Famous Photographer or Photo Inventor


  • Research a notable and historical photographer.

*Before Starting:

  • Make a new folder named Photo History.
  • Then open the Research Template from the folder in Templates & Graphics > Famous Photographers. Save it to your folder.

*Finding Photographer

  • To begin click the link and choose the photographer you want to learn more about. Here’s the link!


Part I – Research Paper . . . Formative

Research a notable and historical photographer.

Save all work in your History folder within your folder area.

1. Gather samples of their images. Minimum 6.

2. Identify the genre of photography they work. (Landscape, Street Life, Portraits, etc)

3. Write 4 paragraphs using Word, at least 4 sentences each:

  • Background info on the photographer, where they were born and date, indicate90 years of life (and if still living), what got them interested in photography, what they shot when they were young, what was their inspiration, etc. – 25pts
  • Formal training they underwent or internships, mentors they had in the industry, where they found their influence, geographical locations this person shot, etc. – 25pts
  • What is their passion, what do they like to shoot, how did they get their start in the business, What they themselves said/say about their work (quotes OK) What others have said about the work, etc. – 25pts
  • Accolades and accomplishments, show, books, where they go from here, etc. – 25pts

Save your file to your folder on the server.


Part II – Magazine Cover . . . Summative

Creating a magazine cover featuring your photographer.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop start a new file. Make it the  following settings:

  • 8.5 Wide
  • 11 Tall
  • 300 DPI

2. A portrait of the photographer dominating the cover. Photo MUST be of high quality. IF it even looks remotely blurry or pixelated DO NOT USE!

3. “Headline” with their name as if it were the TITLE of a magazine (make this prominent and large)

4. A “tagline” as to the genre of photography they are known for (make this italic and adjust your character spacing) Place this directly under the title.

5. Stay consistent with your typeface and font choices, no novelty or decorative fonts allowed. If you choose sans serif stick with it, same goes for serif fonts.

6. Include on cover 3 main points of information as to their major accomplishments. Keep the information as brief and to the point as possible.

NO Information points should be written across their entire face!!

Punctuation, Spelling, & Capitalization matters!!

7. 2 or 3 of their images (keep them even, aligned, properly scaled, clean, and tidy in layout with guides)

8. Save to your to your folder as PSD file.

Title – 10pts

Genre – 10pts

3 points – 10pts

Cover image quality – 10pts

2-3 pics – 10pts

Spelling/Cap/Punct – 10pts

Overall Design – 40pts

Part III – Turn In

1. Choose File > Print.

2. Change printer to HP4700

3. Make sure Scale to Fit Media is checked.

4. Then click Print.

5. Once printed. Take paper off printer. Write name on back of paper with school, and period.

6. Turn in to your instructor.

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