OCF – Process, Settings, & Required


TWO different models.

Shooting each model at least 30 – 45 minutes and editing out bad pics.

Sitting, standing, headshot style, 3/4 length, or full body.

Looking at and looking away from the camera.

Stop during your photoshoots with your model to go over whats good and what’s not.

Model changing clothes will give you more options when turning in your work. Form bright clothing to dark clothing can make a difference in your shots.

Models for assignment may not be any other CP2 students.

Models may only pose for one CP2 photographer. The model may not be rephotographed by any other CP2 photographer.

Shooting OCF is NOT limited to one light only.


Emeralds-KD-121Photo by: Kaydee Dickey




  • ISO – 100-400
  • Aperture – 5.6 – 11
  • Shutter Speed – NOT above 1/200 or below 1/60 unless you are wanting a moving effect in your shot. OR you are shooting HSS
  • Flash – Power set using your remote. Make sure to use either Manual or TTL power settings.
  • Flash can placed on a stand, table mount, with an umbrella, or softbox.
  • Monopods and tripods are available.




  1. Posting best 5 – 7 edited images from each session to your blog. Knowing the complexities of shooting you will probably (and should) have more than one post on your blog.
  2. On your blog describe in your own words your process, pitfalls, issues, settings, etc. when shooting your images.
  3. Each image is to include camera setings f/stop, shutter speed, ISO, AND flash setting power (1/4, 1/8, etc), diffuser, camera right or left, stand, etc.
  4. All two OCF shoots due – NOVEMBER 30TH!