Mounting Photos – 5/24

Today before you leave you should have your two photos mounted. I’ll go back over what to do at the beginning of class.

Tomorrow and Thursday we’ll be getting ready for awards night.

Cutting Boards – 5/23

Today you will be cutting your mat boards.

If you posted images into the absent folders all have been printed. You will have cutting to take care of.


Finally Friday – 5/20

Today if you want to photo mount two of your images you’ll begin that process. You’ll finish it next week.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Photobooth – 5/19

Today you will see what it takes for a photobooth to work. Total cost $2400 to make yourself.

Want to know the price of one like this? Click the image above.

And what’s the cost of one print? _____________________________


Bracketing and Mulitplicity were due yesterday. I will begin placing grades in the computer today and tomorrow.

Hump Day Turn in – 5/18

Today marks almost a month that you would have been working on Multiplicity or Bracketing. That is way to looooonnnggg. They are due today so that grades can be finished.

Today you will determine which Mulitiplicity is your best for your Summative grade.

Prints. Instructions will be posted today.

ACP – Portfolio & Final

Today I will cover with you your Final Exam and Portfolio.

Brackets & Multi – 5/17

Today we’ll see who has turned in their assignments. All work due tomorrow.

7th Period you will be cutting out your images.

Cutting, Cutting, Yes and more Cutting! – 5/16

Today everyone who saved their images (and saved them correctly) will be cutting all images.

  1. Didn’t save them correctly?
  2. Were absent for saving?
  3. Files were corrupted?

You’ll have a chance to save your work for printing later this week. Watch for instructions.

Multiplicity? Bracketing? Got taken away due to printing last week and will again today. ALL images due Wednesday!!

Equipment! - All equipment is DUE TODAY!!! No more checking of equipment.

ACP – 2nd 5

Today your second 5 images for your portfolio are due in your folder.

Cutting? Bracketing/Multiplicity Due! – 5/13

Today your Bracketing AND Multiplicity images are due. Reminder that you are to print your Multiplicities when finished.

Needing to take photos. You’ll have that chance today.

CAMERA CHECKOUT!! - All equipment is due returned on MONDAY!!

Next week - Photobooth and how it works. More printing and mounting.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Saving, Printing, Creating – 5/12

Today you will be saving your best Photomerge image to a folder for printing. All images and prints will go to the printer today and tomorrow.

Didn’t finish your Multiplicity image creations or bracketing. You’ll have the remainder of today and tomorrow to do so.

To get started open your BEST photomerge.

Setting Up Prints – 5/11

Today each period will be doing something different. Look for your instructions below:

  • 1st & 4th - You will be setting up your best 10 images for printing.
  • 5th & 7th - This will be your last day out to take photos for the assignment.
  • 6th - You’ll be setting up your prints and if time remains you’ll be shooting.

Tomorrow you’ll be setting up your best photomerge for printing.

ACP – Printing

Today you will either be printing your portfolio or putting together your photomerge-bracketing images.

Next five Portfolio images due Friday.

Shooting/Editing – 5/10

Today you will have to complete your shooting of images and/or putting your items together. All images are DUE FRIDAY!!!

Thursday you will be placing your images and best photomerge in a folder for printing.

ACP – Panoramic Bracketing

Today cleaning out what should have already been done . . . . . your folders.

Update on Portfolio.

Wednesday your two separate Bracketing/Panoramic images are due.

Creating Continues – 5/9

Today you are to continue going through and editing/creating your Multiplicity and Bracketing images. Make sure to save each and label accordingly to your Flickr account.

Need to retake images? That will take place tomorrow and/or Wednesday.

ACP – First Five Pics Due

Today using the template you made the other day. You are to save your first five portfolio images into your folder that you made in Files for Printing. Each image is to be labeled as you did the LASTNAME-PORTFOLIO-#.JPG   Do NOT save them as PSD files.

If you finish that and have shot two of your panoramic bracketed images at home then place these together. They are due Tuesday!

Have a Great Weekend!

Creating Begins – 5/6

Today you have to work on your Bracketing (Merge to HDR) and Multiplicity creations. All instructions are posted online for you. If your computer does not work for Bracketing then log into another computer.

Have a camera? - It needs to be returned on Monday!

Sunset-HDRmerge Sunset-HDRmerge2

Have a Great Weekend!

Third Day of Shooting – 5/5

Today you will have to shoot. Have you taken Multiplicity shots yet? Might want a tripod.

Tomorrow you will have a day to work the images together.

Shooting Shooting Shooting – 5/4

Today you will have to continue your shots for Multiplicity and Bracketing. Reminder that the areas required are:

  • Outdoor – ISO 100
  • Classroom/Office Area
  • Shop Area (Indoors. Standing with the shop doors at your back.)
  • Cosmetology
  • Main Area (Commons)
  • Inside looking out
  • Using natural indirect light

Also remember the requirements. 5 images for Mutiplicity. 6 images for Bracketing.