Lightroom – Photomerge Creation Info

Part I – Putting Together

1.    Open Adobe Lightroom

Once in Lightroom make sure your images are in a folder called Photomerge.

2.    Select the files you wish to merge together.

3.    Right click select Photomerge > Panoramic.

4.    Once there choose which of the three options is best for you image. Adjust the Warp to the desired liking and then turn on the Auto Crop.

5.     When finished click Merge button.

NOTE – When you click the Merge button the window will close then the begin putting the image together, look in the top LEFT CORNER for the progress bar.

SPECIAL NOTE 2 – If you get an error message when attempting to merge your images it’s because Lightroom notices there is a problem with how you took the images. Try fewer images, remember 7 is the required. Also try Collage setting within Photoshop.

6.     Once merged together change the name. To do this select the file in Grid mode.

7.     Press F2 (Rename)

8.     Change the File Naming option to “Custom Name”

9.     Save to your Photoshop folder as ClassPeriod-HS-FirstInitialLastNameDescriptionOfImage  (Ex  5-KCC-JCase-FallFestival)


When finished with the first photomerge repeat the steps above for the next 4 panoramic creations.

Part II – Making It Look Better

Now that the image is created the next thing to do is make it look better.

You can use Adobe Lightroom to enhance the image by going to the Develop mode area.

Also using NIK, Presets, or your own creating.


To use Adobe Photoshop right click select Edit In > Adobe Photoshop.

Once in Photoshop do the following:

1. First make sure that there is only one layer in the Layer palette.

2. Either use the NIK HDR filter or do one (or all) of the following Adjustment Layers:

  • Levels
  • Hue and Saturation
  • Color Balance
  • Brightness & Contrast

Note – Actions are available and you can also add a burnt edge in Photoshop or back in Lightroom.

3. When finished choose File > Save

Close the file and return to Lightroom. The new edited file should show up in LR.





Part III – Exporting & Resizing


You can either do this section with one photomerged image at a time or you can select multiple to do at one time.

Select the image(s) you want to Export for turn-in.

Look at the bottom left of the screen. Check how many the computer says you have selected. The text will be in White lettering.

Right click on the image(s) choose Export > Export…

Make the following changes:

Export Location

  • Change Export To: Specific Folder
  • Folder: Go to the Templates and Graphics area and Select the Photomerge Turn-in folder.
  • Uncheck both Put in Subfolder & Add to This Catalog

File Naming —

NOTE: All images should have been renamed already from Part I instruction area!

  • Make sure the box for Rename To: is UNchecked

File Settings

  • Image Format:  JPEG
  • Quality:  90

Image Sizing

  • Place a check in the box for Resize to Fit
  • Change the drop down to Long Edge
  • Change Pixels to inches by selecting “in”
  • In the box to the left change the size to 60
  • Resolution 200


  • Add your watermark to the bottom RIGHT corner of the image.
  • You design how you want.
  • DO NOT make it large.

When finished press the Export button. You are done.




To see a good 360 version photomerge click the one above.

Part IV – Flickr

When complete with all five images you are to Publish them to your Flickr account. Once uploaded add only your best ONE photomerge to the KCC Photomerge Group.