Printing Elements of Photography

Part I – Placing in Order

Using Adobe Lightroom go to the Grid mode (press letter G).

At the bottom of the screen in the options bar change Sort to “Custom Order”. (If you do not see “Sort” at the bottom of the screen click the down arrow in the RIGHT corner and place a check next to it.)

Now go through and place the images in order based on the following:

  • Rule of Third – 8 Images
  • Balance (Symmetrical) – 4 Images
  • Perspective / Angle – 4 Images
  • Framing – 4 Images
  • Leading Lines – 4 Images

NOTE: Place your best of each category as the first one.



Part II – Naming (Metadata)

While in the Grid mode (G) make sure the Metadata area to the right is open.

Check to make sure the Metadata drop down area is set to Default.

Find the Title window. This is where you will input the image title.

Go through each image type the name of the element style.

  • Rule of Third – 8 Images
  • Balance (Symmetrical) – 4 Images
  • Perspective / Angle – 4 Images
  • Framing – 4 Images
  • Leading Lines – 4 Images




Part III – Printing

1. Using the top right menu in Adobe Lightroom select the the Print (Ctrl+P) option.

2. Once in the print mode change the printer using the “Page Setup…” button in the bottom Left corner to the HP4700.

3. Using the keyboard press Ctrl key down while selecting the images you want to print from the photos at the bottom of the screen.

4. Now that all items are selected and still within Adobe Lightroom under the Template Browser area on the LEFT side of the screen open the Lightroom Templates.

5. Choose the 4×5 Contact Sheet.

Now go to the right side of the screen and make the following selections:

Image Settings:

  • Rotate to Fit – Checked
  • Stroke Border – Checked


  • Look at bottom. Uncheck – Keep Square
  • Rows – 6
  • Columns – 2
  • Cell spacing – Vertical – 0
  • Cell spacing – Horizontal – 0


  • Show Guides – UnCheck


  • Identity Plate – Check
  • Click the drop down and choose Name School Period
  • Photo Info – Check.  Make sure the option selected is Title
  • Font Size: 10

Print Job:

  • Draft Mode Printing – Checked


7. At this time press Print ONE TIME only.

Go and get your papers off the printer.


Part IV – Turning In

Take your Elements papers off the printer. Making sure that your Identity plate printed where you can see it. And that it has your class period, name, and high school.

Staple and turn in in to your teacher.