New Client Guide

Getting Files – If you do not have the files needed in your business doc folder follow these steps:

  1. Using Bridge or Window File Explorer go to Templates & Graphics > Photo Business Docs > Practicum.
  2. Select either the Senior Welcome Guide 2017 V2 OR Seniors Welcome Guide 2019 folder.
  3. Copy your choice.
  4. Go to your Photo Business Docs folder and Paste.

NOTE: If you want to mix and match pages from each magazine that is fine to do, however the book must stay in 4 page increments. With a minimum of 16 pages. See your instructor if you need clarification.


Before beginning your design click here to see the example pages from the V2 magazine.

Fonts – You are going to need the following fonts installed on your computer. Baskerville, TartlersEnd Regular, Bombshell Pro. See your instructor if you are missing any fonts on your computer. All fonts were installed.

Creating – Now begin going through the pages and designing them to meet your needs. Make sure to read the Senior Welcome Guide 2017 PDF file for more instructions.


Basic Instructions for Seniors Welcome Guide Template:

1.) Changing the color of an object: In the Layers panel, select the layer with the object you want. Move your cursor over the layer that “color overlay” then double click.  A new window will pop up called Layer Style. Select Color Overlay, click on the color box next to the Blend Mode dropdown menu, and then select the desired color. If there’s a color on a picture you’d like to use, simply move your mouse over  the picture and the cursor will change to an eyedropper. Click anywhere in the picture and it will select that color. You can also edit the Drop Shadow, Stroke, and Glows in this box.

2.) Change the color of a shape box: Make sure the correct layer is selected. Double click on the color box. A new box will pop open “Pick a Solid Color”. Place your cursor over the color you would like to change it to and hit the OK button.

3.) Edit text: Click on the desired layer in the Layers panel. Press the keyboard letter “t”, and your cursor should change to a typing cursor. Click on the wording you want to edit, and it will outline the text box and enable you to type. To change a font, click on the Window tab at the top of the screen, then click on Character. A new box will pop up enabling you to further edit the text. To change the color of text, while the text has been selecting with the typing cursor, click on the colored box at the top of the screen, and you can change the color just like in 1.

4.) Placing photos: Go to File, Place, and select the desired picture. You can then edit the size and rotation of the photo, click Enter when finished.  Make sure to drag the layer the photo is in “above” the layer of the Photomask you want to insert it into.  Then right click and select the option “Create Clipping Path” Or choose “Create Clipping Path” from the Layer dropdown menu in Photoshop.  To edit the size again, press Command and “T” at the same time. To remove that photo from photo mask just right click and select the option “Remove Clipping Path” or select “Remove Clipping Path” from the drop down Layer menu in Photoshop.

5.) Changing the color of the background: Double click on the color box located on the layer called “Background Shape”.  A new box will open up, just select a new color and hit enter.

6.) If you want to get the effect that the text is going behind an object (as in the cover) just click on the layer of the text (in this case the word SENIORS), click the erase tool and begin erasing to achieve the desired effect.

Fonts used: Baskerville, TartlersEnd Regular, Bombshell Pro


Part II – Making PDF Book using Lightroom

You will need to import your PSD files into Lightroom.

The following is a link explaining how to create books using Lightroom. AdobeTV Making Book.

You will make the following input:

  • Book: PDF
  • Size: Standard Portrait (8×10)
  • Cover: Softcover
  • JPEG Quality: 100
  • File Resolution: 200 ppi

Under Auto Layout

  • Preset: One Photo Per Page

Under Page

  • Select the all gray box. Should be the 2nd row down on the left.

Now the settings are done drag your photos to the pages for layout. When laying out DO NOT place images in Front Cover or Back Cover page areas. Start on page 1.

Once the book is laid out the way you want it, save the file to your folder for Part III using the Export Book to PDF…


Part III – Bookmaking for Web

Go to either FlipSnack or ISSUU

Make a book book using your newly created PDF from Lightroom.

Once you’ve made your book add it to your WordPress site as a new tab. Below are the steps if using FlipSnack if you want to use ISSUU see your instructor.


Press Make Flip book button.

Login using Google.

Once there go to Title part at the top of the first page. For your title input:

Title from the top of your first page

Click browse, find your session PDF guide file.

It will upload. (This will take some time.)

When it uploads press Next.

This is where you customize.

Pick which template you want to use – Classic or Simple.

At the bottom of the screen make whatever changes you want. Leave the size alone.

Click Finish.


Part IV – Placing on Your Site

As you did last year go through and place a link to your Senior guide in your menu bar of your website.

Copy the link from your Flipbook site.

Go to your Menu area of the Wix design.

Add the new link.

See your instructor regarding placement if you need assistance.