back printouts and posting lots and lots of grades. Be prepared.

Next week. Info on Photoshop. Maybe even some lessons. Yeah that’d be different.

Have a Great Weekend!!

ROT PPT & Contracts – 10/16

Today you’ll have to work on your powerpoint. I know those of you who were here yesterday did the same thing, however there were A LOT of people missing yesterday. Your powerpoint is to be completed by the end of class TOMORROW!!

Also today contracts. We’ll talk.

Next week it’s looking like ROT pics and photo editing.

ROT Powerpoint – 10/15

Today you are to work on your Rule of Third powerpoint. ALL INSTRUCTIONS are online, so make sure you READ THEM!!

Tomorrow contracts and what it means to checkout equipment. Also tomorrow Rule of Third photo assignment. Enough practicing you should have the concept by now.

ACP – 200 Teams and more

Today we’ll set up 200 hallway teams.

Also shooting Pan, Tilt, Zoom.

Review yesterday’s chapters.

Shooting ROT’s – 10/14

Today before going out we’ll do the following:

  • Check to see who’s printed 30 Day’s
  • See the progress on ROT powerpoint
  • Check We Are… uploads

For today’s shooting I want you to get a good grasp of ROT. Because you’re fixing to begin shooting outside of school.

Thursday printing best We Are..


ACP – Book Reading & More

Today you are to read Chapters 2 & 3 from the Visual Poetry book. After reading both chapters, then look to page 65. Read the section Pan, Spin, and Zoom, this goes on to page 66 for a paragraph. Make sure you got in your mind, because Tuesday you’re shooting.

You’ll find your books on the shelf on the far side of the classroom (where Ben sits). Make sure to put your books back when finished.

When finished reading go to this ATPI link Once there register for the contest. It’s all based on your email, so make sure you can check your email to verify your account. After registering fix all info in your metadata. Then upload some of your images so far.

ROT Powerpoint – 10/13

Today you are to work on your Rule of Third powerpoint. Make sure to follow the online directions.

If you question whether or not an image is ROT then DON’T USE IT!! Better to be safe then unsure.

Make sure you have a great quote. Your own music. And transitions are always welcome.

Tomorrow we’ll ALL be taking ROT images.


ROT Reverse of Yesterday – 10/10

Today will be a reverse. If you were shooting yesterday, then you’ll be on the computers today. And likewise for those in the classroom yesterday.

On MONDAY everyone will be working on the ROT powerpoint.

Tuesday we’ll all go out to shoot photos.

Also next week. Contracts.

Have a Great Weekend!!

ROTing Begins – 10/9

Today you will begin looking for the images required for the Rule of Third powerpoint. Also we’ll go through and rename a folder in your folder area. A few notes:

Also today several of you will begin learning how to interchange lenses and begin shooting ROT within the building.

Rule of Thirds – 10/8

Today we start with Rule of Thirds. Last year there was a the perfect rule of thirds image.

Here are a few that I took last year at this time:



Finish & Complete – 10/7

Today your We Are… images and the 30 Day Challenge creation are due completed:

  • 5 Uploaded We Are’s……
  • 1 Uploaded 30 Day Challenge
  • 1 Printed 30 Day Challenge

Tomorrow we’ll begin ROT

15275261237_6964bb7e32_z 15458827541_b345c4df8c_z

ACP – Indoor Sports

Today you’re to go to the MaxPreps web site to find the volleyball schedule for a school you will be shooting. Indoor Sports will be one of the first grades for next nine weeks.

Finishing – 10/6

6 & 2

Those are the number of people who have turned in their 30 Day project and We Are…. images.

Today you have to complete your two projects.

Later this week:

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Printing We Are…..
  • Shooting with new lens.
  • Contract