Water Droplet



Using the construction paper from within the classroom design 2 distinctive backgrounds. If you want a bright look, like the one above, use light colored paper. You can also include parts of wrapping papers as your backgrounds.



Shoot multiple images using a macro lens and tripod, using the water droplet station.

Set your backdrop behind the bowl or plate you use.

Begin trying with the water droplet and see where the droplet is dropping. Stop the water, place a pencil at the droplet spot. Using manual focus setting, focus on the pencil.

Begin shooting one droplet/image at a time. Begin settings at:

  • ISO – 100 – 200
  • Shutter Speed – 100 – 180
  • Fstop 2.8
  • Lights – Begin at lowest setting.



Cropping for the Web

Once images are shot and imported into LR go through and edit all rated images.

When cropping select the size 8×10

For all images for posting to your blog.

Cropping for Print

Now go through and select your best image. Make a Virtual Copy of the image.

Select the Virtual Copy image.

Choose the crop tool and select the size Enter Custom

Then enter 11 x 14.

Crop the image to your liking. (Make sure to include colored background and water in your selection).



  1. Posting best 6-10 images taken in one blog post. Use the LR Export setup for blog post.
  2. Place images from in blog post from best to worst.
  3. On your blog describe in your own words your process, pitfalls, issues, settings, etc. taking the droplet photos.
  4. Print your best image 11×14 on metallic paper. (See your instructor for settings & paper.)
  5. Mount your best image on 16×20 art board. (Again, see your instructor for the mat board.)