Printing Best Action

Inputting Image


1. Open your Print Template PSD file.

For this next step you will either need one of your already edited PSD files from your Photoshop folder, or open one of your JPEG images. Which ever way you choose. Make sure the image is your BEST. You might even edit the JPEG image you opened.

2. Once opened press Ctrl+A (Select All)

3. On the keyboard press Shft+Ctrl+C (Copy Merged)

4. Now go to your Print Template file.

Note: If there is a picture showing in the print area turn off that layer so only the black rectangle is showing.

5. While holding down the Ctrl key click on the thumbnail icon of the Image Area layer in the Layer panel.

Note: The black image area should be selected now.

6. Choose Edit > Paste Special > Paste Into.

7. Press Ctrl+T. Now using the Shift key and corners ONLY resize the image to fit the image area.

8. Once in place press Enter.

9. Save the file.


Saving for Printing


1. Then choose File > Save as

2. Save to the Student Prints folder in the Templates & Graphics area.

3. Change the format to JPEG

4. Type your FirstNameLastName for the filename.

5. Once saved close out Photoshop and open Adobe Bridge.

6. Go to Templates & Graphics > Student Prints folder.

7. Find your JPEG file you just saved.

8. Select it, then choose then click Tools menu > Replace Metadata > Your info file.

9. Lastly go to the Metadata palette.

10. Under the IPTC core area find the “Description Line” and type your name and high school.

That’s it you are finished.