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BoB WoW Macro – 11/18 – 11/20

Throughout the three days of this week you will rotate through taking photos for each area. You will have one day on each but can shoot more if needed possibly Thursday.

The goal is by Friday. Upload to Flickr your best BoB image with your white logo watermarked. And upload to Flickr your best WoW image with your black logo watermarked.

Below are the settings and requirements for each shooting item:


  • 10 images of Black Object on Black Backdrop.
  • The goal is to capture your object as close to darkness as possible with being able to see the object sides on the dark background.
  • Shooting different angles of the same object.
  • Using a tripod and cell phone light.
  • Settings will start at: ISO 100-1000  F/stop 5.6-10  SS 1/15 – 1



  • 10 images White Object on White Backdrop
  • The goal being to capture your white object as close to the bright white background as possible, still able to see the sides of the entire object.
  • Shooting different angles of the same object.
  • Most likely not with a 50mm lens
  • Settings will start at: ISO 680-1250  F/stop 4-6.3  SS set to +2 to +3 over exposure


  • 15 images of one object or classroom
  • Shoot 3 different objects or classrooms.
  • You may find cellphones shoot closer than the DSLR lenses.
  • Shooting different angles of the same object.
  • Settings will be done using Manual setting.

CP2 & Pract – Week of 11/18 – Getting Work Done

CP2 – This weeks goal is to get everything shot, so that you can be ahead of the game in editing. If you have already shot both Headshots and OCF, then you need to get them edited and on your blog.

Practicum – By the end of this week your cube images are to be taken, and if already taken the process of placing them together should begin. Also if you have not already captured your OCF then you need to do so.

Everyone – Portfolio images are due FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH!!!!