Finish Mounting – 1/19

Today by the time you leave class your mounting of images need to be completed. When you are done place your images back in the stack on top of the shelves where they have been stored.

Make sure to clean up any messes you make today.

You will take the images home tomorrow.


ACP – Finishing Business Cards

Today you need to complete and finish your business card designs. Only have the top left card done. Printout and turnin before you leave today. If you have both a front and back print both of them. Print to the 4700 printer.


Mounting Continues – 1/18

Today you will continue the mounting process. By the time you leave today you may or may not be complete with everything.

Tomorrow you will finish.

Friday grades will be placed for your mounting.

Cutting & Mounting Photos – 1/17

Today’s goal is to learn the steps for mounting. First step is finding and cutting out your photos. Most likely you will NOT finished today.

This week more photography with lighting and mounting your images. Towards the end of this week, we’ll be learning some posing. Also self-portrait information.



Saving Best for Printing – 1/13

Today by the time you leave class the goal is to have one of your best images saved to the folder for printing.

Tuesday you’ll be learning the process of mounting your photographs.

Also next week. More lighting and starting posing.

Photography Shirts – Still want a shirt bring in food and I’ll give you a shirt.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Family Posing

From the best. Hanson Fong

Contest Meeting


If you are one of those going to contest in February. We will meet next Tuesday after school at 5PM.

Flashes & Lenses – 1/12

Today’s goal is to learn the best way to use a flash on your camera for taking photos of someone. If everything goes right we’ll get some good pictures.

Yesterday you learned the art of reflectors and their use. If you have a question about something please let me know.

Book work? Weren’t here. Didn’t finish. Then before school, during lunch, or after school is your time to complete the work. NO you can’t just take a book home with you.

Reflectors, It’s all about light – 1/11

Today we’ll go over the best settings to use when combined with Reflectors. You will be in groups of three, kinda a hard to do this with just two people, and probably impossible to do with just one person.

Book work? Weren’t here. Didn’t finish. Then before school, during lunch, or after school is your time to complete the work. NO you can’t just take a book home with you.

Tomorrow. You’re gonna get flashed.


Where I’ve been.

The weekend was ImagingUSA.


And yesterday was swearing in for the Texas legislature.


Chapter 17 – 1/10

Today you will be working and completing Chapter 17 worksheet for the chapter we went over yesterday. Turn in your work before leaving.

If you didn’t complete your work from yesterday make sure to do so.

Deleting & Picking Your Best 4 – 1/9

Today’s goal is by the time you leave have your best five images selected.

To make your life easy follow the directions below:

  • Open Lightroom.
  • Go to the Library mode.
  • Find your Collection area on the LEFT side of the screen.
  • Press the + button and select Create Collection


  • When the window comes up type in for the name “5 Best” for the Collection name. AND uncheck everything else.


Now stop and read.

  • To add your top 5 images to the collection all you do is select the image. Click and hold on the image. Then drag your mouse to the collection name “5 Best”.
  • When you have your 5 in the folder you’re done.


After getting your best five go through your folders and delete from the not only Lightroom but the computer all of the images you do not want to keep. Reminder. If you delete it. It’s gone. So make sure you have only the images you want deleted selected.

ACP – Folder Cleanout & Photo Mounting

Two things:


I went over the steps to mount your photos with you yesterday. Make sure to mount your 2 not so good 8×10 images on 11×14 mat boards. Place them on my desk when you are done.

Zoe please make sure to turn the equipment off. Thank you.


Go through your images and delete your poor quality, what were you thinking images from your folders. Use either Bridge or Lightroom. Make sure if using Lightroom that you delete it completely not just the Lightroom shortcut.

If you delete from Bridge make sure that the image if you loaded it into Lightroom is also wiped out.


Chapter 12 -1/6

Today you will be working and completing Chapter 12 worksheet for the chapter we went over yesterday.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Deleting & Textbook – 1/5

Today’s goal is to go through and delete PSD files and un-needed files from last semester.

Also today going over Chapter 12 & 17. Hitting it quick.

Reminder that Monday you are picking your best 5 images.

Welcome Back – 1/4

Today we’ll be going over a few quick items. Also making sure you can get to,, and more.

All equipment needs to be returned by tomorrow!!

Also today and Monday. Cleaning out folders.

2nd & 4th Period Exams – 12/16

Today’s schedule.

Period Time  
2 9:50-11:30 Study & Exam
Lunch 11:30-12:10
4 12:10-1:50 Study & Exam

1st & 3rd Period Exams – 12/15

Period Time  
1 8:50-10:50 Study & Exam
2 10:55-11:45
Lunch 11:45- 12:30
3 12:35-2:55 Study & Exam
4 3:00-3:45  
5-7 N/A  

5th & 7th Period Exams – 12/14

Today’s schedule.

Period Time  
1 8:50-9:12
2 9:18-9:45
3 9:51-10:24  
4 10:30-11:00
Lunch 11:00-12:15  
5 12:20-2:00 Study & Exam
6 N/A
7 2:05-3:45 Study & Exam

6th Period Exam – 12/13

Today’s schedule.

Period Time  
0 7:15-8:15 Exam
1 8:50-9:35  
2 9:41-10:31
3 10:37-11:27
4 11:33-12:13
Lunch 12:13-1:15  
5 1:20-1:30
6 1:33-3:32 Study & Exam
7 3:35-3:45