Your assignment is to take images of objects or people in front of holiday lights using the bokeh method. Below are informative links and charts on how to take the images properly. You will be posting your best 5 images (best to least) and giving information regarding camera settings, shooting issues, things learned in regards to bokeh.

bokeh1 bokeh2


It’s everywhere during this time and especially this week. Here is a great tutorial by Click it Up a Notch.


Another great lesson from the folks at MCP Actions on how to do Bokeh.



  1. Post to your best 5 bokeh images.
  2. Below each image put down EXIF information (ISO, SS, Fstop), also include type of lighting used for object in front of bokeh lights.
  3. What material, color, etc was used for shape design. What was the shape cut for the bokeh lights. (Sometimes the shape cut out is not what is seen.)
  4. Your thoughts. The good. The bad. The ugly. Your bokeh experience.