Merging to HDR


Before Processing

You will be taking photos of the required areas listed below. See the daily messages for example images. Each image is to have 6 bracketed photos taken.

Here are the required areas you will be shooting:

  • Outdoor – ISO 100
  • Classroom/Office Area
  • Shop Area (Indoors. Standing with the shop doors at your back.)
  • Cosmetology
  • Main Area (Commons)
  • Inside looking out
  • Indirect light

Ones that can be replaced are listed below with replaced items:

  • Outdoor – Any outdoor location
  • Classroom/Office – Your bedroom/Living room
  • Indirect light – May be shot at home with someone or pet
  • Shop Area – Your garage at home. (Same standards)

Commons Area

Part I – Processing Images

You choose the method – LR, PS, NIK. Below are the basic instructions.

Once you’ve taken your images go through and place them together. To do so follow the steps below:

  • Select the six images using Adobe Bridge to merge.
  • Choose Tools > Photoshop > Merge to HDR Pro
  • Merge the images.
  • Remove any ghosting.
  • When complete press OK.

1. Once the image open into Adobe Photoshop

2. Place your Signature or Company Logo in the bottom right corner of the image.

3. Save the image as a JPEG file to your Merge to HDR folder.

4. Save with the following information ClassPeriod-HSletter-FirstInitialLastName-DescriptionOfImage
(Ex  5-C-JCase-FallFestival)

Repeat these steps for all 7 required images.



Part II – Deleting

Return to your Merge to HDR folder using Adobe Bridge.

Select and delete ALL unused images. NOT the six photos used to make your HDR Merge images.


Inside Looking Out

Part III – Flickr

Once all 7 images are created upload them to your Flickr account:

  • Outdoor
  • Classroom
  • Shop Area (standing at the garage door facing into the shop)
  • Cosmetology
  • Main Area (Commons)
  • Inside looking out
  • Using natural light (taking someone’s portrait not in direct light)

Now that your images are uploaded to your Flickr account pick your best from the seven and add it to the Merge to HDR Flickr group.


Shop Area (Indoors. Standing with the shop doors at your back.)


Indirect Lighting – (With added Photoshop actions)