Creating Company Logo

BEFORE beginning open Adobe Bridge. Go to your main folder (click on your folder in the Favorites area on the right). Once there make a new folder called Logo.

When you are finished with this assignment you should have 6 files of the same logo in your Logo folder:

  • Company Logo.PSD
  • Black Company Logo.PNG
  • White Company Logo.PNG
  • Color Company Logo.PNG


Part I – Getting Started

1. Open Photoshop. Once open choose File > New (Ctrl+N) input the following:

  • Width – 7 Inches
  • Height – 5 Inches
  • Resolution – 300
  • Background Contents – Transparent

2. Choose File > Save as

3. Save this file to your Photoshop folder as Logo file with the name Company Logo or My Logo



4. Using the Photoshop Tools, Palettes, etc. create your photography logo.

5. When designing the logo use ONLY Black as your ONLY color. No others. So when your done it should be Black logo on gray & white checkerboard background.

6. Once finished designing use the Crop tool (C) to crop out any extra space around your logo design.

7. After cropping choose File > Save.


Now Saving Other PNG Files

8. Once finished with your Company Logo choose File > Save as.

9. Change the file type to PNG. And save as Black Company Logo Save.


You are finished close the file.



Part II – Making a Color Logo Version


1. Open your Company Logo PSD version into Adobe Photoshop.

2. At this time you should see your logo just as you designed.

3. Next using either Layer Style (double click the blue are in your layer to choose Color Overlay) or color selector, swatches, Foreground/Background color.

4. Add color to your logo.

5. Once finished adding color choose File > Save.

6. Once finished choose File > Save as.

7. Change the file type to PNG. Save the file as Color Company Logo



Part III – Uploading to Flickr


1. Upload your Color Company Logo PNG to your Flickr account.

2. Now that both file has been uploaded to Flickr you will be placing your logo into a Flickr group.

Click here to get to the Flickr group.

3. Join the group.

4. Add your logo design to the group.