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Week of May 18th -ALL CLASSES – Turning in Through & Schoology Questions

This week is NOT really a weeks worth of assignments or photography. So pay attention.

Your 2 Goals by the end of TODAY are:

  1. Answer the Schoology questionnaire before 11PM TODAY.
  2. If you did not turn in your Through assignment from last week you have till 4PM TODAY.

So if you haven’t figured out by now the school year is wrapping up and end of the year grades are due. As you and I were instructed, 4th nine weeks grades can not be a negative impact on your semester grade. However if you were failing the 3rd nine weeks and wanted to pass for the semester completing successfully your assigned work during the 4th nine weeks was the way to do it. I hope you took advantage of this, if you needed.

Today you will be getting several Reminds. Be ready.

Have a Great Week!

Through & Gear Turn-in Video

Week of May 11th – Through – All Classes – Last Assignment

This weeks assignment is based on Through. There is an informative video regarding the lesson on the assignment page. This assignment is also based on the very popular Tik Tok photo video of shooting through items. You are posting 2 images by the end of the week.

This will be the last full photo assignment for this school year!!

Didn’t turn-in last weeks Flat Lay assignment. You have until this Wednesday at 4PM to do so.

Speaking of Wednesday. That’s when all photo gear is due back to the Career Center. We will be there 1pm to 5pm. In the front. You need to place all items in garbage bags or shopping bags WITH a label. Your name and ID. AND everything that you are turning in. From cameras to tripods to backdrops to lights to cap&gowns to etc. Bring it to KCC on Wednesday!!

Have a Great Week!!!

Flat Lay Video

Week of May 4th – Flat Lay – ALL STUDENTS

This week you will be creating two separate themed Flat Lay images like the ones below. Instructions are posted in your respective areas.

Pay very close attention to the instruction details AND watch the video, it’s got some great tips.

Everyone read the next colored section……..

ATTN SENIORS!! –  Coming to the KCC this week. I’ll be there. Hope to see you. Send me a Remind message and I’ll be on the lookout.

Throughout Monday thru Thursday I will be working at the KCC. I will be checking email once every few hours and will check Remind regularly throughout each day. So if you need me please let me know.

If you have not turned in last weeks Silverware assignment 4PM Wednesday is the cutoff for acceptance.

GOT GEAR?? – NOT this week, BUT next week you will begin turning in your gear. ALL of it. Information to come.

Have a Great Week!!