KCC Image Turn-in

Part 1 – Website Post

On your blog you are to post 2 images for each campus. Title your post Yearbook Images or Journalistic Assignment.

Type the name of the area you were assigned.

Then place labels for each high school (EHS, KHS, HHHS, SHS) and under them post the images you are turning in.


Part 2 – Folder Turn-in

Using either Photoshop or Lightroom include Description or Caption information for each image. Include which school, area of learning at the Career Center, and if you know the person’s name.

Using either Export with Lightroom or Save as with Photoshop. Save your 2 images to the high school named folder inside Yearbook and inside Files for Printing from the Templates & Graphics area.

Make sure to save each file with your name and area you took pictures at the KCC. ALL images are to be JPG only.