Holiday Card Assignment

Part I – Getting Card Design

The instructions below are for getting a card from the to design from the website. Go to one of the following areas:

Find a card that you want to design. Jot down the EXACT size of the card, you’ll need it on step 10. It’s found in the Format area.


For this assignment if given the option choose square edge for the Trim option. And you want pick a different Design Color.

1. Once the card is found click on the card.

2. Next right click on the card and choose View Image.

3. Once you have only the card showing, right click again on the card and choose Copy Image.

4. Now go to Adobe Photoshop.

5. Press Ctrl+N (New file), when the window opens click Create button (or the OK button)

6. Press Ctrl+V (paste) you should now see the card image within Adobe Photoshop.

7. Lastly press Ctrl+0 (full view)

Next steps VERY important!!

8. From the Tool panel choose the Crop (C) tool. Click the clear button in the toolbar options panel at the top. And change the setting back to Ratio.

9. Using the Crop tool crop out the outer edge of the card that has a drop shadow to it, so you’re left with the card only.

10. Next the image needs to be resized. (If you didn’t write down the size return to TinyPrints to make sure of the size.) Choose Image > Image Size.

NOTE: Before beginning make sure your size is based in Inches and the resolution is Pixels/Inch

11. Follow the steps below within the Image Size window:

  • Change the Resolution to 216
  • Uncheck the link between Width and Height
  • Within the Document Size input the correct Width & Height of the card
  • Change the Resolution again to 150
  • Press Ok

12. Once resized press Ctrl+0.

13. Lastly before saving press Ctrl+E (Flatten the layers).

14. Save this to your Photoshop folder as HolidayCardAssignment photoshop document PSD.



Part II – Designing Card

Below are the brief set of instructions for creating the greeting card. They are not perfect nor exact for all cards. Some instructions will not matter. The best thing you can do is have your Holiday Card Lesson file open. That file was your notes.

Before beginning open Bridge. Go to Templates & Graphics > Christmas > Example Pics > then choose either Nathrop or Russell pictures to use. Names are located in a text file.

1. Press the letter D (default black and white) colors.

2. First create a new layer (Ctrl+Shft+N) for each of the items on card and NAME each layer:

  • Create a blank background Ctrl+Backspace (fills with background color white) ALT+Backspace (fills with foreground color black).
  • Create box for any design. Use Marquee tool (M), draw box, Alt+Backspace (fill with black). Double click layer, then add layer style (color, pattern, etc)
  • Create for any extra items like lines, packages, bows, designs etc.
  • Create boxes for pictures. Use Marquee tool (M), draw box, Alt+Backspace (fill with black). Make sure to place all boxes on different layers. HINT — If all the pictures are exactly side by side, then make each box filled with a different color other than black.
  • Design text. MATCH THE SIZE!! Font can be different, but size needs to be near the same as the TinyPrint card. (Names can be found in a text file within the folder of images).
  • Lastly create layers for any extras.

Need EXTRAS like brushes, patterns, or fonts here’s a link or two.

3. After all the layers are open. Select the layer with boxes for the pictures.

  • Open the photos you are going to use for the card.
  • Using the Move Tool (V). Drag each image to your card design.
  • Place the image above the box layer you want it to go into.
  • Once above it. Hold the ALT key down. Click the mouse between the image and box layer. This will clip your image to the box size.
  • Using Ctrl+T (transform). Resize the image to what you want showing.
  • When done Transforming press the Enter button.

12. Save the file.

Special Notes

Getting Photos from LR to PS — When you have a photo that you want out of LR into Photoshop.

  • Right click on photo in LR.
  • Choose Edit in > Edit in Photoshop

Copying Photo to use in Card Design

  • When the photo is open in PS press Ctrl+A (Select All)
  • Then press Ctrl+C (Copy)
  • Lastly press Ctrl+W (Close Window)
  • Return to your card.
  • Find the layer in which you want your photo to go on top of.
  • Click the layer.
  • Press Ctrl+V (Paste).

Resizing Photo in Card Design

  • Choose the photo layer you want to resize in the Layer Panel.
  • Press Ctrl+T (Transform)
  • When done Transforming press Enter key.

Clipping Pic to Object Area

  • Place image layer above object area.
  • Once there place mouse/cursor on line in Layer panel between both layers.
  • Hold down ALT key.
  • Click LEFT mouse button.
  • Image should clip to the object area.



BLACK & WHITE — If you are creating a card that has photos that are black and white then refer to the ROT project for directions on how to modify the color to B&W.

BORDERS — To place borders on a picture do the following:

  1. Double click the photo layer that needs a border.
  2. Within the Layer Style area choose Stroke.
  3. Insert the border size number needed, change to Inside, and pick the color.
  4. Click OK
  5. Once border is created, right click on the layer in the Layers Panel.
  6. Choose Copy Layer Style.
  7. Lastly right click on each of the other images that need borders and select Paste Layer Style.


Part III – Saving and Uploading



1. Choose File >Save as.

2. Save to Templates & Graphics > Christmas > HC Assignment

3. Change the Save as type format to JPEG

4. Make the file name ClassPeriodNumber-HighSchoolLetter-Name
(Example 6 period student Justin Case6-C-CaseJ)



Upload the JPEG file to your Flickr account.