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The Other Side of The Triangle – 10/8

Today’s goal is to get a quick grasp of remaining side of the Exposure Triangle – Shutter Speed. How fast does your camera capture action. We’ll go over the settings, then try to capture items in motion. Through this week and next called Speed Weeks, you’ll see the “need for speed” (#SorryNotSorry #Moviequote).

Below is old school, SLR (Single Lens Reflex) film camera way shutters opened and closed.

And this is the new DSLR (D stands for digital). DO NOT DO THIS!!!! Lent and dust suck into the camera and all pics afterwards have spots on them.

Falling Man – 9/11




They’re Really Small

Maybe the smallest we’ve seen.

Excuse the video quality, my better half was filming.

HDR/Bracketing Day 2 – 4/9

Today’s goal is to finish HDR learning by getting to know NIK’s way of putting together images.

Also today you’ll see how to bracket shoot your images. From a set of 3 to a set of 6.

Photomerges? – They are due tomorrow and Thursday. Whichever day you are not shooting.

Bluebonnets? – Due Friday. Next theme coming also on Friday!


This is what it’s like from on top of Horseshoe Bend.

Finishing Mounting & Editing Self Portrait – 2/14

Today’s goal is to complete your Food Mounting. Then with the rest of the period go through and edit your self portrait image. Your image should already have been taken . . . . . NOT LOOKING THROUGH YOUR PHONE TO FIND ONE!!!

Tomorrow you’ll get information on how to turn in your assignment.


Chapter 3 & Final Exam – 12/10 – 12/12

Today through Wednesday we will go over parts of Chapter 3 – Commercial Photography.

  • Monday – How to Enter & Setting up Business
  • Tuesday – Business Niche & The $$$$
  • Wednesday – Clients, Customers, & Professional Growth




What’s your focus:

Street Photography
Nature Photography
Documentary Photography
Portrait Photography
Maternity Photography
Newborn Photography
Family Photography
Architectural Photography
Budoir Photography
Lifestyle Photography
Interior Photography
Fashion Photography
Landscape Photography
Sports Photography
Wedding Photography










This is how photos get stolen

Divorce Photographer?

One area we didn’t look at yesterday.


Mother’s Day

SmugMug + Flickr

SmugMug has acquired Flickr. That means Yahoo doesn’t own the website any longer and this is better for photographers everywhere.

Monkey Selfie 9th Circuit Court Ruling

HDR/Bracketing Day 2 – 4/26

Today’s goal is to finish HDR learning by getting to know NIK’s way of putting together images.

Also today you’ll see how to bracket shoot your images. From a set of 3 to a set of 6.

Tomorrow shooting. Also tomorrow finishing

This is what it’s like from on top of Horseshoe Bend.

Senior Photo Op Gone Wrong?

Shooting and NIKing Day 2 – 3/29

I know this will look familiar but go with it……

Today again you will either be Shooting or learning NIK plugin for Photoshop.

Shooting? To begin the process of taking Photomerge images. Here are the particulars:

  • Minimum 7 images for each photomerge creation
  • One outside panoramic
  • One panoramic of a Classroom
  • One panoramic from the Commons area
  • One panoramic from a perspective (low or high angle)
  • One panoramic of your choice

(SPECIAL NOTE::: Any one of these can be substituted by photomerges outside of school time. At home, out of town, at the lake, etc.)

Have a Great Weekend!!

Liquify Bodies – 3/20

Today’s goal is to liquify folks from the class. And after that some puppet warping if we have time.

Tomorrow you will begin the process of editing your 10 best senior photos.

From this . . . .

To this. . . .

Remotes – 11/7

Today’s goal is to build on what you’ve learned from yesterday. You’ll be back with your family. You’ll be back with a camera and tripod. However you’ll be learning the art of remotes. Before beginning there’s a major issue of wires and getting the correct one.

Reminder for what’s due…..

Family Photos:

  • November 30th
  • 20 photos
  • Multiple poses

Macro Images:

  • December 1st
  • 100 images
  • Small items
  • Small parts of large items
  • At least 40 different objects

Contest & Video – 10/13

Today we’ll discuss ATPI Fall Contest. And why your images being taken now might work for contest images.



Next week more taking photos and LR Lynda lessons.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Family Posing

From the best. Hanson Fong

TIME Top100 – 11/29

Today you will be going through the TIME 100 Photographs; The Most Influential Images of All Time. You will be picking what you think are the top three images, and you’ll pick the one you think should NOT have been included. Make sure to turn in your paper completed before you leave today.

Reminder that Friday your family photos are due. If you are returning a camera during 6th and 7th period. Sign it back in and place it behind my desk. (Make sure when importing to name your images. They should NOT be labeled by Untitled).

Photoshop HDR – 10/17

Today (and really this weeks) goal is to learn how to edit your images many different ways using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Google NIK. We’ll start by learning the process of HDR in Photoshop. I’ll be showing one way to create HDR. Then you’ll be doing another way with Marty.

First thing you will learn is how to get your image from LR to PS and back again.

Also today you’ll be going through your images and getting some of you set up for ATPI contest entry.