Holiday Lights

This assignment you have a choice of lighting. Below are your choices and instruction links. PICK ONE!! Only choose one assignment from below. You will be posting your best 5 images (best to worst) and giving information regarding camera settings, shooting issues, things learned in regards to the ONE holiday lights assignment you chose.

1. Tree & kids Black&White.




Well lit tree. White lights are better. Tan or dark walls with nothing on the walls to distract.

Click here for instructions.


2. Child or Animal wrapped or Amoungst Holiday lights.



Wood floors, white lights, and tan walls work the best. Shoot on their level. Lights need to be near the faces.

Click here for instructions and other images.

Or here for another.


3. Outdoor Holiday Lighting at Dusk




(Image from Strobist website).

Click here for instructions and images.


4. Book lit child.


For step by step guide and editing instructions.


Pic taken in my home. Girl was 8 – 10 feet away from the tree, and photographer was 6 – 8 feet in front. Used cellphone flashlight with paper towel over light to soften. This image is SOOC.



  1. Post to your best 5 holiday light images. Could be different edits as well.
  2. Below each image put down EXIF information (ISO, SS, Fstop), also include type of lighting used for object in front of bokeh lights.
  3. Any extra lights, equipment, etc for shooting.
  4. Your thoughts. The good. The bad. The ugly. Your Happy Holiday experience.