Aperture Scavenger Hunt

Below is your scavenger hunt list. All images are to be placed in a folder called DOF.

Part I – The Hunt



  • ROT – Rule of Third
  • DOF – Depth of Field

List of required pics:

  • 1. ROT Core value sign in commons with shallow/small DOF.
  • 2. Shallow/small DOF classroom sign on wall.
  • 3. Line of car bumpers ROT with shallow/small DOF.
  • 4. Line of car bumpers ROT with wide/large DOF.
  • 5. Dandelion on the ground ROT. DOF your choice.
  • 6. Picture of someone in the courtyard. ROT shallow/small DOF
  • 7. Horizontal image of a faceless student. (try to get as little face as possible)
  • 8. Vertical image of a different student. DOF your choice
  • 9. & 10. Back of the welding lab students are cutting metal (this is NOT welding your eyes will be fine). Shoot both Vertical and Horizontal with as little DOF as you can. (f/2)
  • 11. Small DOF of student sitting at a computer. (Use rooms in the 100 hallway and 205/209)
  • 12. & 13. Small DOF and Large DOF photos. Subject is your choice. Must be ROT.


Part II – Printing Directions

You will be using the same print layout and information from before. So here are the steps in basic form:


Printing instructions are based on the fact that you were in class during the last printout. IF YOU WERE NOT, then you need to see your instructor.

You will be using the same print layout and information from before. So here are the steps in basic form:

1. Place your 13 pics in order.

2. Missing a shot, just place them in the best order you have.

3. Select Print option from the Top Right.

4. Then look to see if you are set to the HP4700 printer. Info is on the top LEFT area of your printout.

If you DO NOT have the printer select the Page Setup button from the bottom LEFT and select the printer.

5. Using the Shift or Control key select ALL 13 images from the scavenger hunt.

6. From the LEFT side column select 5×9 Landscape Contact

7. From the RIGHT side column make sure the following areas are done:

Image Settings:

  • Stroke Border – Checked


  • Rows – 5
  • Columns – 2
  • Cell spacing – Vertical – 0
  • Cell spacing – Horizontal – 0


  • Identity Plate – Check
  • Click the drop down and choose Name School Period
  • Photo Info – Check.  Make sure the option selected is Photo Info
  • Font Size: 8

Print Job:

  • Draft mode and Print resolution – Unchecked

When all of the RIGHT side is done press Print.

Get up. Take your papers from the printer.

Staple them together. Check to make sure your name is correct AND the photo info is at the bottom of the pics.

Turn in if all is well.