Gallery Wrap Information

Part I – Image Setup

To begin go through your images and find that one special image. The one you’ve wanted to enlarge really big. NOT RESIZED smaller for some other project. Open it in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Which direction is it? Horizontal or Vertical.

2. Now using Bridge go to Templates & Graphics > Photoshop Templates folder.

3. Find the appropriate Gallery Wrap Template (Vertical or Horizontal).

4. Open the file in Adobe Photoshop.

NOTE – Read carefully this next step.

5. When the files opens you will see a section area of guide lines. The space inside the green boxes is 16″x20″, that is the viewing area. All areas outside of the guides is either the side or back of the frame.

6. Using the Move Tool (V) drag your image to the template PSD file.

7. Adjust and create your image how you want it:

  • Take up the full canvas area.
  • Or place within just the viewing area of 16″x20″ and fill the color on the edge with what you want.
  • OR place within the viewing area and design the areas outside for the sides and back.
  • You can also add your signature to the bottom right corner of the guideline area. If you have questions regarding this see your instructor for more details.

8. When completed. Save the file to YOUR folder.

9. Then save the file as a JPEG  to the Templates & Graphics > Files for Printing folder. Save with your name.


Part II – Printing

You will printing on the Roland SolJet Xr-640. Below is the promotional video explaining everything this printer can do and how it works. More technology than you ever knew and you’ll have a better appreciation for the printer.

Before printing you must load the material you want to print on.

Once your material is loaded your instructor will assist you in loading your file for printing from the designated computer.

When your image(s) print make sure that the images do not touch the floor. When the printer is done the print head will return and stop on the right side of the printer.


Next you have to raise the front cover and find the two material holders on each side of the roll material. Find the top of the plastic piece.


Press down and pull out from the machine towards you.


Have someone stand on each side of the paper and press/hold down for a few seconds on the “Sheet Cut” button until you hear the machine beep.


Once the image is cut from the machine make sure NOT to let it fall to the floor. The ink is not dry and will scratch easily.


Once cut use scissors to rough cut off the extra material.


Once the excess material is removed cut all extra white canvas material away from the printed image. You will be sorry if you leave the extra white on the wrap because it makes it harder to assemble.



Part III – Assembling Gallery Wrap

Now that your image is printed place in a safe location so it won’t get scratched until we need it later in this process.

You need to get two 20″ long and two 14 5/8″ long pieces of wood from the cart to make your 16″ x 20″ gallery wrap. Watch the video below on how to assemble the frame.

Once the frame is a assembled it needs to be sanded. This shouldn’t take but about 2 minutes using the electric palm sander provided by your instructor.

Watch carefully the video below on how to assemble your gallery wrap image. Make sure to use a very clean and soft surface.

When finished you want your wrap to be as tight as possible (that means really tight). Make sure there are no bulges on the corners. The corners should be like the best wrapping of gift box.



When completed the back of your frame should look like this. Check out the number of staples.


The front should be very tight, no scratches, and perfect corners.


Part IV – Turn-in

To complete the turn-in process do the following:

Not only show them to your instructor but have a conversation regarding them.

Then capture photos of each. Shoot photos of not only the entire wrap but each corner detail from the back & side.

Post images to your blog in separate blog post. No information is needed on your blog.