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Covering Macro – 10/31

Today I will go over Macro photography with you. What is and is NOT macro photography. How to take macro images. And the cameras to use to take macro images.

Got a camera? Bring it tomorrow, you’ll want it. We’ll be going over Macro photography. You will get days to shoot pictures Tuesday through Friday. I came across this site a few years ago: How to Photograph Flowers Up Close

A link you’ll definitely want to read. Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Use tubes…

Find tubes on Amazon.

Or you can visit Elgin Park only in your mind and through Michael Paul Smith’s photos.

Also today ROT workflow completion. If time permits you’ll begin creating your contact print of ROT images. Only the originals, NOT your edits or creations from last week

Macro Lighting Setup

setup setup1 Snow Storm Trooper

Macro OR ROT Design

Today you will either be taking Macro images or designing your ROT layout.

Reminder about Macro:

  • Must be taken very close
  • Stay in focus
  • Could be a small object
  • Could be part of a larger object
  • Look for ROT macro. Trust me it’ll stand out from the rest.
  • Also what will stand out. Taking pictures of something at your home.

Gotta see the set up to believe how to take snowflake pictures. (Thanks to Mrs. Caddell for the link)

And here’s the Flickr link.

Great Macro

Wonderful macro images using small and large scale together.