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CP2 & Pract – Week of 2/18

This week’s goal is to have turned in your first 4 or 5 portfolio images. Also to complete and turn-in your CP2 – Topic 3 or Pract – Topic 2.

Today we’ll go over:

  • Menu items – Portfolio
  • Gear Checkin
  • Studio??
  • Topic Complete by Friday
  • Limited gear this weekend
  • No Professional Dress this week.


CP2 & Pract – Self Portrait Upload

Today you will be uploading your self portrait to the ATPI contest site. Refer back to this post for all information. Below is what you need to do:

Open your Self Portrait in Adobe Photoshop.

Click this link to set up your file for contest.

Click this link to upload your file to the contest site.


Adobe Software @ Home

Students can now go to,

Click Sign In at the top-right, log in with their KISD email & password.

Click Open under Creative Cloud,

Then Get Desktop App for the apps that they want.


TOMORROW – Valentine’s Day Backdrops

Tomorrow. One camera. Two backdrops.

Red paper. Blue Chair.

Flower backdrop.


CP2 & Pract – Week of 2/10 – Self Portraits & More

These next two weeks are together in assignment time but not due dates. Let me explain:

  1. Self Portrait assignment is due this Thursday, Feb. 13th!!!
  2. Portfolio Images are due Feb. 20th.
  3. Weekly Topic Assignment will begin today, however it will be due NEXT FRIDAY, Feb. 21st.

Wednesday is Professional Dress.

You can edit and print your resumes at anytime if you want a regrade.




CP2 & Pract – Week of 2/3 – New Week. New Task

This week’s goal is to complete before Friday your assigned group task. Also happening this week is CP1 food week. So I will seek your assistance in the setups, also Mrs. Sunshine’s classes will be here both 2nd and 6th periods.

Reminder that your first portion of 4(5) images are due from your portfolio in two weeks.

Also remember your Environmental Self Portrait is due Feb. 13.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 1/27 – Topic Wk 1

Today you begin your process of working through your Topic Week schedule.

Reminders: Self Portrait due February 15th.

First 4 images of portfolio due February 20th.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 1/21 – Business Cards & Last Overviews

Today’s goal is to begin your designing of business cards for your photo business.

Also this week we’ll go over:

  • Eyelighter
  • Lensbaby
  • Product Guide

Next week you’ll begin your 5 weeks worth of lessons.

Self Portrait is due February 13th.

First part of portfolio due February 20th.

CP2 & Pract – 1/17 – Resume & Pricing

Today before leaving class your Resume, Walmart Pricing, and Printing Company pricing are due. Print to the HP4700 printer, make sure of that before pressing the print button.

Next week:

  • Business Cards
  • Product Guide overview
  • Lensbaby overview
  • Eyelighter overview

Have a Great Weekend!!


CP2 & Pract – Week of 10/13 – Pricing/Assignments/Resume

This weeks goals are to go over pricing and nail down your cost to be used for Product Guide. Also to get a sense of what to charge.

Also this week going over:

  • Lensbaby
  • Gallery Wraps
  • Water Droplet
  • Product Guide

You will have Friday only class time to complete and turn-in your Resume.


NOTE: Do you know studio lighting???  If you are available 4th or 5th Period to assist with studio lighting I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

CP2 & Pract – Resume

Today you will be going through and designing/creating your resume using your resume information.

We’ll talk about design and how much information to add. Your resume is to be one page only.

If you know Illustrator there are many free resume templates online.

If you only know Microsoft Word then there are free resume templates in the software and online.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 1/7 – Logo, Deleting, Portfolio & more

Today’s goal is to make sure your logo is PNG files are set and cropped.

Also today. Deleting. Getting rid of. Removing. You pick the word, that’s what’s happening to your images.

Images for the hallway. I’ll be coming around getting images for the hallway frames.

Printing portfolios for selected students only.

Wednesday – Typing thoughts of last semester portfolio. Self Portrait overview. Timeline overview. Portfolio books to those who will be printing. Resume Worksheet

Thursday – Spring portfolio selection. Resume worksheet printed. Resume designing begin. Print Portfolios

Friday – Finish resume. Print Portfolios


Next week – GoPro overview

2nd & 4th Period Exams – 12/20

Friday, December 20th
(Late Start for Students – CCAM & CCALL Students Only on this day)

Period Time  
2 9:50-11:30 Study & Exam
Lunch 11:30-12:05
4 12:10-1:50 Study & Exam


1st & 3rd Period Exams – 12/19

Period Time  
1 8:50-10:40 Study & Exam
2 10:46-11:46
Lunch 11:46 – 12:46
3 12:48 -2:38 Study & Exam
4 2:44 -3:55  
5-7 N/A  

5th & 7th Period Exams – 12/18

Period Time  
1 8:50-9:12
2 9:18-9:45
3 9:51-10:24  
4 10:30-11:00
Lunch 11:00-12:20  
5 12:23-2:03 Study & Exam
6 N/A
7 2:06-3:55 Study & Exam

6th Period Exam – 12/17

Period Time  
0 7:15-8:15 Exam
1 8:50-9:35  
2 9:41-10:31
3 10:37-11:27
4 11:33-12:15
Lunch 12:15-1:20  
5 1:23-1:38
6 1:44-3:24 Study & Exam
7 3:30-3:55

CP2 & Pract – Week of 12/16 – Portfolio Review & Holiday Posts

Today’s goal is to have both your holiday posts completed before leaving class.

Tomorrow all students will complete the Portfolio Review questionnaire.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 12/9 – Holiday & Portfolio

This weeks goal is to complete and have posted your portfolio by the end of class Friday. (CP2 12 images, Pract 16 images).

Also your holiday images are due next Monday:

  • CP2 – Bokeh & Holiday choice.
  • Pract – Bokeh with OCF


CP2 & Pract – Week of 12/2 – So Much Going On

This weeks list of items seems long but very easy to take care of.

First returning all gear checked out from the holiday week. Hopefully downloading some really good images.

CP2 items:

  • Bokeh & Holiday light challenges.
  • Learning to print.
  • Printing your best 4 so far.
  • Turning in OCF. 2 separate blog post.
  • Turning in Headshot. 2 separate blog post.
  • Finishing up portfolio.

Pract Items:

  • Setting up printing.
  • Finishing and turning in In The Box design.
  • Finishing up portfolio.
  • Bokeh with OCF light challenge.



CP2 & Pract – Week of 11/18 – Getting Work Done

CP2 – This weeks goal is to get everything shot, so that you can be ahead of the game in editing. If you have already shot both Headshots and OCF, then you need to get them edited and on your blog.

Practicum – By the end of this week your cube images are to be taken, and if already taken the process of placing them together should begin. Also if you have not already captured your OCF then you need to do so.

Everyone – Portfolio images are due FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH!!!!