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Great Examples

Great photos from class today.


Multiplicity x 1000

Read more about Pelle Cass’s work as a sports photographer and his new exhibit.

Photo Contest

Precision Camera in Austin is having a photo contest this Saturday. Below is the information. GOOD LUCK!!!

Here is some more info about the weekend


Photography Genre – Glitz Photography

I had never heard the term  Glitz Photography or seen images representing it before last night. I’m a member of several photography groups on Facebook, one being Learn to Light – An OCF Lighting Community The group is about sharing images while using Off Camera Flash. Members share their images, camera settings, flash settings, and behind the scene images. While scrolling through Facebook last night the following post appeared from the group.

First comment was a behind the scenes photo that many photographers will share in the group showing their lighting setup.

Yes. You guessed it. The remaining 100+ comments were in reference to the original image. Which I’ve never seen as well so it was a bit strange. Glitz Photography. It’s a real thing. One comment was a screen shot of a search you can find online.

Dennis, the original post, shared a text message from the mother. Who, seems to be very pleased with the image. And if the customers happy. Everyone is happy.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve heard of Toddlers and Tiara’s show. Even gave about 10 seconds of viewing while flipping channels one time. But I’ve never known about Glitz Photography. Glamour Photography? Yes. Very popular in the 90’s. Glitz? There is a market.

By the way. The original post photographer is known for sports photography.

If you’ve got photography skills and some Photoshop knowledge this could be your career after high school.

Instagram Changed Restaurants

Instagram vs. Press Photo


SmugMug + Flickr

SmugMug has acquired Flickr. That means Yahoo doesn’t own the website any longer and this is better for photographers everywhere.

Monkey Selfie 9th Circuit Court Ruling

Hobby Lobby Issue Now

And now Hobby Lobby has issues.

Jeff Cable Olympics & More

Each time the Olympics begin I’m back reading Jeff Cable’s blog and Facebook page about his journey. He’s a photographer who has covered several of the Olympics. From journals about his days to what he packed. I highly recommend his site to each of you.

From what he carries with him.


To working conditions.

To buying a ticket just for his luggage.

Above the Stealth

Read How to Take a Picture of a Stealth . . . . No it’s not a drone.

A stealth bomber flies over the Rose Bowl during the Georgia-Oklahoma game January 1, 2018

Photo Gear

ALL gear is to be returned TOMORROW!!

Austin Map … Save the link NOW!!!!


This map is awesome. Save the link….

Most Popular

Click to see No Film School’s list of the Top 50 Cameras and Lens Combos.

Photo Contest

ATPI is hosting it’s Back to School Photo Contest!! Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Take or find a picture you took over the summer.
  2. Upload it to either Instagram or Twitter
  3. Tag it with #atpigoodbyesummer

That’s it.

You can see the latest entries on Twitter and Instagram.

Haley here are your instructions… Thanks Jeff

Full article on how to from Jeff Cable. Great great read and instructions.

Star Trails

When the clouds clear you could try capturing star trail images.

Stay OFF the Tracks!!

I shared this article a few years ago and it’s worth reading even checking out the update.

Bonell Photography does a great job of explaining why NOT to take photos on Railroad Tracks. #1 — It’s illegal.

Posing. The early days!!


I was wrong. Exposure time….. 12 – 20 minutes.


Pic from Last Night


To see more click here.