Family Photo Workflow

Using the directions and links below go through your FAMILY  images within your folder. By the time you are finished there should be a minimum of 20 – 30 images.


Turning in your Family images will be the same process as with all other assignments. Import your images into their own folder within your folder on the server. Make sure to rename them as they are coming into the computer. No images may be labeled “Untitled“.

Once imported rate what you think are the best and delete the worst. Afterwards printout the contact print of your images to the HP4700 printer with your name, high school, and class period on the paper.

If you need the directions on how to do the above paragraphs the instructions are detailed below.


Part I – Importing


Below are the steps for importing your photos. If you have already imported, GREAT! Make sure though what your filenames are, they should be YYYYMMDD-FamilyPhotos-#  If you see the word Untitled you did not name correctly.


1. Open Lightroom and plug your camera into the computer.

2. After Lightroom opens make sure you are in the Library mode and make sure your camera is on.

3. From the bottom Left corner select the Import button.

4. When the Import window opens it should see the images from your camera automatically.

5. At the top middle of the window make sure it says Copy.

6. From the options on the right side of the window make or input the following options:

File Handling

  • Build Previews – Standard
  • Check the box for Build Smart Previews
  • Check the box for don’t Import Suspected Duplicates


File Renaming

  • NOTE– Your Template should have been made already for Date Text Number. If not see your instructor for details.
  • Template – Set to Date Text Number
  • Custom Text – Change untitled to name of photo event (Example – ROT, Macro, Football, etc.)
  • Start Number – Usually set to 1, but if adding to a folder might be different.
  • Extensions – Leave as is
  • Name Sample should look like YYYYMMDD-EventTitle-1.jpg


Apply During Import

  • Metadata – Your Name Basic Info
  • NOTE — If you do not have this you need to see your instructor.
  • Keywords – Inputting words that describe the images you’ve taken will make searching for the later easier. Make sure to separate all words with commas.



  • Click the top Right Corner and choose the destination. You may have to Create New Folder in your folder on the server. Go to your folder and create a new folder.
  • Uncheck Into Subfolder
  • Change Organize to Into one Folder.


Once all have been imported delete THE WORST images. NOT ALL bad images.

Go to the Loupe view. (Press the letter E)

Using the arrow keys. Go through your images quickly and rate only the good ones with a 1 (one) star rating.


Part II – Printing

Printing Page of all Photo Images

1. Within Adobe Lightroom go to your Library mode (G) and make sure you are set to the correct folder of images.

2. Next choose the Print mode (Ctrl+P).

3. Once in the print mode change the printer to the HP4700 using the Page Setup button.

4. Within the Template Browser area choose Lightroom Templates > 5×9 Landscape Contact Sheet.

NOTE — You may have to click off to another template and then back to 5×9 Landscape Contact Sheet for it to look correct.

5. Press Ctrl+A (Select all images)

The remainder of the directions you will go the RIGHT side of the screen.

6. Now go to the Page panel area and make the following adjustments:

  • Identity Plate – checked
  • Override color – checked (black)
  • Edit the Identity plate Name School Period – Justin Case, PHS, 3
  • Photo Info – checked (Should say Filename)

7. Lastly under Print Job area make sure Print to: is set to Printer.

8. At this time press Print ONE TIME only.

Go and get your papers off the printer. Staple if needed and turn in to your instructor