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Smallwood’s Social Distancing Examples

Week of 3/25 – Welcome Back!!

Welcome to the new Online Commercial Photography style of learning. Yesterday you should have received two emails in regards to your course work. I won’t bore you again with them here, but note that your first assignment is posted under 4th Nine Weeks tab.

Got Questions?? Email me OR send me a message on Remind.

Need or Want Adobe? Take the link and follow the instructions. I went over this in class before Spring Break. Got issues or questions let me know.

Recorded a week ago for Comm Photo 1.

Adobe Software @ Home

Signing Into Adobe

Students can now go to,

Click Sign In at the top-right, log in with your KISD email & password.

Click Open under Creative Cloud,



Software Install (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc)

Then Get Desktop App for the apps that they want.



Creative Cloud Install (Online hard drive space 80GB)

From the top LEFT corner of the screen make sure Home is underlined.

Over on the RIGHT portion of the window you will see your name and under it a link for Install Creative Cloud App.

Click the link and install your Creative Cloud App on your personal computer.

After installation you should be able to click on the icon, input your school login and password.

Sharing files from Home and School is now set.



Cellphone Install

Yes there is an app for you phone. Go to your store and search Adobe Creative Cloud.



Chapter 18 & Food Finish – 3/5 & 3/6

Today’s goal is to complete the Chapter 18 worksheet, this will be the first grade for next nine weeks.

Also if you’ve not completed your food project it needs to by 8AM tomorrow.

SENIOR PHOTOS – Photo session is due March 30th!! at least 2 Summative grades and part of your Final Exam.

Have a Great Spring Break!!


Mounting Photographs – 3/2-3/4

Today’s goal through Wednesday is to complete the mounting and matting process from Chapter 18. Throughout the next few days you will be doing exactly what the textbook shows.

By the time you walk out the door Wednesday you should have your mats and mounts done.

Thursday you will be completing Chapter 18 worksheet.

Didn’t complete last weeks food or history project. You have till the close of business on Wednesday to do so.


Camera Designing – 2/26

Today’s goal is to begin (or maybe finish in a day) a design of your camera. May not be larger than the sticker you received last week. You will be asked questions about your camera.

When your finished we’ll hot glue a magnet to the back and you’ll place yours on the board with your research card.

Food Project – 2/24

Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) goal is to complete and turn in your Food Project. There should be 3-5 images placed together using either Photoshop or Lightroom. It’s up to you which software you use.

When your done your Food Project should be saved to the Food Project folder and added to the Flickr Food group.




Camera Research – 2/21

Today’s goal is to complete your Camera Research project on the card you turned in Tuesday. You need to include:

  • Features
  • Film size
  • Company
  • Inventor (if possible)
  • The more information provided the better.

Next week:

  • Matting
  • Mounting
  • Framing
  • Camera Creating
  • Food Project Completion

Have a Great Weekend!


Food Editing – 2/20

Today’s goal is to begin editing your best 5 – 7 food images. Next week we’ll go over sizing placement and how to turn in your project.


Tomorrow you will be completing the Camera History research about your chosen camera.

Food Due!! – 2/19

Today’s goal is turn in your food photos. All instructions are online, by the time you walk out today your contact print of your images is due.

Tomorrow you will be editing your Food Photos. 5-7 images. We’ll discuss in class today.

Friday. Completing the index card of camera research.

Camera History – 2/18

Today’s goal is to find the camera for your History Research project. You will looking for the camera you will not only write about but create as well. Below are many different camera invented over the years.

You will search out cameras from history of photography. The year you must start from is 1983 and beyond. No Disc Cameras or Pocket Instamatic cameras.

The project will be two fold. A 5×7 card and clay. You will write and create. Start by clicking here to get a camera idea.

So here is this and next weeks at a glance:

  • Today – Finding Camera for Research
  • Wednesday – Food Photo Turn-in
  • Thursday – Editing Food Photos
  • Friday – Writing about your Camera

Next Week:

  • Creating Camera
  • Photo Displaying Chapter
  • Mounting Photos
  • Finishing Food Project

Photobooth & Self Portrait Upload – 2/14

Today we’ll be going over the process of a Photobooth. Also those of you who did great with Environmental Self Portrait will be uploading to contest site.

No School Monday.

Next Week:

  • Tuesday – History of Photography assignment
  • Wednesday – Food Photos Due
  • Thursday – Food Edits.
  • Friday – Photo History Research

Have a Great Weekend!!

CP2 & Pract – Self Portrait Upload

Today you will be uploading your self portrait to the ATPI contest site. Refer back to this post for all information. Below is what you need to do:

Open your Self Portrait in Adobe Photoshop.

Click this link to set up your file for contest.

Click this link to upload your file to the contest site.


TOMORROW – Valentine’s Day Backdrops

Tomorrow. One camera. Two backdrops.

Red paper. Blue Chair.

Flower backdrop.


Environmental Self Portrait – 2/11-2/13

Today’s (and the next few days) goal is to get your Environmental Self Portrait completed and turned in. Effort. Creativity. Editing. Composition. Lighting. Imagination. All of these will be considered in the grading of your Self Portrait.

Jasmine Embrick – CP2 – Ellison HS

Josephine Vargo – CP2 – Ellison HS


Haley Farmer – CP2 – Ellison HS

Zoe Chevalier – CP2 – Harker Heights HS




Also this week printing your exports.


Finishing Exporting & Self Portrait – 2/10

Today’s goal is to finish and complete your Exporting for Printing from last week.

Also this week you will have time to work on your Self Portrait assignment that is due this THURSDAY!!!!

Finishing Edit, Crop & Export – 2/7

Today’s goal is to complete your edits and then crop all images.

Exporting with or without your logo is up to you. You will export to the Files for Printing area.

Next week your Environmental Self Portrait is Due!!

The week after next your Food Photos are Due!!

Have a Great Weekend!

Editing – 2/6

Today’s goal is to do some great edit work. And hopefully by tomorrow you’re ready to crop and export.

If you want to get ahead of the action do a crop 8×10.

Edits from yesterday. Best of each group:

  • Lemon Lime
  • Doughnuts
  • Peppers
  • Oreos
  • Berries and Bagels

Then ONE additional. What you think is your very best.

This is what you should have edited from before today:

  • 5 – 7 Studio portraits.
  • 3 Reflector Edits
  • 3 Environmental Portraits
  • 3 Cupcake photos

In addition to the number above go back and edit 2 Black & White edits from either studio or Reflector.

When finished you should have 24 photos edited.


Food Photography Shooting Day 2 – 2/5

Today’s goal is to shoot at least 10 different photos of each food setup in the classroom. Also try your hand at being a food stylist.

Thursday & Friday – Editing along with exporting.

Food Overview – 2/4

Today’s overview of food photography and what it means to be a food stylist. your food photos will be due on February 19th!!

Tomorrow shooting food photos.