GoPro – Process, Settings, & Required



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Setting up the GoPro shooting as many different settings as possible:

  • Home
  • School
  • Work (if they’ll let you)
  • Traveling
  • Within your KCC area
  • The possibilities are limitless……

Using multiple attachments and either cellphone app or remote to control the camera.

Think outside the box regarding lighting and positions.

Go through deleting constantly images not worth keeping.




Use the time lapse mode to take your photos. Watch the video to see how to set it up.

Set your time lapse to what you think is best for the action or interval that you are needing.

Adjust your ISO for the type of lighting you are shooting.

Make sure you have plenty of battery life before starting.



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  1. Posting best 10 images taken from the GoPro in one blog post. Try NOT post images that look like they could have been taken with a SLR or cell phone.
  2. Place images from in blogpost from best to worst.
  3. All images should be of different events or settings. NOT the same shots or scenes repeated over and over again.
  4. One Pixiset gallery of your 15-20 out takes.
  5. On your blog describe in your own words your process, pitfalls, issues, settings, etc. when using the GoPro camera.



Not a great shot but below but you get the idea of placement.




Do NOT turn in photos that looked staged..