Headshots – Process, Settings, & Required




Two Models – One must be an adult. (Hint. Parents usually work out pretty good.)

30 – 40 min. worth of shooting and editing out bad pics.

Shoot with the following:

  • White background with ProPhoto strobes.
  • White background without strobes
  • Black background with or without strobes

Models may NOT be any Photo2 or Practicum student.

Models may only pose for one CP2 photographer. The model may not be rephotographed by any other CP2 photographer.

NO HANDS or ARMS in your shots.

Stop during your photo shoots with your model to go over whats good and what’s not.

Have your model bring 2 – 3 tops so that they can change and you can have more options in posing, lighting, and selecting best photo.

Shoot tethered is an option in the classroom setup.




  • ISO – 200
  • Aperture – 6.3
  • Shutter Speed – 1/100 or 1/125
  • Camera height – Pointed straight at point between the models chin and bottom of their earlobe.

Male Light Setup – 2 parallel lights

  • Flex lights two light set up (setup for guys) – One 1’x3′ set 50-70%. One 1’x3′ set 10-15%.

Female Light Setup – 3 lights in triangle

  • Flex lights triangle configuration (setup for girls) – 40-50% power.

Basic Light Setup – 4 lights square

  • Flex lights square view set up with 4 lights (set up for guys or girls) – All lights set 40-50%.

Profoto Flashes

  • ProPhoto strobe on white background only – 4-6 power






  1. Posting best 5 – 7 edited images from each session to your blog. Two separate blog post.
  2. Optional — Out takes gallery at Pixieset or Flickr with the models images.
  3. Printing contact print with all images taken for each photo session. See below for instructions if needed.
  4. The two headshots and printouts are due – DECEMBER 3rd!




hs5 hs6 hs7


Click here for images and ideas



Printing Page of all Photo Images

1. Within Adobe Lightroom go to your Library mode (G) and make sure you are set to the correct folder of images.

2. Next choose the Print mode (Ctrl+P).

3. Once in the print mode change the printer to the HP4700 using the Page Setup button.

4. Within the Template Browser area choose Lightroom Templates > 5×9 Landscape Contact Sheet.

NOTE — You may have to click off to another template and then back to 5×9 Landscape Contact Sheet for it to look correct.

5. Press Ctrl+A (Select all images)

6. Now go to the Page panel area on the RIGHT side of screen and make the following adjustments:

  • Identity Plate – checked
  • Override color – checked (black)
  • Edit the Identity plate to read Name comma high school comma class period. Example: First Name Last Name, XHS, Class Period Justin Case, PHS, 3

7. Move and enlarge the Identity plate to an area of the page where it can be seen and read.

8. Place a check for Page Options. Underneath do the following:

  • Check – Page Numbers
  • Uncheck – Page info
  • Uncheck – Crop marks

9. Make sure Photo Info is checked.

10. Lastly under Print Job area make sure Print to: is set to Printer.

11. At this time press Print ONE TIME only.

Go and get your papers off the printer. Staple if needed and turn in to your instructor