Photoshop Certification

You will need to make an account at G-Metrix & Certiport. Suggestion….. use the same username and password. Username is your email address.




Redeeming Course Codes


You can redeem both codes by clicking on the Key at bottom of the menu to the Left of the internet browser window.

Photoshop Course Access Code is LKEY-76164-90887-111c2019

Testing and Training Access code is  54625-111×2019-69795




Adobe Photoshop 2018 Course

The Photoshop Course code is for you to learn what parts of Photoshop knowledge you may be lacking:

Photoshop Course Access Code is LKEY-76164-90887-111c2019

When you click on Courses you will see a LearnKey button. When you click it then you will see the course screen.


There are 5 areas to the Photoshop Certification Test. If there is an area you are constantly deficient in then I highly recommend going through the course session area you are need.




Adobe Photoshop 2018 Training & Testing

The Photoshop 2018 Training & Testing is where you will be taking your test. There are 2 separate sets of tests for you to access. The Training Mode gives you question and results once taken, right or wrong. The actual tests are timed.

Testing and Training Access code is 54625-111×2019-69795

When you click on the Start a New Test button from the home screen it will open the testing screen.



You will take Test 1 and 2 Training Mode exams. Each time taken print your results. These will count as 2 separate formative grades. You can retake them as many times as you want to raise your grade.

When you complete each Training and Test a screen will appear with your results.


Print your results out and turn in to your instructor. You are to take both Training Mode Tests.

When you are ready then take the Adobe Photoshop 2018 80 question exam. This is timed at 60 minutes. When finished print your results. You can retake this test as many times as you wish. Only the highest grade will be entered as your summative test grade.

If you feel proficient and you want to take the Photoshop Certification test with Certiport then you will set up with your instructor to take the test.