The image below is what is expected in lighting, background, and most importantly the eyelighter portion in the pupils.

Studio set up with light settings etc. is located in the Eyelighter – Process, Settings, & Required page.


Lighting should include not just the eyelighter itself but the models sides and back of head. Also fill lighting will be used as well. Look to the videos for information.

eye1 eye2


Here’s a lighting setup for you to ponder.


Below are three videos. PLEASE watch each one BEFORE completing the assignment for Eyelighter. Make note of the lens being used throughout the shoots. There are notes above each one, make sure to read them……



The photographer is the one who made the Eyelighter product. At the 2:00 min mark look at the difference in eyes. At the 2:03 mark is a good layout for turning in work. Determine whether you want to use white or black background. When you get to the 4min mark of the video stop. Don’t watch anymore.


Dave Cross is well known to portrait and travel photographers. It’s a critique of the product. Make note of the camera settings at the 3min. mark.


Don’t freak. You’re not going to watch all 26 minutes. Watch especially when he begins talking about lighting in the models eyes and model eye color. Pay close attention at around the 9-10min. mark when he begins talking about settings. Want a fan? Get one. At the 13min. mark that’s where you get to see how photo shooting style of the 90’s begins. From the 15-17min. mark you’ll see how best to position and instruct your person to pose for you. When you hit the 18min. mark stop.

Ideas for posing with hands.