Senior Photo Session OCF

Your last photo assignment is one where you are not only the model but the photo director as well. You are to take charge of clothing, camera gear needs, personnel, location, etc. Everything that comes with taking a senior photo session, this also includes travel, cap & gown if possible, checking weather conditions, snacks if needed, where to change clothes, and more.

You will need to work with another photographer to complete this project, either another Practicum Photo student or a Commercial Photography 2 photographer. It’s actually best to have 3 people for this project – Photographer, You, & Flash/Equipment person (See photo below).

You will need to capture images using Off Camera Flash, see your instructor for all gear needs. This will include poles, batteries, remote, and of course the flash. Throughout the process you want to make sure of camera and flash settings.

Above photo was taken as the sun set, below is the behind the scene shot.

Photographer Francisco Hernandez is currently one of the industries expert on Off Camera Flash. Below is a behind the scene from a Francisco shoot, you’ll find the instructional video below and article from PetaPixel here Senior Photo Session style using Off Camera Flash.

You are to shoot each other in three different outfits. (No not all of you are to wear the same outfits.) Shooting time only matters with equipment you use. Daytime in broad daylight or Golden Hour. Your choice.

You will edit and turn in your images. Details for this will come from your instructor. Below is a link to a sample of what is expected in your shooting and what will be turned in.

From your images you are to create a senior invite of your own image. Invite is to be 5×7 in size. Once your design is finished input back into Lightroom.

You will be printing your invite to one of the Epson 3880 printers using 8.5 x 11 paper. You will be printing two invites on the page. Below are the printing instructions for your invite:

  1. Select your invite file.
  2. Go to the print area of Lightroom.
  3. Choose the layout Template (2) 5×7 Centered.
  4. Then under the Image Setting area on the right side uncheck both Photo Border and Inner Stroke.
  5. Make sure which printer your are printing.
  6. Before pressing print get your paper from your instructor.

Afterwards you need to mount one of printouts using the dry mount press, cut any excess mat board to the exact image size. NO boarder. Again see your instructor for mat material if not done so already.