Florabella & More – 5/16

Today’s goal is to get through the Florabella tools and to see the speed of Lightroom on Art Guy.

Also today some of you will be setting up accounts with ATPI for the Self Portrait contest.

  • Monday – NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday – Food Photos DUE!!!
  • Wednesday – Last day of Photoshop/Lightroom instructions
  • Thursday – Begin editing Food Photos and working on project.

Have a Great Weekend!!

LR Editing & PS Actions – 2/15

Today’s goal is to learn Lightroom editing tools and Photoshop Actions. The way you see photo editing will totally change after today.

Today you will learn the ways of Sync . . . .  No not NSYNC.



Today last day for 8th grade tours.

Finishing Lugo & Assignment – 2/14


Today’s goal is to finish the edit and creation of Lugo. And to clean up a file for this weeks assignment.

Tomorrow Actions and Lightroom!!!

Pshop Editing Continues – 2/13

Today’s goal is to get through editing tools and put your new knowledge to work. You will see how to edit hair, make exact selections, begin an artwork creation, and fix red eyes.

Tomorrow Lightroom ways of editing some of the same images.

Professional Dress – This Week

Professional Dress

for this week will take place tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 13th

Here are the requirements. Commercial Photography will consist of:

  • Black pants/Black jeans
  • Black skirt/dress
  • Dark solid shirt (polo style preferred)
  • Commercial Photography polo is acceptable
  • Comfortable black/dark shoes (closed toed preferred, not required).
  • Solid black athletic shoes are acceptable. Soles may be any color.

Below is what is NOT acceptable:

  • No flip flops.
  • No thin strap tops.
  • No blue jeans.
  • No rips or holes.
  • No pants/jeans with rips or holes.
  • No black t-shirts with any text. (This includes the KCC black shirt)
  • No Blue KCC Photo shirts.
  • No yoga pants.

Photo Editing – 2/12

Today’s goal is to get through as many tools and files as possible in learning the editing process. You will this week be learning the tools in BOTH Photoshop and Lightroom.

Also this week. . . . . 8th Grade Tours.


Name on The List????

If you see your name on the list you need to see me before leaving school today.

  • Reed, Savannah
  • Tapia Patino, Emily
  • Cintron, Mariah
  • Smith, Cara
  • Larsen, Shane
  • Hyche, Nikia
  • Shelby, Diamen
  • Espinoza, Santana
  • Certain, Alexandria
  • Pearson, Zoe
  • Talley, Rebecca
  • Wheeler, Ashliegh
  • Williams, Angel
  • Tobias, Jesenia
  • Aylesworth, Victoria
  • Ledesma, Leilani
  • Blanco, Michael
  • Betts, Madeline

Labels & Edits – 2/9

Today’s goal is to printout labels for photos.

AND to see what the Develop Presets you added from last Friday was all about.

Next week. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of photo editing. Monday I will start as soon as the bell begins.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Beginning Food & Burnt Edging Made Easy – 2/7

Today’s (…& Tomorrow’s) goal learning why we’re thankful for certain tools and actions available in Photoshop & Lightroom. The last two days were so you could see the old way of doing things which were time tasking. Today you’ll appreciate the tools available.

Also today we’ll begin with Food Photography

Food Photography images (20 – 30 Pics)
due February 20th

Below are some examples of food images.


And a lot of what not to do….

And where to get ideas. Try Spoon, Fork, Bacon


Below are images from last years not exactly food photos.





This is what 1/4000 of second will capture.

Burnt Edges Update – 2/7

FYI – Below are the examples Wrong and Right from the second lesson.

Burnt edging or Vignetting does not mean making it look like a frame.

Step one says 20-30 feather. Below is what you get, REMEMBER your photos are much larger than the examples used in the lesson. Sooooo your feather has to be much larger………..


…..making your feather closer to 150 will make the burnt edge like it suppose to be in the tutorial.


Finishing Burnt – 2/6

Today before you leave class you are to have all three (3) images posted to your Flickr account. Tomorrow at the beginning of class you’ll get info on Burning in the edges the old fashion way.

Also Tomorrow the beginning of Food Photography!

Jeff Cable Olympics & More

Each time the Olympics begin I’m back reading Jeff Cable’s blog and Facebook page about his journey. He’s a photographer who has covered several of the Olympics. From journals about his days to what he packed. I highly recommend his site to each of you.

From what he carries with him.


To working conditions.

To buying a ticket just for his luggage.

Burnt Edges – 2/5

Today’s goal is to learn the process of getting that darkened or burnt edge look on images using Photoshop. Why? So you’ll appreciate what it takes when using Actions or Lightroom later on.

Later this week we’ll discuss Food Photography…. quite possibly tomorrow.

LR & PS Items – 2/2

Today’s goal is to get the extras needed for the weeks to come for Lightroom and Photoshop. You’ll be getting Actions, NIK, Brushes, Presets, Templates, JoytoKey, and possibly signature. (that last one may have to wait a week).

Next week:

  • Editing in LR
  • Editing using PS
  • Food photography assignment.
  • Printing for hallway.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Chapter 14 – 2/1

Today’s goal is to answer and know the questions to Chapter 14 better then the book.

Tomorrow we’ll be adding items to Lightroom and Photoshop.

Gear Day – 1/31

Today’s goal is to know the difference in lenses and camera bodies to make the best decision in shooting senior photos. You will be going through each table with differing setups at each place.

Tomorrow will probably be Chapter 14 worksheet.

And Friday will be adding editing items to Lightroom and Photoshop.

Flashes – 1/30

Today’s goal is to learn the correct way to use a flash for indoor/outdoor portraits. You’ll see how to best set the flash in manual mode.

Tomorrow we’ll be inside going over gear.

CP2 & Pract – Today’s Turn-in

Today you are to post your best 10 images for either your indoor sports post or 70 – 200mm portrait session. Post from best to worst.

Also due is a contact print with all images taken. (Cull before printing). You’ll be printing to either the 4350 or 4700 printer. Make sure your name, high school, and class period are on the papers. Turn in before leaving TODAY!!!!

Rodeo – You are to create a post. Call it “Indoor Sports – Rodeo”   Copy and paste the following information —

Images will be posted to this site on or before February 14th. If no images are posted by this date that means I received a zero for my grade.

Senior Photos & More – 1/26

Today we’ll discuss all things senior photos including when to shoot, how to watch the weather, where to shoot, and ideas for shooting. Your senior photoshoot is going to count for two summative grades.

Photos are due March 6th!

First to begin is posing ideas. Got some already? Here a few links that might help if your trying to pose another person from my own Pinterest account:

Unique Places

With dog


Here is a link to a senior portrait session I did two years ago. Spent 2 hours shooting. She changed clothes three times. Made sure to shoot during Golden Hour. Used a flash or reflector for some of the shots.


Use something like Evernote to save ideas. Website and app on your phone will make life easier when out shooting. (Pocket, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc are other options)

This is my note with posing ideas I did 2 years ago.


Stay off the Tracks. Photographing on railroad tracks is against the law. Walking or taking photos on the tracks is trespassing. Yes. Police will give you a ticket. NO. The train won’t stop for you.

Speaking of senior photos here are some examples for you.



If you’re not already watching the weather forecast you need to be doing so. DAILY!! Good photographers do. Shooting this weekend will will be good weather, except a little breezy. It hasn’t been raining yet but look at next week.

The thing you see outside is called the SUN. It will be available everyday through next week. Make use of it and the Golden Hour app for your phone.


Examples of what Golden Hour looks like.

Want to schedule the studio? Add this calendar to yours so you’ll know when it’s available. See your instructor to reserve your time slot.

Have a Great Weekend!!

TIME Top100 – 1/25

Today you will be going through the TIME 100 Photographs; The Most Influential Images of All Time. You will be picking what you think are the top three images, and you’ll pick the one you think should NOT have been included. Make sure to turn in your paper completed before you leave today.