Business Documents

Below are the basic steps to updating all documents with your information.

Setting Up Logo

Check your logo. Is it a PNG or JPEG.

AND is cropped to edges of your logo.

LASTLY check to see if the Resolution is 100.


If not follow the instructions below to Resize and crop:


Open your logo design in Adobe Photoshop.

Using the crop tool, crop all excess areas around the logo.

Go to Image Resize.

If the Resolution is 300 change it to 100. Then choose a Dimension Width you would like, something between 3 – 5″.

After resizing save as a JPEG file to your folder. Make sure the JPEG Options is set to High or Maximum.

When closing the logo’s PSD file DO NOT save.


Placing Logo and Info

Now that your logo is resized, cropped, and saved.

Open the Portrait Contract from your folder into Microsoft Word.

Delete the line where it states {Insert Logo}. Under the Insert tab choose Picture option.

Find your logo JPEG/PNG file. Once inserted Right Click on the logo, under Wrap Text choose Behind Text. Now adjust logo to center of page and size if needed. Ask if you do not understand.

Once your logo is in place then replace the {Insert Business Address} with:

  • Your Name
  • Mailing Address (Optional)
  • Website Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

NOTE – After each line press Shift+Enter.

Now go throughout the entire document and replace all items where the document says {Company Name}. NOTE —  If you want to make your life REALLY REALLY Easy you would have watched your teacher at the beginning of class. If not now is the time to raise your hand.

Double check over your document — that’s means read through it — to see if there is anything that needs fixing, aligning, or updating.

If everything is good Save the file.

You will printout ALL documents when finished.

Complete the same steps above for the following documents:

  • Wedding Contract
  • Second Shooter Agreement
  • Photo Release Form
  • Liability Release Form