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BoB WoW Macro – 11/18 – 11/20

Throughout the three days of this week you will rotate through taking photos for each area. You will have one day on each but can shoot more if needed possibly Thursday.

The goal is by Friday. Upload to Flickr your best BoB image with your white logo watermarked. And upload to Flickr your best WoW image with your black logo watermarked.

Below are the settings and requirements for each shooting item:


  • 10 images of Black Object on Black Backdrop.
  • The goal is to capture your object as close to darkness as possible with being able to see the object sides on the dark background.
  • Shooting different angles of the same object.
  • Using a tripod and cell phone light.
  • Settings will start at: ISO 100-1000  F/stop 5.6-10  SS 1/15 – 1



  • 10 images White Object on White Backdrop
  • The goal being to capture your white object as close to the bright white background as possible, still able to see the sides of the entire object.
  • Shooting different angles of the same object.
  • Most likely not with a 50mm lens
  • Settings will start at: ISO 680-1250  F/stop 4-6.3  SS set to +2 to +3 over exposure


  • 15 images of one object or classroom
  • Shoot 3 different objects or classrooms.
  • You may find cellphones shoot closer than the DSLR lenses.
  • Shooting different angles of the same object.
  • Settings will be done using Manual setting.

Bob & Wow Homework + Checking paper – 11/15

Today’s goal is to check for plagiarism within your document that you were to turn in yesterday. It’s going to go really quickly.


You are to bring an all WHITE object AND an all BLACK object to class. Size? As small as a golf ball and as large as a Kleenex box.

The goal is by next Friday you have two images with logos placed on your Flickr account.

Also next week you will be capturing macro images. We will put these together after the Thanksgiving break.

Annnndddddd……. lastly. Family Photos. This is a great weekend to shoot. Don’t waste it!!!!!!!!


Famous Photographer Turn-in – 11/14

Today’s goal is to complete and turn in your Famous Photographer paper. You are to print out and turn into the sub your paper. Should match all requirements from the website.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss Bob Wow Macro.

Reminder Family Photos are due December 6th!!

Famous Photographer – 11/13

Today’s goal is to complete your Famous Photographer paper. You will have instructions on turning in your work tomorrow.

History Day 2 – 11/12

Today’s goal is to get at least half of your photographer history project completed. We’ll also go over the parts of your magazine cover portion as well.

To begin go to your Famous Photographer folder. Open your Research Template.


Watermarking & Flickr Setup – 11/8

Today’s goal is to get your watermarking of images and Flickr upload setup within LR.

Also today going over camera checkout contract.

And lastly. Your family photo shooting assignment. When it’s due and what is expected.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Family Pics Day 2 – 11/7

Today’s goal is to get indoor family images that look good. Going to be difficult with the clouds but setting your ISO a bit higher will help.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss:

  • Other ways to take your family photos.
  • Also when your family photo project is due.
  • Camera checkout contracts.

Great Examples

Great photos from class today.


Family Posing with Shapes – 11/6

Today’s goal is build on your tripod and remote knowledge and begin family posing.we’ll be discussing tripods. How to put them together for use. Setting up. Dismantling. Camera timer. Posing

Biggest need for posing is triangle and head placements.

Outfit coordination.

Stagger heads, triangles, and slanted angle are the best.



Posing ideas from Pinterest are really helpful.

Look for group posing ideas online.

Tripods & Remotes – 11/5

Today’s goal is be able to place a camera securely atop a tripod and take photos.

Also if time permits, remotes. Settings & use.

Tomorrow. Family photos.

Printing Manual & Logos – 11/4

Today’s goal is to get your Manual Scavenger Hunt photos printed and your Logo Uploaded.

Logo – You need to upload your WHITE PNG file to your Flickr account, then add it to the group.

Printing –

1. Using the top right menu in Adobe Lightroom select the the Print (Ctrl+P) option.

2. Press the letter I. (This will show you the printer information)

If yours is set to HP4700 then go on to Step 3. If not……

Once in the print mode change the printer using the “Page Setup…” button in the bottom Left corner to the HP4700.

3. Using the keyboard press Ctrl key down while selecting the 12 images you want to print from the photos at the bottom of the screen.

4. Now that all items are selected and still within Adobe Lightroom under the Template Browser area on the LEFT side of the screen open the Lightroom Templates.

5. Choose the 2×2 Cells.

Now go to the right side of the screen and make the following selections:

Image Settings:

  • Rotate to Fit – Checked
  • Stroke Border – Checked


  • Look at bottom. Uncheck – Keep Square
  • Rows – 3
  • Columns – 2
  • Cell spacing – Vertical – 0
  • Cell spacing – Horizontal – .25


  • Show Guides – UnCheck


  • Identity Plate – Check
  • Click the drop down and choose Name School Period
  • Photo Info – Check.  Make sure the option selected is Photo Info
  • Font Size: 10

Print Job:

  • Draft Mode Printing – Checked


7. At this time press Print ONE TIME only.

Go and get your papers off the printer. Write the number of the picture sets in between each set of photos. See your instructor or example for details.

Friday Designing – 11/1

Today’s goal is to get as much complete with your logo as possible. They will be due during class Tuesday. When you are finished you should have a black version and a white version.

Part 3 of the instructions is about uploading to a Flickr group. Very easy. Upload your design. Click the link. Join the group. Add your design.

Have a Great Weekend!!



Logo Designing OR Manual Scavenger – 10/30 & 10/31

Today’s goals (& Tomorrow’s) are to begin your logo design process using Adobe Photoshop. I’ll go over the instructions with you at the start of class. By the time you finish this week you should have a your logo about designed out. You’ll finish it next week.

Also over the next two days you’ll be finishing your Manual Scavenger Hunt that we began on Tuesday. There are four locations in the building you need to take photos. At each location you will set your own Aperture and Shutter Speed. Remember your Shutter Speed may not go below 1/60th of a second.

Remember the HINT: Both images from each location should look identical.

Manual – 2-4-6 – 10/29

Today’s goal is to learn the Manual process of photography. That’s why you see all the shirts that say this…..

We’ll shoot together in the classroom then you’ll start the scavenger hunt. I’ll refer you back to this triangle.

And in the end once you master Manual you’ll be Batman.

History & Logo Turn-in – 10/28

Today’s goal is to get a better understanding of the History of Photography. This will NOT be done in a day…… more like several weeks. We’ll do some text book stuff, and name drawing today.

Tomorrow we’ll begin the process of Manual Photography.

Wednesday – Thursday – Manual Scavenger Hunt & Logo designing.

Friday – History report and Logo Designing

Finishing – 10/25

Today’s goal is to finish exporting and getting contest images uploaded if you were selected.

Next week:

  • History
  • Logos
  • Manual Photography

Have a Great Weekend

Contest, 4 pics & Logos

Today’s going to be full of multiple items. Finishing your 4 photos to Export if you haven’t. Cut your photos if you Exported yesterday.

Also we’ll be going over Logos. What kind works, and what doesn’t.



( I got the following from the web, oh it’s so good) You want your logo to be:

1. Simple

Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. The simplest logos are the ones people remember the most.

2. Scalable

A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good.

 3. Memorable / Impactful

A great logo should be impactful. You want to capture your viewer’s attentions and leave an impression (a positive impression, hopefully).

 4. Versatile

A great logo should look equally good on any web device and on any kind of print material.

 5. Relevant

A great logo should be relevant to your practice. It has to have meaning that relates to the work you are doing.


Also today. Getting those of you who set up ATPI accounts information for uploading your contest images.

4 More Edits & Logos – 10/23

Today’s goal is to solve the editing from Photoshop issue, so that your saving and returning to LR goes smoother. Once that’s solved you will have time to edit your next 4 images. Here’s what needs to be edited:

  • A tank shot (not the same as yesterday)
  • Glass with lime/lemon
  • Water Sculpting
  • Water Balloon

Some steps from yesterday:

Find your photo.

Go to Develop mode

For tone area click Auto button

Got something on the side that needs editing (taken out) use the directions in RED. IF not then go through and use LR to edit your image.

^Optional^ (If you need to remove areas around a tank, glass, balloon, etc then use this set of directions)

  1. Right click on image choose Edit > Photoshop 2019
  2. Select top choice Edit with Lightroom…..
  3. When the file comes up in PS. Press Ctrl+J (making copy of your background layer)
  4. Press I (for eyedropper)
  5. Select your color.
  6. Press B (Brush)
  7. Paint out area around the image.
  8. When done choose File > Save
  9. Close Photoshop when done saving.
  • When done with the Photoshop directions edit your image using the Develop mode in LR.


  1. Press the letter R when back in Lightroom.
  2. Change the option from Original to 4×5 / 8×10
  3. Make sure the lock is LOCKED. Crop your image to the area you want.
  4. When cropped press Enter.


  1. When ready to export for printing Right click on your image.
  2. Choose Export > Export
  3. Choose the 8×10 for Exporting from the Left column
  4. Once there change your Start Number in the File Naming area to your next number.
  5. Click the Export button at the bottom when done.

Edit Crop Export & Photoshop – 10/22

Today’s goal is to be able to edit a fish tank photo in Photoshop, save it. Go back into LR edit the photo, then crop the image for printing. And lastly Export. That’s the goal.

Tomorrow you’ll finish by editing and saving out 4 more images.

Later this week you’ll be designing your own logo and finding a person in photo history.

SS Editing Begins – 10/21

Today’s goal is to have some edits complete from the previous two weeks of shooting. Also today getting your shots from last Thursday & Friday.

This week is going to be packed:

  • Editing photos
  • Exporting for printing
  • Logo designing
  • History project beginning
  • Contest entries