ACP – Calendar Dates

Here’s a look ahead for all things due.

Next month you’ll also be given info on Perspective in Photoshop. Also I will get to Pan Spin Zoom.


Editing & Posting – 1/30

Today you are to take a photo taken of you either during the reflector, 70-200 lens, or confetti and edit the image. You MUST give three different edits of the same image. Using three different Actions and styling. You MAY use multiple Actions or styling on one image. Remember you have HDR area and NIK software to use as well. While editing

You have all period to complete the assignment. When finished with your images do the following:

  1. Upload your original image with NO editing to your Flickr account and label it Original.
  2. Upload each of the edited images to your Flickr account. Label them Edit 1, Edit 2, Edit 3.
  3. Place in the description area of each edited image the Actions and editing performed for each one.

The photos from the studio yesterday are in the Templates & Graphics > Student Photos folder.


Next Friday your Food images are due.

Next week we’ll spend in the studio  and outside with posing, lighting, composition, etc.

Next Tuesday I will not be in class. Get your equipment.

All equipment currently checked out MUST be returned this Monday!!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!


See the eraser?





Liquids – 1/29

Today we’ll be taking images using liquid then move to the studio for portraits of a different fashion.

This is what 1/4000 of second will capture.

Best of Yesterday





More Food – 1/28

Today make food photography images from items not quite edible.


Best of Yesterday’s Food Pics

Food-150126-50 Food-150127-11 Food-150127-42 Food-150127-60 Food-150127-68

Beginning Food – 1/27

Today we’ll go through the process of learning how to shoot food photography with many different lighting techniques.

12603769535_15e15e2143_oAlso check out the great site Spoon Fork Bacon. They’ve got exactly the images I want to see from you.

Black & White Photography

Great article on how to do Black & White photography the right way from Digital Camera World.


ACP – Tour Schedule

Here is next weeks tour schedule.

Tuesday January 27

9:00-11:00 11:45-1:45
Union Grove Palo Alto
Audie Murphy Smith

Wednesday January 28

9:00-11:00 11:45-1:45
Liberty Hills Live Oak Ridge
Nolan Rancier

Thursday January 29

9:00-11:00 11:45-1:45
Manor Charles Patterson
Eastern Hills  


Actions & Setting Up – 1/23

Today we’ll cover some more actions using Adobe Photoshop.

Also today setting up for 8th grade tours.

Images & Editing – 1/21

Today we’ll make sure you have all the images you need from yesterday’s photo shooting.

Today and tomorrow we’ll deal with editing of images.

Next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we’ll concentrate on food photography.


Here a few links that might help if your trying to pose another person from my own Pinterest account:

70 – 200 mm – 1/20

Today using the most popular lens sold on the market.

That’s right the 70-200 f/2.8 Canon lens. We’ll be going outside once again. So get your pose on.

Tomorrow it’s suppose to be raining. Maybe some shooting in the rain. And definitely some editing.

Getting & Editing Images – 1/19

Today you will be getting the images you took from Friday.

Also today going over actions a little more.

Tomorrow looks like the day we’ll be shooting with 70 – 200 mm lens. Come prepared again to have your picture taken.

Undeveloped Film Project

The Rescued Film Project discovers and processes 31 rolls of film shot by an American WWII soldier over 70 years ago.

Reflector Use

This is what images might look like using the reflector and SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera)


However with some simple editing, several actions, and adjustments the image should look like this….

Bus Edited


Today shooting images of one another….

  • Photographer
  • Assistant
  • Model

You’ll be using 85mm lenses and you’ll be taking photos outside and inside. With the white and gold/silver side.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Chapter 12 Worksheet – 1/15

Today you’ll be working on the worksheet for chapter 12.

Also tomorrow taking photos of one another. Come prepared.

ACP – Light Writing Due

Today your writing with light is due on your blog.

Also some of you will be doing photos today or tomorrow for the welding department.

Chapter 12 – 1/14

Today I’ll finish going over Chapter 12. If you don’t finish you’ll do that tomorrow.

Friday bring your best look. You’ll be shooting. Helping as an assistance. And be the shooter.

Missed yesterday? You have an assignment due February 13th!! Environmental Self-Portrait.