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30 Day Challenge – 8/30

Today we’ll go over the 30 day challenge.

Have a you set up a Flickr account yet? To begin click the link below to register.

Make sure when done to click the photo below and follow Mr. Smallwood’s Flickr account. That’s how your work will be graded.

Copyright next week.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Syllabus – 8/29

Today’s goal is going over course syllabus. Making sure you know the facts and information for Commercial Photography 1.

Today we’ll cover syllabus, Leo Buckley, Vests, etc.

A quick lesson on shooting football.

Logging In & Setting Up – 8/28

Today’s goal is for you to be reading this message.

Information on Professional Dress.

Also today we’ll set up your Web Browser & Flickr account.

What do you know about PS – 8/27

Today’s goal is to see what you know regarding Photoshop. And to show the skills you have.

Thursday – We’ll setup Flickr.

Friday – Taking care of syllabus and 30 Day Challenge


ACP – Computer Setup & A Whole Lot more….

You need to add all calendars to your calendar program. If you use something other than Google calendar let me know.

Also today you’ll be setting up Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, and your internet browser of choice.

First Day of School – 8/26

Welcome to Commercial Photography!!


Make sure to add your best photo taken this summer to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag:  ##ATPIFunintheSun

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
— Ernst Haas