Part I – Taking Photos

This assignment will have the following parameters:


  • Taking 5+ photos of the same person or persons.
  • Camera pointed in the same direction for all images.
  • Using tripod is helpful…. NOT REQUIRED
  • Never shooting persons in same location.

Above Average:

  • Taken outside of school time (during class).
  • Each “person” in the image is wearing something different.

After taking your photos place them in their own folder.

Rename the images.



Part II – Placing Images Together

Open Adobe Photoshop.

Choose File > Scripts > Load Files into Stacks.

Select the Browse button.

Select only the images that are to go together from one Multiplicity grouping.


NOTE: If you used a Tripod then you don’t need to check either of the boxes. If however you DID NOT use a tripod then place checks in the “Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images” box.

Once open add a Layer Mask to each layer on the Layers panel.


Select the Layer Mask from the top layer in the Layers Panel.

Using the Paintbrush tool, soft brush, and black color.

Paint over the person in the picture.


Now make sure the Layer Mask is still selected. Choose Image > Adjustment > Invert (Ctrl+I)


Now repeat these steps until all layers except the last one are completed.



Part III – Upload and Printing

Save both Multiplicity images as JPEG’s.

Upload them to your Flickr account.

In the description add the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your High School – KHS, EHS, HHHS, or SHS
  • Multiplicity 1 (2)

Add both of the images to the Flickr Group.

Next print both Multiplicity images to the HP4700 printer.

Take them off the printer. Staple, write your name, and turn-in.