Uploading Elements of Photography

NOTE: Before beginning you will need your Flickr area in Lightroom setup for adding your logo to your images. IF you have not done this. You will need to see your instructor.


Part I – Selecting and Dragging

Using Adobe Lightroom go to the Grid mode (press letter G).

Find your best five Elements area images.

Select and drag to the Flickr : With Watermark   Photostream area.

Once the Photostream has the number 5 go to the next area.



Part II – Publishing

Once you have the 5 images in the Photostream area for Flickr: With Watermark click on the word Photostream.

The Photostream area will open.

You will see an area that says New Photos to Publish. Make sure all 5 images are showing.

There are two Publish buttons. Top Right or Bottom Left. Click on either one of these.

Once all 5 images are uploaded you will have an area show up called Published Photos.



Part III – Finishing

Return to your folder within the Folder area by clicking on it.

Go online to your Flickr account and make sure all five images uploaded.