ATPI Contest Turn-in using LR

The instructions below will put all of your contest images into one folder resized correctly and ready for uploading to the ATPI contest site.

Note: If you have a Hard Drive in the Publish Services area of Library that looks like the one below go to Part III


Part I – Setting Up Folder

Using Adobe Bridge go to your folder on the server.

Right click in your folder area and select New Folder.

Label the folder ATPI Contest.

Close Adobe Bridge




Part II – Setting up Publishing

Using Adobe Lightroom go to the Grid mode (press letter G).

Over to the LEFT of the screen find the Publish Services area.

Double click on Hard Drive.

Click the Add button in the bottom LEFT corner.

When the window pops up type in ATPI Contest

When the Lightroom Publishing Manager opens type the name ATPI Contest into the Description window at the top under Publish Services.

NOTE — Pay close attention to the next step.

Next in the Export Location:

  • Change the Export To to Specific folder
  • When the option comes up press the Choose button and select your ATPI Contest folder that you made in Part I.
  • Lastly uncheck “Put in Subfolder”.

Below in the File Naming area. Make sure the Rename To: is unchecked.

For the File Settings:

  • Make sure Image Format is JPEG
  • Quality is 90.

Image Sizing is the most important. Make the following settings:

  • Check the box for Resize to Fit.
  • Change the option to Long Edge
  • Under the option area put in 2500 Pixels
  • Resolution 200 Pixel per Inch

Metadata leave the Include as All Metadata and uncheck ALL boxes.

Click Save.

Below is an example of what your Lightroom Publishing Manager settings should look like.




Part III – Inputting Data

Using Adobe Lightroom go to the Grid mode (press letter G).

Select one of the files you intend to turn in for contest.

Once the file is selected look to the RIGHT side of the window.

Make sure that the Metadata area is open and the viewing window is set to Default.


Between the two lines below is a set of text. Select the all of the text.

  • Division (Beginning-MS/Advanced)
  • Category
  • Student Name
  • School Name
  • School City, State
  • Teacher Name, instructor
  • Title

Copy the text. Ctrl+C OR Right click and choose Copy.

Now go to the Caption area of the Metadata and Paste the text.


Once the text is pasted edit the text with the information your instructor gives you.

NOTE — Repeat all of Part III for each image you are including for contest. Including any portfolio or photo story images.




Part IV – Publishing

Using Adobe Lightroom go to the Grid mode (press letter G).

Find your contest edited images. Click and hold on each image.

While holding with the mouse drag the image to the ATPI Contest folder in the the Publish Services area.


Once you have images ready for publishing click the ATPI Contest folder in the Publish Services area.


The Publish window will open in Adobe Lightroom.

Select all the photos that are UnPublished by selecting them one at time or pressing Ctrl+A (Select All).

Press the Publish button in either the Top Right or Bottom Left corners.


To return to your folders and images select which folder you want from the Folder area on the LEFT side of the window.


Part V – Entering Contest

At this point you will need to click the link below and enter your images into the contest website from the ATPI Contest folder you created. Click the link to start. See your instructor for further details.