Velvet 56 – Process, Settings, & Required

(Image from Lensbaby)


Shoot constantly throughout the week you have the lens. Take it to events, shoot at home, above all…… be creative. Look online for ideas.

Shoot images outside of the school day for more than the minimum grade.

v(Image by Kathleen Clemons)



Throughout the shooting, change and use different settings on the lens and on the camera. Make sure before beginning to check the focus of the viewfinder first.


(Image by Pauline Putt)




  1. Posting best 8-10 images taken from the Velvet 56 in one blog post.
  2. Place images from in blogpost from best to worst.
  3. All images should be of different events or settings. NOT the same shots or scenes repeated over and over again.
  4. On your blog describe in your own words your process, pitfalls, issues, settings, etc. when using the Velvet 56 lens.