Sports Posts

You will be posting your 15 BEST and EDITED images from the football game that you attended during the first 3 weeks of school.

The goal is have your blog post look like the older ones from the Reuters Photographers blog:  You want to convey the story through your words and images.

The Prettiest in Prison

Ferry Boat Accident


So here are the steps and requirements:

1. Find your best 15 images from the event. (5 before the game, 5 action, 5 sideline/reaction/halftime)

2. Go through each image. Crop if needed (maybe even use your original and crop together). Items that might need to be done – tint, color, HDR, Levels, Brightness & Contrast, etc.

3. Once the images are edited. Make sure you’ve rated them.

4. Export them to your Blog Pics folder.

5. Now that all images are edited. Make a new blog post. Give the post a unique title in regards to the event.

6. Post all images into the post. NOT as a gallery or slideshow.

7. Now within your post place information about the event and images. Be descriptive and detailed. Here are some sample questions you could talk about:

  • What it was like getting started.
  • Lighting issues.
  • Speed issues.
  • What the process of shooting friends versus people you didn’t know.
  • When you checked and got your first good image.
  • What you could have done differently for an image or event.
  • The lens you used.
  • The camera settings. Light, ISO, shutter, etc.
  • The amount of time editing. Time taken on site to edit images.
  • Spray and pray. Or waiting to shoot.

9. Once all images are posted and text added. Publish the post.