Food Project

Part I – Overview of Project & Selecting Files


This assignment will have the following parameters:

  • 3 images minimum (5 maximum) — So before you begin figure which images you want to use. Order will be the best/last image FIRST and supporting images below!!
  • Title of food on final product photo (which will be the first/top image).
  • Border on one image or all images.
  • Black and White company logo will be on the LAST BOTTOM image’s right corner.
  • A circle, object, or shape will be used to indicate the type of item the food in the TOP or BEST image,  optional.
  • Refer to the Spoon, Fork, Bacon site for examples and ideas.



To begin select the images you plan to use for this project. Best 3-5 photos that show steps in the process of making your food.





Helpful Tip

Getting from Lightroom to Photoshop.

Throughout this assignment you will be using Adobe Photoshop. Below are the steps needed for Opening File in Photoshop from Lightroom:

Find the picture to be used in the first image of your food assignment using Adobe Lightroom.

Within the Library/Develop mode RIGHT CLICK on the image.

Choose Edit in > Edit in Adobe Photoshop.

When the “Edit Photo with” window pops up choose the top option of Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.

Now the file should be open in Adobe Photoshop. When finished with the file . . .




Part II – Editing Quality & Cropping



Once you have your images selected (3-5) you need to edit, enhance, color correct, etc. You will edit using Lightroom, however if there are crumbs, lint, adjustments above Lightroom’s ability then open the image using Photoshop.

Reminder that you also need to look at parts of the images that need healing, cloned, tonal correction, etc.



Begin by looking at each individual image you will use and check the color cast. Food coloring. Tonal issues, etc for each image. Fix them using the Develop module.



Using Lightroom go through and crop each of your images the way you want them to appear in your project.















Part III – Text, Border, & Logo


Below are the steps and instructions needed to place text on your top image. Border on images. Logo on bottom image. These steps must be completed BEFORE placing your images together.



Titles & Text


1. Before designing open Adobe Photoshop.

2. Go to your Character Palette (if not open choose Window > Character)

3. Select the Character Palette menu button (top right set of three lines).

4. Once you see the menu select Reset Character.


1. Now that the Character Palette is reset open your best image that will go on top of your layout in Photoshop.

2. Press the letter T (Type tool).

3. Find a crisp, thin, clean, block style font and type out your title for your food. DO NOT use any script, cursive, crazy looking fonts.

4. Make sure the spacing between letters (tracking) and spacing between lines (leading) are correct.

5. Click and type, DO NOT click and drag – then type out your title of your food photos.

6. Edit the color and design around it. Make the color one that stands out on your image. Check these links out to see what’s intended –Cookies and Potato Rings


Descriptive Tag (Optional)

Place your descriptive tag on same image, use different font.

Using the text tool and object tools create a unique graphic indicating what the food is for. Examples:

  • Everyday Recipe
  • Fast & Quick
  • Day Starter
  • Newness of Old
  • Sweet & Salty


7. Choose File > Save the image to your Food folder as a PSD or Tiff file type. Name it Food1

8. Close the file when finished.




Border – One or All




1. Select the Backgound layer (the picture)

2. Make a new layer. (Ctrl+Shift+N), change the name to “Border”.

3. Once the empty new layer is made press Ctrl+A (Select All).

4. Then choose Edit > Stroke.

5. Set the Position at Inside.

6. Select a size (usually 25+)

7. Select a color (usually Black works best or a color of your choice that enhances the food color).

8. Save the image to your Food folder. as a PSD or Tiff file type. Make sure to name them Food1, Food2, etc.

Close out the file in Photoshop. Now open your other images and do the sames steps.










To place your logo on the last photo.

1. Open your last photo of the design into Adobe Photoshop.

2. From your folder using Bridge open your LOGO.png black or white file.

3. Go to Window > Arrange > Tile All Vertically

4. Select the PNG logo file layer.

5. Drag the layer to your bottom


6. Close out logo file.

7. Move the logo to the bottom RIGHT corner.

8. Choose File > Save the image to your Food folder as a PSD or Tiff file type. Name it Food3

9. Close out the file in Photoshop.