30 Day Printout, Shooting ROT – 10/8

Today you will begin printing your 30 Day projects. Then you’ll get a camera if time remains and shoot some ROT images throughout the building.

Tomorrow your 30 Day Project is due.

ACP – Motion Photography



Username: s + Student ID# @killeenisd.org

Password:  KISD Student NT Password


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Rule of Thirds begins.. – 10/7

Today we start with Rule of Thirds. A few years ago there was this perfect rule of thirds image.

Here are a few that I took last year at this time:




Today you’ll be viewing two quick videos from Lynda.com regarding Rule of Thirds.

ACP – Contest #4

Today your contest post #4 is due.

We Are.. Turn In & 30 Day Creation – 10/6

Today you have to work on your We Are . . .  creations and print them out. Printing instructions will be given in class. Reminder of the points from yesterday:

We Are….

  • Don’t have it look like the full body shot. Head. Hands. Feet.
  • Minimum 5 creations
  • Placing them all in one file.
  • Follow the directions online.
  • When done you’ll upload all JPEG creations to Flickr
  • May NOT use any of a fellow CP classmate.

Check the points from yesterday regarding the We Are.. project.

Tomorrow. Rule. Of. Thirds.


Beginning 30 Day Poster – 10/5

Today we will go over the 30 Day Challenge poster project. And you’ll begin laying out your thirty day images along with your color logo and signature. This project will be due Friday!

Also today a refresh of manual settings with a select members from each class.

Here are some pointers for the two projects you are working on now:

30 Day:

  • Make sure each picture fills the entire box area.
  • Place the pics in order.
  • Skip the spaces if you missed the days.
  • Make sure to follow the directions.
  • You’ll print on FRIDAY!!!!

We Are….

  • Don’t have it look like the full body shot. Head. Hands. Feet.
  • Minimum 5 creations
  • Placing them all in one file.
  • Follow the directions online.
  • When done you’ll upload all JPEG creations to Flickr

On Wednesday we will begin your next photo assignment – Rule of Thirds!

Here’s the breakdown of the next few weeks:

  • Today – Beginning 30 Day Poster. Completing We Are layouts.
  • Tuesday – Continued 30 Day Poster. We Are DUE!
  • Wednesday – Overview of ROT. Continued 30 Day Poster.
  • Thursday – Everyone shooting ROT in building.
  • Friday – Printing 30 Day because it’s DUE! Shooting ROT.
  • Monday – Beginning ROT Powerpoint
  • Tuesday – Continue ROT PPT and shooting ROT.
  • Wednesday – Continue ROT PPT and shooting ROT.
  • Thursday – ROT Powerpoint graded. Going over Chapter 1.
  • Friday – Chapter 1 Worksheet



Making We Are – 10/2

Today you have to create your We Are . . .  images. You are to have 5 different people other than the ones we took the first day in class or the one I shot during the lesson of how to create them. Hopefully they are 5 from different locations outside of the Career Center.

When you are done make sure to upload your five images to the Flickr group. DO NOT PRINT!!

Note to 7th Period Austin, Dylan, and Mauro. Go ahead and upload I know you don’t have your signature, we’ll take care of it next week.

Next week:

  • History of Photography
  • Making your 30 Day poster.
  • Rule of Third photography.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Signature Making Time – 10/1

Today in the short time we have you’ll be making your signature file.

Tomorrow working on your We Are images.

It’s Wednesday. The 30th – 9/30

Today by the end of class your Logo and Manual Pics are due completed. Turned in. Uploaded.

Tomorrow making your signature.

Friday creating your We Are . . . images.

Completing and Turning In – 9/29

Today you’ll have to complete your logo computer creation and/or finish printing your manual images out. Reminder that tomorrow at the end of class both of these are due.

IF you’ve turned in both the logo and manual assignments. Meaning they are in the folder AND uploaded, then you can put together your We Are images. The instructions are online under 1st Nine Weeks.

Also today if you need to take more We Are… images then you can do so.


Shooting, Contracts, Signatures, Printouts….etc. – 9/28

Today you will be given the contracts for checking out cameras and you’ll have the information you need for taking it home.

Also today you’ll be signing pages so we can create your signature file on Wednesday.

You’ll also have today, tomorrow, and Wednesday to take We Are… images of 5 people. Remember photos from people outside of the Career Center will stand out more.


Your logo are to be printed and uploaded to the Flickr group.

Your manual scavenger hunt photos are to printed and stapled with your scavenger hunt sheet.


This week:

  • Monday: Contracts, Signatures. Continued shooting of We Are. Finishing logos and printing manual pics.
  • Tuesday: Making signature file. Continued shooting of We Are. Finishing logos and printing manual pics.
  • Wednesday: 30 Day Challenge Ends. Grades for Logos and Manual Pics will be placed in gradebook.
  • Thursday: Early out. Last day to shoot pics.
  • Friday: Making and turning in We Are images.

Enjoy the moment..

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.32.17 PM

Shooting We Are or Finishing – 9/25

Today you will be shooting We Are…. 3 Part images or finishing your logo designs. Reminder that when you shoot your 3 Parts they must be straight one and cropped well. Adde Adesokan does a great job of creating these lasting images of people throughout world.

Also today many of you will be finishing your logo design. I’ll go over that with those who are NOT shooting today.

Reminder JUST 5 days left in 30 Day Challenge!!

Have a Great Weekend!!


We Are….. – 9/24

Today you will be learning the steps needed in making a 3 Part image of another person. If all goes well you’ll be walking out the door with a copy of yours.




Club Dues and Shirt


Club Dues — Tomorrow!!



NEW club shirt designs.

T-Shirrt Design 2015


….. it’s Latin.

Finishing up logo & pics – 9/23

Today you have to complete your logo design or to print out your manual pics. If you’re missing any manual pics you need to come in before school or after school to finish taking the images.

Reminder you will need your Manual Scavenger Hunt paper to turn in with your images.


Throughout this month you have had a 30 Day Photo Challenge. When the challenge began it was stated that grades would be taken every ten days, and because the assignments are over ten days they are not just counting once in the grade book. If you have NOT posted your images daily this IS affecting your grade severely.

POP QUIZ - It was also stated that there would be a pop quiz grade for one of the challenge days. And since I love sunsets/sunrises that was your pop quiz. In the gradebook you’ll see a “Pop Quiz Day 20″ assignment listed. If you’re Sunset/Sunrise images was posted when I graded by yesterday afternoon then you have a 100. If it was not posted then you know what your grade is. Below is Jeremy Neal’s sunrise image. Awesome.

Here’s another by Shania San Nicolas…

Just remember you will need all 30 Day images for your SUMMATIVE grades that will take place beginning late next week. You will be placing ALL 30 day images into one file with your logo and signature. Here’s an example below of what you will turn in.

There will be a total of 5 grades from this one project. And your 30 Day Photos are a big part of it.


Club Dues!!!

TShirt Design 2013

Friday last day to turn-in club dues!!


If there is a problem with paying by Friday come see me!!!


Shooting or Working on logo/manual – 9/22

Today you will either be going out and shooting 6 – 10 shots using the 75 – 300 lens. Seeing how many of you remember how to take the lens off and on WITHOUT placing it on the table…… That’s the question.

Also I’ll be handing back several papers today if you didn’t get yours yesterday.

Lastly. 30 Day Challenge. Several of you are going to have a difficult time passing this nine weeks because you simply have not taken nor uploaded your 30 Day Challenge photos.

Day 17 – Something old.

Lenses and Proper Procedure – 9/21

Today we’ll go over the procedure for changing lenses on the camera. NEVER PUT THE LENS DOWN BY ITSELF!!!

Also today continue working on turning in your manual pics or creating your logo.

This week:

  • Monday – Lens changing. Shooting closer. Continue logo creation / manual turn-in.
  • Tuesday – Lens changing. Shooting closer. Continue logo creation / manual turn-in.
  • Wednesday – Continue logo creation / manual turn-in.
  • Thursday – Going over next photo assignment – We Are…….
  • Friday – Shooting We Are…… Continue logo creation / manual turn-in.

The Next Phase – 9/18

Today I will go over Adobe Bridge and how Output is created. Then we’ll go over Adobe Photoshop and how to start a file and using graphics from the internet.

Club Dues — Reminder club dues are $20!!

Next week: Changing Lenses, Taking photos of other people, Creating your logo, and turning in your scavenger hunt image.

Have a Great Weekend!!