Senior Photoshoot

Photos are due May 3rd!!

ONE senior only. 100+ photos.
Two outfits minimum!

What’s Expected?!?!?

Shoot ONE senior. Turn-in 100+ photos.

Here is a link to a senior portrait session I did two years ago. Spent 2 hours shooting. She changed clothes three times. Made sure to shoot during Golden Hour. Used a flash or reflector for some of the shots.


Get Ideas

First to begin is posing ideas. Got some already? Here a few links that might help if your trying to pose another person from my own Pinterest account:

Unique Places

Shooting at different locations other than fields, buildings, streets, and bridges makes images unique. It began with Jacob Holbert from Conroe High School here in Texas in 2015.


Some places make it part of their business site.


With dog

In a store

At a carnival




Save Ideas. You’ll Be Thankful!!

Use something like Evernote to save ideas. Website and app on your phone will make life easier when out shooting. (Pocket, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc are other options)

This is my note with posing ideas I did 2 years ago.

Or use Keep app from Google.

google-keep-iconHere’s note I saved for last spring shoot.

Or use Pinterest to save your ideas to.





Where to Shoot

Here are two maps you can save. They will not be available after today. Get the link or save the ones sent to you through Remind.





Stay OFF the Tracks!!

Bitmoji Image

Stay off the Tracks. Photographing on railroad tracks is against the law. Walking or taking photos on the tracks is trespassing. Yes. Police will give you a ticket. NO. The train won’t stop for you.

Longer story by ABC News regarding death of students taking photos for a class project.






Know the Weather

If you’re not already watching the weather forecast you need to be doing so. DAILY!! Good photographers do. Shooting this weekend will will be good weather, except a little breezy. It hasn’t been raining yet but look at next week.

More than just temperatures you have to know how much wind and direction. Long the arrows. Stronger the wind.



Keep up to date. Download the KXXV First Alert Weather app.

Download here for iOS.

Download here for Android.





Golden Hour Perfect Time

The thing you see outside is called the SUN. It will be available everyday through next week. Make use of it and the Golden Hour app for your phone.


One of the simplest apps is PhotoTime


Or go to your calendar app and add a weather calendar to your app. It will most likely come with sunrise and sunset times for you.

Examples of what Golden Hour looks like.




Studio Calendar

Want to schedule the studio? Go to your school email account using the online Outlook. At the BOTTOM LEFT click on calendar. Search for KISD TV Studio. When it comes up, add it. Then you’ll see when the studio is available.





Examples –  One outfit. Many poses.

Speaking of senior photos here are some examples for you.