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Elements of Photography – 10/1

Today’s goal is to know fully the expectations of the Elements of Photography assignment.

  • 24 photos
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Balance
  • Perspective
  • Framing
  • Leading Lines

We’ll go over the process and how to’s throughout class today.

Av Last Day/Chance – 9/30

Today’s goal is to be complete and finished with your Aperture scavenger hunt by the time you leave class. If not. Come in for tutoring to complete.

You will be using the same print layout and information from before. All directions are on the Scavenger Hunt page.


Also today. Last day for 30 Day Challenge. Self portrait does NOT mean selfie. Learn to use the timer feature on your camera.

Tuesday & Wednesday – Elements of Photography and Design. They’ll be some time to shoot photos.

Thursday’s (tentative) & Friday – History of Photography

CP2 & Pract – Week of Sept. 30th – Light Stands, Speedlights, & OCF Begins –

This week’s goal is to learn the processes for paper and fabric setup. Then it’s on to Speedlights, remotes, and camera settings. You’ll need something to take notes and videos with.

Pract – You’ll be editing all Emerald pics.

Day 2 Shooting – 9/26 & 9/27

Today’s goal is to complete your shooting of the ROT scavenger hunt. Make sure to have your images named correctly and in the ROT folder.

Also getting all of your images done and together in LR.

Monday will be the last chance to shoot.

Tuesday you’ll begin another scavenger hunt. This time not just the Career Center.

Reminder. This is the last 5 days of the 30 Day Challenge.


DOF Scavenger Hunt – 9/24 – 9/25

Today’s goal is for half of the class to finish most of the DOF Scavenger Hunt. We’ll go over that in class before you leave.

If you are not shooting pics then you will be going through the images from yesterday and editing your photos.

Shallow & Wide Outside – 9/23

Today’s goal is to be taking photographs NOT snapshots. Instead of taking “pictures” taking “images worth printing”.

Reminder that one more Summative remains for 30 Day Challenge.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 9/23 – Green Screen Edits, Shooting & Football Post

This week you’ll be going through and creating a Green Screen image from last weeks photo shoots. We’ll go through the Green Screen extractor action for Photoshop.

Below is this weeks work to be done:

  1. WIX site requirement checkup.
  2. Green Screen Assignment – Due Friday.
  3. Football post Due Friday.
  4. Shooting for your green screen goes through October 3rd.

All instructions are online.

Printing Aperture – 9/20

Today’s goal printing your Aperture 10 pics.

Today is Day 20. Sunset/Sunrise. Also another Summative.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Finish Shooting – 9/19

Today’s goal is to finish shooting your Aperture assignment. Make sure you have your 10 images. Look back to yesterday’s post for directions.

Also today. How to delete pics.

Reminder that today is Day 19. Favorite time of Day


First Assignment – 9/18

Today’s goal is to begin (or maybe even complete) your first shooting assignment. So here it is:

  1. Shoot in Aperture Priority mode.
  2. Exposure Compensation needs to be set to zero.
  3. Shoot straight at objects. Where you can see down the line of objects.
  4. Item closest to you. Shoot both wide and narrow depth of field. (f/2 & ISO 400, then f/22, ISO 6400) – 2 shots
  5. Next shoot the middle object(s). Shoot both wide and narrow depth of field. – 2 shots
  6. Then shoot the object farthest from you in both wide and narrow depth of field. – 2 shots
  7. Then take 4 photos of your own settings.

— You must use the same props for each day you shoot this assignment.

Printing instructions will come later in the week.

Today’s goal is to hopefully see the difference between wide/deep Depth of Field and narrow/shallow DOF using Aperture priority mode.


Taking photos in the Aperture Priority mode is done by using the Av selection on the camera function dial. Along with Aperture you must also understand ISO. This is ISO for your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. (Note. They had to know, not just guess when getting ready to take photos.)

ISO – measures the sensitivity of the image sensor.


ISO can cause lots of noise in your photos if you are not careful.


ISO is also your cameras sensitivity to light setting.


Photography Club Membership Dues

The KCC Photography Club is open to all current
Commercial Photography students.

Cost for joining is $20
Pay the cashier at KCC


Pay online by clicking here!

Last day to pay dues is October 1st

TShirt Design 2013

The Triangle – 9/16

Today’s goal is to learn the most beautiful shape and information there is in photography. The Exposure Triangle. We will delve into Aperture this week.

Just look at it…….. Have you seen any other triangle look so wonderful?

Remember that today you are at the halfway point of the 30 Day Challenge!

CP2 & Pract – Week of 9/16 – Games, Edits, Green Screen, & More

Rain Rain Go Away…….

This week we’ll be going over:

  • Design layouts for green screen pics.
  • Setting up green screen, and blue scree, and gray screen, and white screen.
  • Contest due at end of the week.
  • Fixing up Wix site, mainly blog part.
  • Shooting pics Wednesday!


What can LR do for you? – 9/13

Happy Friday the 13th!! Personal fact…. I was born on Friday the 13th. It’s not unlucky at all.

Today’s goal is to learn a few tools inside Lightroom like Crop, Exposure, Presets, & Histogram.

Also today a quick overview of next week and Aperture control.

Reminder the end of next week is another Summative grade for your next 10 days of 20 Day Challenge!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Perfecting the Upload – 9/12

Today’s goal is to perfect the uploading process of images to your folder.

Also today a guide to where you can go and take photos, and trying to get a decent portrait by of rule of thirds.

30 Day Challenge. Today is animals.

Perfecting Uploading – 9/11

Today’s goal is to know and be able to go through the uploading process without any hesitations or issues. From taking the photo, placing it in the right location, to renaming it correctly.

Also grading. Professional Dress and 1-10 30 Day Challenge.

Falling Man – 9/11




Symmetry, ROT & Transferring – 9-10-19

Today’s goal is make sure you can input your images into LR.

Also a quick lesson on Symmetry (Day 10).

Quick overview of Symmetry.


Also Rule of Third

Pretty simple explanation of Rule of Third.


30 DAY CHALLENGE – Reminder that tomorrow is Day 10.

Getting Cameras & Resetting Software – 9/9

Today’s goal is to get the new software setup. And learn the parts of the camera.