Camera History – 2/18

Today’s goal is to find the camera for your History Research project. You will looking for the camera you will not only write about but create as well. Below are many different camera invented over the years.

You will search out cameras from history of photography. The year you must start from is 1983 and beyond. No Disc Cameras or Pocket Instamatic cameras.

The project will be two fold. A 5×7 card and clay. You will write and create. Start by clicking here to get a camera idea.

So here is this and next weeks at a glance:

  • Today – Finding Camera for Research
  • Wednesday – Food Photo Turn-in
  • Thursday – Editing Food Photos
  • Friday – Writing about your Camera

Next Week:

  • Creating Camera
  • Photo Displaying Chapter
  • Mounting Photos
  • Finishing Food Project

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