Week of May 18th -ALL CLASSES – Turning in Through & Schoology Questions

This week is NOT really a weeks worth of assignments or photography. So pay attention.

Your 2 Goals by the end of TODAY are:

  1. Answer the Schoology questionnaire before 11PM TODAY.
  2. If you did not turn in your Through assignment from last week you have till 4PM TODAY.

So if you haven’t figured out by now the school year is wrapping up and end of the year grades are due. As you and I were instructed, 4th nine weeks grades can not be a negative impact on your semester grade. However if you were failing the 3rd nine weeks and wanted to pass for the semester completing successfully your assigned work during the 4th nine weeks was the way to do it. I hope you took advantage of this, if you needed.

Today you will be getting several Reminds. Be ready.

Have a Great Week!

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