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Logo Designing OR Manual Scavenger – 10/30 & 10/31

Today’s goals (& Tomorrow’s) are to begin your logo design process using Adobe Photoshop. I’ll go over the instructions with you at the start of class. By the time you finish this week you should have a your logo about designed out. You’ll finish it next week.

Also over the next two days you’ll be finishing your Manual Scavenger Hunt that we began on Tuesday. There are four locations in the building you need to take photos. At each location you will set your own Aperture and Shutter Speed. Remember your Shutter Speed may not go below 1/60th of a second.

Remember the HINT: Both images from each location should look identical.

Manual – 2-4-6 – 10/29

Today’s goal is to learn the Manual process of photography. That’s why you see all the shirts that say this…..

We’ll shoot together in the classroom then you’ll start the scavenger hunt. I’ll refer you back to this triangle.

And in the end once you master Manual you’ll be Batman.

History & Logo Turn-in – 10/28

Today’s goal is to get a better understanding of the History of Photography. This will NOT be done in a day…… more like several weeks. We’ll do some text book stuff, and name drawing today.

Tomorrow we’ll begin the process of Manual Photography.

Wednesday – Thursday – Manual Scavenger Hunt & Logo designing.

Friday – History report and Logo Designing

CP2 & Pract – Week of 10/28 -11/1 – OCF Using Speedlights

This week you’ll be learning the process of Off Camera Flash, you’ll start with ON Camera Flash then move to Off.

Batteries will become your life.

Also this week Headshots.

And timelines.

Great photos below from Legacy Imaging in Waco, Texas showing how off camera flash is used.

Finishing – 10/25

Today’s goal is to finish exporting and getting contest images uploaded if you were selected.

Next week:

  • History
  • Logos
  • Manual Photography

Have a Great Weekend

Contest, 4 pics & Logos

Today’s going to be full of multiple items. Finishing your 4 photos to Export if you haven’t. Cut your photos if you Exported yesterday.

Also we’ll be going over Logos. What kind works, and what doesn’t.



( I got the following from the web, oh it’s so good) You want your logo to be:

1. Simple

Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. The simplest logos are the ones people remember the most.

2. Scalable

A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good.

 3. Memorable / Impactful

A great logo should be impactful. You want to capture your viewer’s attentions and leave an impression (a positive impression, hopefully).

 4. Versatile

A great logo should look equally good on any web device and on any kind of print material.

 5. Relevant

A great logo should be relevant to your practice. It has to have meaning that relates to the work you are doing.


Also today. Getting those of you who set up ATPI accounts information for uploading your contest images.

4 More Edits & Logos – 10/23

Today’s goal is to solve the editing from Photoshop issue, so that your saving and returning to LR goes smoother. Once that’s solved you will have time to edit your next 4 images. Here’s what needs to be edited:

  • A tank shot (not the same as yesterday)
  • Glass with lime/lemon
  • Water Sculpting
  • Water Balloon

Some steps from yesterday:

Find your photo.

Go to Develop mode

For tone area click Auto button

Got something on the side that needs editing (taken out) use the directions in RED. IF not then go through and use LR to edit your image.

^Optional^ (If you need to remove areas around a tank, glass, balloon, etc then use this set of directions)

  1. Right click on image choose Edit > Photoshop 2019
  2. Select top choice Edit with Lightroom…..
  3. When the file comes up in PS. Press Ctrl+J (making copy of your background layer)
  4. Press I (for eyedropper)
  5. Select your color.
  6. Press B (Brush)
  7. Paint out area around the image.
  8. When done choose File > Save
  9. Close Photoshop when done saving.
  • When done with the Photoshop directions edit your image using the Develop mode in LR.


  1. Press the letter R when back in Lightroom.
  2. Change the option from Original to 4×5 / 8×10
  3. Make sure the lock is LOCKED. Crop your image to the area you want.
  4. When cropped press Enter.


  1. When ready to export for printing Right click on your image.
  2. Choose Export > Export
  3. Choose the 8×10 for Exporting from the Left column
  4. Once there change your Start Number in the File Naming area to your next number.
  5. Click the Export button at the bottom when done.

Edit Crop Export & Photoshop – 10/22

Today’s goal is to be able to edit a fish tank photo in Photoshop, save it. Go back into LR edit the photo, then crop the image for printing. And lastly Export. That’s the goal.

Tomorrow you’ll finish by editing and saving out 4 more images.

Later this week you’ll be designing your own logo and finding a person in photo history.

SS Editing Begins – 10/21

Today’s goal is to have some edits complete from the previous two weeks of shooting. Also today getting your shots from last Thursday & Friday.

This week is going to be packed:

  • Editing photos
  • Exporting for printing
  • Logo designing
  • History project beginning
  • Contest entries

CP2 & Pract – Week of 10/21 – ATPI & OCF

Today’s goal is to get your account with ATPI setup so you can begin the process of uploading your contest photos. The real goal is to have all of your current contest entries uploaded by the end of class tomorrow.

OCF – We’ll begin the process of Off Camera Flash instructions/information this week. You’ll see the process from on the camera to off the camera. This will be a large part of this nine weeks process.

Friday – Your last contest image is DUE!! We’ll go over your papers in class.


Portfolios if you haven’t seen…

MAD Photography



Sammi Lynn Photography

Jamri Lewis Photography


Writing with Light – 10/17

Today’s (& tomorrow’s) goal is to learn the artistic side of Shutter Speed, we’ll be in the studio – lights out – cellphone flashlights on. Your creativity is your own limit.

Tomorrow is early out. Looking forward to next nine weeks.

PSAT Test Day Class Info – 10/16

Today your time in class is short so pay attention –

5th Period – If you’ve not checked your grade lately you might want to do that.

Didn’t printout yesterday or received a Remind message last night from me about reprinting. You have this period to get it done. If not complete then you have tomorrow only during lunch or after school.


6th/7th Period – You have one hour of class time. Don’t waste it. Get your Portfolio page up and done before leaving. I know it’s due tomorrow, but get it done today.

Bell Schedule – 10/16

Bell Schedule PSAT 2019

AM Session     8:50-1:13
PM Session      2:20-3:55

Period Time
CCZ – 0 hour 7:25 – 8:15 (50)
1 8:50 – 10:05 (75)
2 10:10 – 11:25 (75)
3 11:30 – 12:50 (80)
4 12:55 – 1:13 (18)
Lunch 1:13 – 2:20 (67)
5 2:20 – 2:48 (28)
6 2:53 – 3:21 (28)
7 3:26 – 3:55 (29)
**CCAM students eat B lunch at home campus
**CCAM students eat breakfast at CC
**CCPM students have 4th period B lunch & eat lunch at CC
**CCALL students eat lunch at CC
* CCAM bus leaves at 1:18
* CCPM bus leaves at 4:00

Printing Elements – 10/15

Today’s goal is to printout your Elements project. All 24 images.

All instructions are online. We’ll go over them right at the start of class.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 10/15 – Green Screen & Portfolio

Today your green screen creation is due. Reminder you are to post to your blog AND saved to the Files for Printing folder. This will be at least 3 grades, one being a summative.

Thursday your portfolio is due. Instructions are online for you.

Editing & Elements – 10/11

Today’s goals are based on two items. You can do them either order.

First your last three days in class. You are to go through and delete all sprayed photos that you do not need. Delete images.

Second. If you have images on your phone for your Elements project go through and transfer them using Dropbox or OneDrive app OR email them to yourself (or school email address).

Then label them using the Title window in the Metadata area in the Library mode.

Only label the ones you plan on turning in. Label them with one of the five type of Element photos

  • Rule of Third
  • Balance (Symmetrical)
  • Perspective / Angle
  • Framing
  • Leading Lines

Have a Great Weekend!!

CP2 & Pract – TGIF – Turning In & Next Week


Today before leaving class one thing is due. Your CONTEST Action or Re-Action image. This must be placed on your blog. Post needs to be labled “Contest 2 – Action” OR “Contest 2 – ReAction”. I know you placed post on Monday. If one of these is your best then repost. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Take a look at your crops, or your angles. You’ve had plenty of opportunity to make this a great image. Reminder it’s a summative.

Photo by: Haley Farmer

Tuesday. Your green screen creation is due. Reminder you are to post to your blog AND saved to the Files for Printing folder. This will be at least 3 grades, one being a summative.

Created by: Destiny Butler

Thursday. First 4 images from your portfolio are due on your WIX site. Instructions are online whenever you are ready to begin the process.



Today before leaving class we will gather all of the counselor images into one folder for delivery. OR place images into print file for Emeralds.

Tuesday. Is big. You have two projects/items due. First your green screen creation, 3 grades – at least one summative. Then also your Contest #3 image is due.

Thursday. First 6 images from your portfolio are due on your WIX site. Instructions are online whenever you are ready to begin the process.


Water Balloons – 10/10

Today’s goal of what you are to capture is below. You are trying to get the water balloon as soon as it burst. If we get lucky you’ll capture water as it breaks apart or breaks over someones head.



You will edit from this…

20181004-water balloon -56

.. to this.


Water Sculpting – 10/9

Today’s goal is to capture at 1/1000 of a second water sculptures from your hands. You’ll also be using the continuous shutter capture mode as well.

Reminder that today’s professional dress is based on color.


The Other Side of The Triangle – 10/8

Today’s goal is to get a quick grasp of remaining side of the Exposure Triangle – Shutter Speed. How fast does your camera capture action. We’ll go over the settings, then try to capture items in motion. Through this week and next called Speed Weeks, you’ll see the “need for speed” (#SorryNotSorry #Moviequote).

Below is old school, SLR (Single Lens Reflex) film camera way shutters opened and closed.

And this is the new DSLR (D stands for digital). DO NOT DO THIS!!!! Lent and dust suck into the camera and all pics afterwards have spots on them.