Panoramic World Info

Part I – Making World Images

Full set of Instructions:

Quick Guide Instructions if in class during lesson:

  • Open photomerge JPG file.
  • Image > Image Size. Change both to matching number.
  • Press I (Eyedropper) Select color from top of image.
  • Press G (Gradient) Have Foreground to transparent selected.
  • Drag from top of image.
  • Image > Image Rotate > 180
  • Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates

Remember NOT all images need to go from the bottom of the image out, some can be done reversed. Don’t understand this? Ask your instructor to explain.


Part II – Editing, Saving, & Printing



The assignment is more than just creating the image. It’s also editing as well. Make sure to go through after the world images are created and do a little editing to them:

  • HDR
  • NIK
  • Levels
  • Edge Burning
  • etc.



Once the images are made save them as JPEG’s with the names Photoworld-1, Photoworld-2, and Potoworld-3

Save ALL files to Templates & Graphics > Pano Turn-in as JPEG.

Make sure that the file name is ClassPeriod-HS Letter-FirstInitialLastName-Pano1
(Ex  5-K-JCase-Pano1)

Save the other as Pano2 and Pano3



Print each image to the HP4700. Make sure to Fit to Media.

Once all are printed. Staple together, place your information on the front page, and turn-in.




Part III – Flickr

Upload your two photo Photoworld images to Flickr

Add which ONE you think is your best to the Flickr Group.