2nd & 4th Pd. Exams – 5/26

Today’s Schedule







Study & Exam






Study & Exam

1st & 3rd Pd. Exams – 5/25

Today’s Schedule





1 8:50-10:50 Study & Exam
2 10:55-11:45  
Lunch 11:50- 12:40  
3 12:45-2:45 Study & Exam
4 2:50-3:45  

5th & 7th Pd. Exams – 5/24

Today’s Schedule




1 8:50-9:20
2 9:23-9:53
3 9:56-10:26  
4 10:29-11:00
Lunch 11:00-12:15  
5 12:20-2:00 Study & Exam
6 N/A
7 2:05-3:45 Study & Exam

Mrs. Denny Survey

6th Pd Exam – 5/23

Today’s Schedule

May 23rd







1 8:50-9:40  
2 9:43-10:31
3 10:34-11:22
4 11:25-12:13
Lunch 12:13-1:10  
5 1:15-1:30
6 1:33-3:27 Study & Exam
7 3:30-3:45

Folder Cleanout – 5/22

Today is folder clean out. If there are files you want to keep make sure to have a thumb drive to copy the files to.

Tomorrow 6th Period Final Exam.

Mounting Photos – 5/17-5/18

(Post for Wednesday & Thursday)

Today (& Thursday) you will be mounting the photographs you exported yesterday to the folder within Files for Printing. Not all 5 images were printed in most cases just 3. Extra images may be printed late Thursday.

Don’t see your images?
Images not saved with correct names were deleted.
Images not saved as JPG files were deleted.
Images saved in separate folders were not printed.
Images may be printed again late Wednesday or Thursday.

Grades will be placed for all HDR items & Senior Invite by the end of the day Thursday. ALL GRADES will be final. No make up or turning anything in late.


Cropping & Exporting – 5/16

Today you will be cropping and exporting your best images. Here the particulars:

Cropping – Choose the crop tool in Develop. Set the Aspect ration to 8×10. Crop your image.

Exporting – Select all 5 images. Choose Export.
Export to class number folder inside Files for Printing.
Rename with Custom Name – Sequence.
For Custom Text type in your name and start number 1.
File Settings – Quality 90.
Image Sizing – Long Edge, 10 inches, resolution 200.
No Watermark.

Top 3 – 5/15

Today’s goal is finding and saving your best 3 images for the year. (Not ones you’ve already mounted). You will be saving the images after resizing to a folder with File for Printing folder in the Templates & Graphics area.

You will receive image sizes, folder info, etc. at the start of class.

You will be shooting one day this week. Not sure yet which day that will be.

Final Exam Last Day – 5/12

Today your Final Exam is due completed, uploaded, printed, and saved. If not turned in today you will have the last 10 minutes of your final exam time in two weeks to complete the work.

Take a look at the card design below. It has all of the requirements for your card. Missing any of the information will affect your grade. Also check out the layout, spacing, and alignment. Clean. Perfect. Readable.

Next week printing and mounting of photos.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Mother’s Day

Today you will have to complete your Final Exam design. Tomorrow the instructions for printing, saving, and uploading will be online.

****Special Note****

At the end of class tomorrow your Final Exam is due completed. If you do NOT turn it in printed then you may print and turn it in during the last 10 minutes of your final exam time May 23rd – May 26th.

Final Exam Day 2 – 5/10

Today you have to work on your Final Exam. Make sure to watch for text design. As stated before………..

You may use the ideas from your folder or from these sites TinyPrints, Zazzle, Shutterfly, BayPhoto, BayPhoto2 or NapTime websites. You want more sites? Click here for Google search or here for Google Images of graduation invitations.


Mitchel Barrett

Reminder all invites are due at the end of class Friday.

Final Exam Begins – 5/9

Today you will begin your Final Exam. The first part of the instructions are up online. The printing, saving, and uploading will be there Thursday.

I’ll also go over extra information as well.

Senior Assignment you will print and turn in today.


Merging HDR Monday – 5/8

Today’s goal by the time you leave class it to have ALL seven HDR image creations uploaded to your Flickr account. And your best loaded into the Flickr group.

If you’re done with HDR (and many of you probably are) then finish the Senior card assignment it will be due turned in tomorrow.

FINAL EXAM begins tomorrow.

shop area

Senior Assignment – 5/5

Today before you walk out the door on Monday your Senior Invite assignment in DUE. Saved. Uploaded. And Printed. All of those instructions will be available to you on Monday. Need a font installed?

Need a font installed? Design everything else you have, then Monday we’ll install and you’ll be finished.

Reminder 2 photos must be used. Must create a front and back.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Senior Design – 5/4

Today you have to work on your senior graduation design assignment. Here are a few things to remember:

  • You don’t have to edit the photos themselves unless you really want to.
  • Make sure to use Leading and Tracking, you’ll see a difference in your design.
  • No more than 3 font families total.
  • You may NOT use any of the designs that are posted on this website during your design process.
  • Watch your colors.

Most importantly. The assignment is due when you walk out the door MONDAY!!

Overlays, Patterns, & Assignment – 5/3

Today we’ll go over Overlays (or also called watermarks) and how they work with your design. Also today making your own pattern. Once we’ve covered those items it’s on to your designing.

Some overlays are NOT text.

However most overlays are not and they are NOT free.

Below are the recent designs from Angela Caddell Photos & Design.



The Start to the Final – 5/2

Today you will begin the process of your Final Exam. What I figure is by next Friday all Final Exams should be done and completed. Any days missed in class by you must be made up either before or after school only… AND with prior consult of Mr. Smallwood.

We’ll start today with some overview of card designs. Then we’ll get to a refreshing of the Character panel once more (I know you know it, but just for ole time sakes). Lastly if time permits we’ll discuss overlays.


Merge to HDR?? – Didn’t get them all taken? You have the rest of this week before/after school or during lunch to get the images captured. ALL image creations will be due at the end of class Monday. (You will have Monday to work on the creations.)

ACP – What’s Due Tomorrow???

Your OCF and ALL gear!!

Last Day Bracket Shooting – 5/1

Today for those who took pictures on Thursday this is your last day out to take photos. Make sure you get all 7 areas with 6 good images.

Already shot twice? Then you are to placing your images together for turning in later this week.

Tomorrow we’ll be going over how to layout text in graduation invites.

Wednesday we’ll work with Photoshop Overlays.