Lightroom – Placing Food Images Together

This portion of the assignment may need to be tweaked for individual needs.

Part IV – Putting the Pieces Together



Open Adobe Lightroom.

Select the Print module in the top right side of the screen.

On the right side make changes in each of the areas:

Layout Style ******** VERY IMPORTANT

  • Custom Package — NOTE: If you see any boxes on your layout currently. Delete them.

Rulers, Grid & Guides

  • Ruler Units: — Inches

Print Job:

  • Change “Print to:” to JPEG
  • Uncheck “Draft Mode Printing”
  • File Resolution 100
  • Print Sharpening – Standard
  • Custom File Dimension – 20 in  x 60 in (width x height)




Find your Food1 PSD file in the gallery of images at the bottom of Lightroom window.

Drag it to the TOP of the print layout.

Now drag the image to the top left corner of the layout.

Drag the bottom right corner down until it reaches the right side of the layout.

Next place the remaining images (Food2 & Food3 & ……) under the Food1 image. You may want to give them some space between each image, make sure the spacing is the SAME.

If you need more room for images go to the Height area of Print Job area on the right side. Increase the 60 in to 80 in or more if needed. 



Background Color

Under the Page option on the Right is the Page Background Color. You can place a check in the box and your background will be Black.




If you have white space below your images go to the Print Job area on the right side of the Lightroom.

Go to the Print Job area.

Within it look for the Custom File Demensions.

Find the Height (One on the right).

Using your mouse click and hold on the number and drag your mouse to the left until the bottom of the layout meets the bottom of the last image.



SAVING the IMAGE … Twice

At the bottom of the right side of Lightroom click the Print to File button.

Choose YOUR Food folder to save to.

Save as Food Project.

Once saved click the Print to File button again.

This time choose Templates & Graphics > Food Project.

Next save the image to the same folder as a JPEG with the file name ClassPeriodNumber-HighSchool-FirstLastName (Example 2 period student Justin Case, Public High School2-P-JustinCase)



You can now import your Food Project back into Lightroom by using the Import area in Library mode.



Upload the Food Project JPEG file to your Flickr account. Make sure to label it. In the description place your name and class period.

Once the image is uploaded, then add it to the Comm Photo Food Assignment group.