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I’ve taken photos at lots of Killeen high school games in the past 20 years, mostly with equipment not made for night time action and for many years analog (film) photography. I know where to stand, when I can be on the field and when I can’t, and I know to wear comfortable shoes. A Friday night high school game is a marathon not a sprint.

On this night I used a Canon D60 camera with Canon 70 – 200 f/2.8 lens. Most images were set at 2000 ISO, f/2.8, and 1/320 shutter speed. Next time I’ll use a higher ISO and faster shutter speed.

As I said I’ve taken photos many times at Leo Buckley and seen many color guards. Most of them have been black and white or really dark, but for once I true greens, blues, reds, and whites. Some of the details in their jackets are gone from the Levels I did in Photoshop, however the sky black and hats do not mesh together.

I previously had taken photos of the Ellison Emeralds and created the same look using Photoshop HDR. The goal is to get all four high school drill teams for a printout.

This was the third attempt at trying to get her picture. The number of blurred images or not looking towards the camera by this Kangarette were really crazy. I told her the next time she looked my way to flash a huge smile. Afterwards through gritted teeth she asked if I got it. Yep I did. The Kangarette next her was laughing.

This image made it three down for the drill team HDR’s. Just one more Crismon Belle to get.

Game photos. A lens I can finally use and a fast shutter, but not fast enough. Wish the speed had been faster and ISO higher, if so the ball wouldn’t be so blurred. By the way, it was a touchdown.

Just like dove hunting, taking action football images you’ve got to be ready. Or they’ll fly right by (run) and their gone. Your camera has to be up at every snap, between plays is when you check your images. Just like instant replay. Every photographer after every good play is checking the images in their camera to see if they “got it”. I hope I get to the point I’m not “Sprayin’ and Prayin’ ” (shooting everything that moves and hoping I capture something good) at every event.

The field is not the only place to capture Friday Night Football action. From the sideline, stands, and concessions there’s always something taking place. After offense or defense get done each time the players get coached up.

The reason I posted this one image was not for #10’s head getting knocked. Not for the four Kangaroo’s fighting to stop the ball carrier. #62. What is he doing? Trying to adjust his chin strap? Puzzling.

Everyone looked to see if they had captured some part of this image. You can see ball, eyes, and attempt to tackle.

Homecoming 2012 was taking place for Killeen High School. The king and queen had been crowned and the teams were coming back onto the field when only they were left. I saw the Kangaroo flag go by just before taking this image, zoomed out full, and waited till all letters were in view to snap. Thought of photoshoppping out the number 40 on the sideline and flipping the image so “ROOS” could be read, but his number would have been backwards. I know this has been edited some, but it looks really good.

The last image just before posing. I cropped out the players and others around these two. The look on his face is like “I’ve got a football game to get to” but what I like more than anything else is their legs. Almost reverse of each other. Reminds you this is just another year of high school Friday Night Football.