FINAL – Save/Upload/Print

Part I – Saving


Open both the front and back invite designs.

Choose File > Save As

Change the format to JPEG

Save them using the filename Classperiod-HighSchool-FirstLast Name–SeniorFront or SeniorBack. No Spaces! — Example 6-CHS-JustinCase-SeniorBack



Part II – Saving To Another Folder


Using Adobe Bridge go to the folder where you saved the JPEG images from Part I.

Select both JPEG files.

Choose Edit > Copy (Ctrl+C).

Using Adobe Bridge go to the Templates & Graphics folder. Then to the Senior Invite folder.

Once there choose Edit > Paste (Ctrl+V).



Part III – Uploading


flickr-logoGo to the internet and to your Flickr account

Once there upload the front and back JPEG images to your Flickr account.

After both images are uploaded make sure that they have the names Class period number – First Last Name – SeniorFront or SeniorBack

Now that both are uploaded and named add them to the Comm Photo Senior Project Invite group.


Part IV – Printing


Open both senior invite images (front and back) PSD files in Adobe Photoshop.

NOTE — You will be setting some of your own print settings so watch the preview area from the Print window carefully.

Choose File > Print

NOTE — If your design is longer than 10 inches then you need to change the paper size to Legal. If your design is longer than 14 inches you need to use the HP5500 printer and choose the Tabloid size paper.

Print both files to the HP4700 printer. Make sure to check with Orientation (Portrait or Landscape) is best for your designs.

Once both are printed take them off the HP4700 printer

Staple them together, write your name on the BACK of BOTH pages, and turn them where your instructor tells you.