Product Guide

Getting Files – If you do not have the files needed in your business doc folder follow these steps:

  1. Using Bridge or Window File Explorer go to Templates & Graphics > Photo Business Docs.
  2. Copy the folder Rachel Brenke Client Guide
  3. Go to your Photo Business Docs folder and Paste.

Part I – Creating Guide

Using the templates from the Rachel Brenke Client Guides create individual ones for the following:

  • 1Cover
  • 2About
  • 3WhatToExpect
  • 5Package1
  • 6Package2
  • Make your Own Package3 (Optional)
  • 8AlaCarte (or use the other design found in the sample booklet)
  • 10Policies
  • Discount Page (Optional)

Follow the instructions from the booklet provided by the teacher and instructions in the PSD files themselves.


Part II – Making PDF Book using Lightroom

You will need to import your PSD files into Lightroom.

The following is a link explaining how to create books using Lightroom. AdobeTV Making Book.

You will make the following input:

  • Book: PDF
  • Size: Standard Portrait (8×10)
  • Cover: Softcover
  • JPEG Quality: 100
  • File Resolution: 200 ppi

Under Auto Layout

  • Preset: One Photo Per Page

Under Page

  • Select the all gray box. Should be the 2nd row down on the left.

Now the settings are done drag your photos to the pages for layout. When laying out DO NOT place images in Front Cover or Back Cover page areas. Start on page 1.

Once the book is laid out the way you want it, save the file to your folder for Part III using the Export Book to PDF…



Part III – Bookmaking for Web

Go to either FlipSnack or ISSUU

Make a book book using your newly created PDF from Lightroom.

Once you’ve made your book add it to your WordPress site as a new tab. Below are the steps if using FlipSnack:


Press Make Flip book button.

Login using Google.

Once there go to Title part at the top of the first page. For your title input:

Title from the top of your first page

Click browse, find your session PDF guide file.

It will upload. (This will take some time.)

When it uploads press Next.

This is where you customize.

At the bottom of the screen make whatever changes you want. Leave the size alone.

Click Finish.


At this point see your teacher about embedding into your website.