Some Quick Folder Cleanout

Today some cleaning. Big time. From your folders.

Uploading your edit from yesterday and adding it here.

If I’m guessing correctly you won’t have computers either tomorrow or Friday.

Editing the Best – 3/3

Today you’ll be editing the best image from yesterday. We’ll discuss the reasons.

Senior photos. Suppose to be warmer today except it’s gonna be yucky weather. So plan plan plan your days of Thursday – Monday. Take it from me, if your senior brings 1-2 changes of clothes it will give you many many many different options when it comes to designing photos and invites later.

ACP – Assignments Due

Assignments that are due this week:

  1. 1st choice project is due tomorrow.
  2. One half of Soccer game due Thursday. Games will be at all sites tomorrow night. Remember must shoot score board for beginning of half and end of half.

Window frames. First come first serve. $10

Senior Photo Assignment – 3/2

Today we’ll go over the senior photo assignment and what is expected.

Haven’t seen the forecast?

Tuesday will be great to take your photos except for the wind!! Also Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and if you want long range forecast will be good to take your senior photo assignment. Gonna back up the day it’s due by one day. March 11th!!

Today stair posing.

(These images found while doing a simple search for “senior poses using stairs”)

Need photo location ideas? I’ve got a map, see me for the link.

ACP – Second Lighting DUE

Today your second writing with light is DUE!!

Also today you’ll finish any matting needing to be done.

Not doing anything then you’ll be shooting hallways or GoProing it.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Finishing – 2/27

Today you will finish the tutorial lesson from yesterday and if need be the images needing to be matted.

Next week we’ll try to do some indoor photography using the stairs and then we’ll try some outside shots hopefully by Thursday

If you’re not already watching the weather forecast you need to be doing so if you want to be a photographer. Do you shoot in the rain on Sunday or Monday. Try for lightning shots on Tuesday or wait till Wednesday to begin senior photos.

Speaking of senior photos here are some examples for you.

boy girl

Have a Great Weekend!!

ACP – Finish Matting

If you have not finished matting the images left on the table. Do so TODAY!!

Photoshop Tutorial – - Your Choice – 2/26

Today you will be creating a photoshop creation of your choice from website. Below are your three choices. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose One.
  • Complete the lesson.
  • Post your creation to your Flickr page.


Here are your choices:

Color Dots


Color Grid


Make a Photo using Photos


If you missed yesterday here’s a recap:

Senior photos are due March 10th

Required 150 – 200 images.

Lots of places to take the pics, if you do not have a senior see me and I’ll help you locate one.

Watch the weather and lighting. Two biggest factors weather you get good images or not.

Finishing Matting – 2/25

Today you will be finishing the matting of all images.

Also today making your sure your name tags are on your mat boards.


Conference Survey

Here’s the link for those of you who went to the ATPI conference.

Finish Photo Mounting – 2/24

Today you will finish (hopefully) with the time you have to mount your photos.

Best of Show

ATPI Self Portrait winner Paige Lucas from West Brook High School.


Getting Ready for Art Show and Other Things – 2/23

Today we’ll finish matting any images needing to be done.

Also today getting your name cards.

And lastly . . . .  Senior Portraits. How many. When due. And what will be turned in.


Here are some images we’ll use during our time together today.





Layer Masking

Christophe Gilbert

Adding Texture to Skin

Lesson link

Getting a texture is as easy as searching Google. Or search for the type of texture you want like rock, wood, leaves, sand, stone, etc.

Getting Ideas & Other Stuff…… – 2/20

First off. The KISD Art Show begins a week from Monday. That means next week you’ll have to complete your photograph dry mounting. This does NOT mean all images will be placed at the Art Show. Only the best ones.

Today you will be getting 10 photograph ideas for senior photography. Back earlier this month I gave you links for senior posing ideas. Since the assignment is up on you now it’s time to get ideas. Below are your directions. This is due BEFORE you walk out the door TODAY!!

  1. Make a new folder in your folder. Name it Senior Portrait Ideas.
  2. Open the internet and search for Senior Posing ideas. Look for ones that would go with the type of personality, likes, interest, etc of the boy or girl that you will taking senior photos. (If you haven’t figured that out by this point, now would be a good time to do so).
  3. You are searching for 10 ideas (photos).
  4. Save them to the Senior Portrait Ideas folder.
  5. When you have all TEN (10)!
  6. Rename them with YourName-1 (through YourName-10) HINT: Batch rename will make this really easy.
  7. Using the Control or shift key select all of the images within the folder that you want to make a contact print form.
  8. Now that all items are selected and still within Adobe Bridge choose Window > Workspace > Output.
  9. Note the screen in Bridge will change showing the output options with tabs showing up on the right of the screen.
  10. Under the “Output” option choose “PDF”.
  11. Now that the Output has been changed to PDF, the options for PDF will show up below in sections. Below are the changes and settings needed for the PDF area.


  • Page Preset – U.S. Paper
  • Quality – 150 ppi


  • Columns – 2
  • Rows – 1
  • Place a check in the box next to — Use Auto-Spacing
  • Place a check in the box next to — Rotate For Best Fit


  • Check the box next to – Filename & Extension
  • Font – Arial
  • Size – 8 pt.
  • Change the Page Number option to – Placed on Footer (If you get a message that the Footer is disabled, click OK)
  • Font – Arial Regular
  • Size – 8 pt.


  • Check the box next to – Add Header (Leave setting at Right)
  • Text – Type Your Name


  • Uncheck the box next to – Open in Full Screen mode

When done printout to the HP4700 and turn in to the substitute.

Have a Great Weekend!

Printing, Cutting, Matting – 2/19

Today we’ll spend going through and cutting your images you saved from yesterday. That is if you saved them the right size. Several folks from 1st period did not.

Tomorrow quick photoshop assignment.

Making Up – 2/18

Today you have to complete and make up any missing assignments that were graded last week. Here’s the list:

  • Action images (Original + 3 edited images using any action you choose)
  • Burnt Edges (Original + 3 burnt edge images. One made in class, two done from online instructions)
  • Chapter 12 (Papers bottom of cart by the door, Photography textbooks on far wall)
  • Vanishing Point (One image created, instructions online)

Refer back to the instructions from Feb. 6th for more details if you need them.

If you want any of these items regraded then here’s what you need to do:

  1. On a piece of notebook paper place your name, high school, class period
  2. List the items needing regrading.
  3. Then write out your reason why I should go back and regrade your work that was due two weeks ago. What was the cause/reasoning for not getting your work turned in when it was due.
  4. Turn your paper in to me or substitute before you leave class today.

If you have everything graded (or once you get finished with the info above) you need to open 2 of your best pictures taken so far this year.

  • Open them in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Using the Crop Tool.
  • Place 10in in the Width window at the top.
  • Place 8″ in the Height window.
  • (If your picture orientation is portrait then flip the numbers above)
  • Using the Crop tool crop the image to the amount you want for printing.
  • (If you need to edit then do so)
  • Save the file when completed to the Templates & Graphics > Files for Printing folder.
  • Save them by your LastName-1  &  LastName-2


Missing Missing Missing – 2/17

Today what’s missing you ask???

Food and self portraits. Many are missing from the assignment folders, we’ll discuss during class today.

Also during class getting with those of you who need to upload images to the ATPI site. We’ll discuss metadata, making account, and uploading. If I talk to you about your image you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the ATPI site and follow the instructions.
  2. Make sure you have an account.
  3. Save your file to your folder.
  4. Upload it to the ATPI contest site.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Self Portrait

Today your Environmental Self Portrait is due.

Also today lots of grading and handing back.

Next week you will be placing your best image into a folder for me to print.

Also next week those who’s self portraits are chosen as the best will enter them into the ATPI online contest.

Have a Great Weekend!!