Photoshop – Placing Food Images Together

This portion of the assignment may need to be tweaked for individual needs.

Part IV – Putting the Pieces Together



Open Adobe Photoshop.

Press Ctrl+N (New file)

Insert the following information:

  • Width – 2000 px
  • Height – 6000 px
  • Resolution – 100
  • Background – White

Choose File > Save as

Save this file to your Photoshop folder as FoodProject. (Make sure the file type is Photoshop PSD)



Select the View menu at the top of the Photoshop window. See if there is a check mark next to Snap. Make sure Snap is turned ON, that it has a check next to the name. If it doesn’t click the word Snap so that it is turned on.



With the FoodProject file still choose File > Place Embedded.

Select your Food1 PSD file.

When you’ve selected the file press the Place button in the place window.

Using the Select tool (V) move the image to the top of the canvas area.

Next place the remaining images (Food2 & Food3) under the Food1 image. You may want to give them some space between each image, make sure the spacing is the SAME.

If you made a separate title for the project place the it at the top of the canvas above all food images.

If you need more room for images select Image > Canvass area. Change the Width from inches to Pixels. Add a 1000 to your overall Height, and select the TOP MIDDLE square. Then press OK.



Press C (Crop Tool) on your keyboard.

From the Crop Options at the top of the Photoshop window press the CLEAR button.

Now using the Crop tool start from the top left corner of the canvass and draw down past the last food image placed.

When you have the selection made press ENTER.




Not only press Ctrl+S (Save).

Choose File >Save as.

Save to Templates & Graphics > Food Project.

Change the format to JPEG

Use the filename ClassPeriodNumber-HighSchool-FirstLastName (Example 2 period student Justin Case, Public High School2-P-JustinCase)

Once saved into the Food Project folder save the file to YOUR Junk folder as a JPEG file with the name Food Project.



Upload the Food Project JPEG file to your Flickr account. Make sure to label it. In the description place your name and class period.

Once the image is uploaded, then add it to the Comm Photo Food Assignment group.