Coaster Making

Part I – Getting Print Template

1. Open the Adobe Lightroom.

2. Go to the print area.

3. On the Left side of the screen find the User Template area.

4. Using the mouse click on the + button next to the words User Template.

5. Select Import

6. Go to Templates & Graphics > Lightroom Extras > Templates

7. Double click on 4×4 on 8in

Your done


Part II – Image Details, Layout & Printing

1. Press G.

2. On the LEFT side make a Collection called My 4

3. Drag your 4 choice images into the My 4 collection.

4. Now go and crop each image 1×1.

5. Go to the print area.

6. Using the 4×4 layout. Place your images into the layout.

7. Under Image Settings make your selection choices for Inner Stroke.

If you want no border at all uncheck the box next to Inner Stroke.

8. When you are ready to turn in click on the Print to File…. button at the bottom right corner.

9. Find the 4×4 folder in Templates & Graphics > Files for Printing.

10. Save it with your name.




Part III – Gluing & Modge Podge

And now an Academy Award winning video.

Final product.20150521_071751