Sports Workflow

The following are steps needed in completing the workflow of images taken.

Below are the steps when working with your photos right after you’ve finished taking them.

1. Folder

Open Adobe Bridge and place your pictures in a folder with the name of the event, type, or date that the images were taken.

2. Purging

Once all images are inside of the proper folder, next comes the process of weeding out the bad, out focus, unusable images, etc. from the folder.

An easy way to do this is by using the Slideshow feature. Under the View menu at the top of the screen you will see several options: Slideshow, Full Screen preview, and Review Mode. There’s also a Slideshow option area.

Whichever you choose you need to rotate the pictures (usually just using the bracket keys or Ctrl+Bracket Keys [ or ] )

You also need to go through and Delete any unwanted photographs. Pressing Delete will take care of this.

3. Renaming

Once all images have been rotated, bad ones deleted then with Adobe Bridge the files need to be renamed.

Within the folder of the images needing to be renamed choose Select All (Ctrl+A).

Next choose Tools > Batch Rename

Under the New Filenames area make sure of the following selections:

First Row – Text – Name of event or type of photos (Example if they are of Macro then type the word Macro )

Second Row – Text – Placing your initials with dashes on either side without spaces. Example name is Justin Case then the text typed would be -JC-

Third Row – Sequence Number – The first box should be the number 1, and the third drop down menu box in the row should be the number of digits you need for your images. Look at the bottom left corner of the screen at the number of images selected. If it’s less than a hundred then select two digits, however it’s more than a hundred images make the choice three digits.

When you are finished the “New filename:” should look like Macro-JC-01.JPG

4. Metadata

Next you need to update the metadata with your name and information. (You should have already created a Metadata template a few weeks ago.)

Within the folder of the images needing to be renamed choose Select All (Ctrl+A).

Next choose Tools > Replace Metadata.

5. Rating

The last portion of Workflow is determining your best images. You can do that in the normal Adobe Bridge window by entering one of the rating selections.

Another way to do it is through the Slideshow feature. Press Ctrl+L, then as each picture shows up choose your number between 0 – 5.